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My favorite heros are villians.


You might have seen her around, playing awesome music and generally making everypony happy. But what's the history behind the wubs? What if she went to the same school as Twilight? What if she actually couldn't *stop* making music?

What if.... well, maybe you better read on.

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Wow, I :heart: it!One problem though.It says Pinky Pie instead of Pinkie Pie:pinkiecrazy:Apart from that this was quite enjoyable!:rainbowkiss:(sorry about so many emojjis!I really like them :pinkiehappy:)

This is awesome! I made my own vinyl past story but this takes it in a very different but even better direction. Love it :twilightsmile: I am sharing this as much as I can.

Her additions of laugh tracks and sound effects kept classes fresh, and she always knew how much was enough

It's little details like this that make these fics stand out. Nice stuff :)

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