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D. G. D. is a science fiction writer and archaeologist. He blogs on occasion at www.deusexmagicalgirl.com.


This story is a sequel to To My Princess, on the Day of My Departure

Just off Equestria's shores lies the Kingdom of Aquastria, where sea ponies, mermares, and a host of other fantastic creatures live under the benevolent rule of King Leo the sea lion. In this underwater world, Nar Wally the narwhal finds himself smitten with Electra the mermare. Electra, however, secretly loves Arrow the sea pony and openly scorns Wally. But when Electra makes a rash decision that endangers a pony's life, she may have to sacrifice her freedom to save him, and Wally may be the only one who can come to her aid.

This is based on the picture book My Little Pony: Under the Sparkling Sea by Mary Jane Begin, but should be accessible to all.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Edited by Cold in Gardez, Legatus Equus, TinCan, and Maskedferret.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 21 )

I've already given my thoughts on this, just wanted to add that Coral and the Sea Ponies were resolved very well.

Your world building in MLP are always very interesting to read. :eeyup:
And I must admit that your stories Flash Sentry/Twilight are the ones that I like the most. :pinkiesmile:

It's rare to see a short story with such well-realized characters.

Very nicely done, glad I could (silently) add my two cents :raritywink:


Oops, terribly sorry. I'll add you to the editing credits.

3664040 Aw, I was just trying to crack a joke, but being able to say I got to help on this fic and back it up is never something I'll turn down.

As always, such fascinating world building. For what it's worth, I think this complements issue 14 of the comics quite nicely.

It had to get posted.

Exquisitely done. I'm sorry that this got an underwhelming reaction, because your Aquastria is just as well-realized as your Equestria, and the dynamic between Twilight and Flash is fantastic. I hope you revisit both someday.

Oh, this was beautiful! With a really old novel feel, it was really really good! :heart:

The Sea Ponies deserve plenty of credit in the "MLP" universe. This story was so fascinating.

Should post a sequel :pinkiehappy:

Cool story brah:heart::pinkiehappy: such a good sequel:derpytongue2:

Full review here, but in brief: as a fan of Under the Sparkling Sea, this setting intrigued me -- and you didn't disappoint. Really nice characterisation (Electra's especially) and a great first scene for Flash. This gets a fave! :twilightsmile:

Thank you kindly. This is one of my personal favorites from my fan fiction days. i've since moved on to writing professionally, but I credit my time on FIMFiction with honing my craft.

Hands down I NEED a trequel (Is that a. word?)
I love Flashlight so much, I always have!:heart::pinkiegasp::fluttercry::twilightblush::heart:

OM goodness YES! :rainbowlaugh:

You have something wonderful here, I really hope that you'll write a sequel to this story.

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