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D. G. D. is a science fiction writer and archaeologist. He blogs on occasion at www.deusexmagicalgirl.com.


On a sweltering day in mid-August, a mysterious stranger rides into Ponyville on a mission to remove excess body hair.

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What, no Dan?

That was both silly and terribly depressing.

If Gozer asks Princess Luna if she is a god, and Princess Luna says yes, where did the marshmallow pony come from?

Aww. Such a situation for Megan to be in. It's kind of badass, but also kind of sad in it's larger context.
I'm not a fan of the Flufflepuff OC, but this was an enjoyable one shot. I loved the character interactions between Megan and Lyra.

The chemistry between Lyra and Megan works quite well. The only thing I can't stomach is Megan riding Lyra with spurs. Just no.

Welcome to my world. :pinkiehappy:

Catharsis. Megan's position here is pretty shit, and it's wearing her down, but she's still got friendship. And she's going to go on a vacation, too.

Yeah, that was a little too much darker and edgier, David. Why would she even need spurs?

Perhaps Luna's off-page battle with the marshmallow pony in the comic is proof that the alicorns are not gods. Or, alternatively, perhaps when Gozer asked Luna, "Are you a god?", she said no, because she's a goddess.

2895314, 2894827
I honestly didn't think of it as something dark and edgy, and you'll notice she never spurs Lyra (though she does kick her across the room once). She wears them because a) she's a cowgirl and because b) spurs, in an older tradition, were part of the attire of knights.

Also, who is David?

I'd guess that David is your father. (Whoops)

Comment posted by TheSlowOne deleted Sep 21st, 2018

Very cute and bittersweet. Another excellent piece Deej


Megan has to have spurs because she's playing the part of Clint Eastwood's Blondie character from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" here. At least that's the voice I kept hearing deliver her lines. :pinkiehappy: Another fine story, sir!



I did toss in intentional Western cliches, such as the bar scene and the riding into the sunset.

The spurs I can understand completely- after all, Megan's effectively a knight-errant of Equestria.

People who think such are cruel to poor Lyra should realize said spurs probably look like this:


Nice story... only a couple of details are amiss:
1) according to her creator, Fluffle Puff's fluff grows back faster than one can cut it (Rarity almost went insane trying), and
2) Megan should have ended up nose-to-nose with Princess Bubblegum or Finn (actually, nose-to-flat-surface, since both are noseless), since (still authorcanonically) Fluffle Puff's fluff is literally a gateway to the land of oOo.

Then again, the writer always decides in the end.

How does this not have a comedy tag? How has no-one brought this up before?
Is this a whole universe I have entered and I saw a lot of serious issues as funny?
Loved it!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
2968276 Human's have their own magic in this world. Things act very differently for them so Megan would be able to shear FlufflePuff just fine and her fur would take a very long time to grow back. If just Applejack fell into the river she would have drowned but Megan's magic drew out the SeaPonies.
If a human was in Equestria everypony would submit to him/her. Every princess would be obligated to let them ride on their back like a common mule.

Even I'm not sure sometimes if my stories should have comedy tags. You have entered the strange twilight world of D.G.D.'s stories, which, as a rule, treat silly stuff as deadly serious.

Comment posted by articunos bitch deleted Sep 1st, 2013

Personally, I heard Megan's lines in the voice of Nathan Fillion. (Ah, I miss Firefly...)

This starts out a funny parody of how a lot of writers tend to portray adult Megan but ends genuinely sad. What kind of life is live on and on in a life devoted only to fighting? How long could you go on before you start losing your mind? At least Megan has Lyra there to help her and be her heart and mind when her own sanity starts to fail her.

This was actually a nice thought experiment and a genuinely thoughtful look at the price people pay when they have to be a hero. With a hefty rewrite could even turn it into an epilogue of sorts to 'Mighty Demon Slayer...'

That story's silly and deep at the same time. Now that's cool. :moustache:


I want to see more of Megan and Lyra.


Wait a second. If Marshmallow Pony was in Manehatten...
Never mind, then.
Headcanon = Luna was fighting Rarity.


It is, of course, a parody of the way I portray adult Megan.


I'm hoping to write more one-shots featuring them.

Every story I have read on this site in which Magan appears is always so great, and this is no exception. Probably for all the reasons that 3341865 points out. Very well done!:twilightsmile:

3345285 Where... Where did you find that? I think I love you for that...

:twilightblush:I just did a search and dug deep enough. I've also found faceswaps with Rarity and Pinkie Pie.:derpytongue2:

In the words for the great Fluffle Puff, "Pffftftpfpfffttff!"

Well that escalated quickly. :pinkiegasp:

Who the heck is this Megan what is she from?
(I am very ignorant.)

3347842: Megan is a character from the first generation of My Little Pony, long before Friendship Is Magic (generation 4) was ever created, back in the 1980's, if I remember correctly. She a human girl who was brought to Equestria to defeat Lord Tirek, a centaurian demon, and stop him from bringing eternal night (soudn familiar?)

“You’re not going to ride?” Lyra called.
“My horse is being a nuisance!” Megan shouted back.

This bit right here and Pinkie joining in on the destruction in SCC are absolute gold.


Megan is a G1 character who first appears in the first My Little Pony television special, "Rescue at Midnight Castle." She appears also in the next special, in the movie, and intermittently throughout the television series. She and her younger sister Molly were both sold as toys, dressed in matching outfits with Sundance and Baby Sundance, respectively.

Like many children's cartoons of its era, G1 My Little Pony occasionally had some bite to it. Megan kills Tirek the centaur when she confronts him, and though she usually prefers to reconcile enemies with each other and appeal to villains' consciences, she can throw down when she has to, and she's not afraid to blow up a monster or lock him away for thousands of years if the situation calls for it. My almost-concluded fan fic novel A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies is a crash course in G1 mythos for Bronies.

3348235 Well, that explains why she's so bad@$5.
And why I didn't know who she was. I haven't really poked around in the previous generations' mythoses.

It does seem to be a thing, yes. You're also the only writer so far that has a character be referred to as a horse and not get offended (as far as I know).

Reading this made me imagine if you decided to deconstruct a character like Megan Griffin or Claptrap--the people hated by the entire rest of the cast for no discernible reason. It would be the most efficiently depressing story ever. That said, I still had to laugh at the idea that Megan somehow mistook "shear this fluffy pony so she doesn't get heat stroke" for "shank a bitch before she's in heat again".


They use the word horse in the show, so I assume it's not an epithet. Besides that, being geared up to get offended at every little word is a new thing, born of certain peculiar historical circumstances, so I assume the ponies are not afflicted with it.

That makes sense. I could see ponies caring about the distinction if there were actual horses in Equestria, and they were simply clarifying (much like someone from New Zealand explaining that he isn't Australian). So far the only one that gave a reason for them to be offended was Xenophilia, which had horses as a much less evolved species with no real intelligence to them, making it comparable to calling another human a monkey or ape.

What a strange story... Could have used some more Fluffle Puff (what can't?) but it was nice for what it was. I will make sure to check the main one when it completes.


At the very least, there are Arabians, who hail from Saddle Arabia, as well as zebras and donkeys. The mules are presumably half pony and half donkey, which means we must have some mixed marriages around, though I doubt the show's writers have given much thought to the subject.

So there are other talking equines. I imagine that the ponies and Arabians, at least, fall under the broad term "horse."

I think it should be both 'comedy' and 'dark'. It really does awesome at both


... Fred? :rainbowderp: ,,, It's,,, it's the freaky barber!:pinkiehappy: IT'S FRED THE FREAKY BARBER! :yay:

... Okay, now to the story... This. Was. Gold. I have no idea where Flufflepuff originated, and only knew of her because of a pic-dump thread in a forum, but I enjoyed reading this thoroughly.

This fic was awesome.

Wow, um... Megan's kind of a bitch, and I don't use that word lightly. I guess I'll have to read the mighty demon slayer now

*sees name* huh, I wonder who Megan is... *clicks and sees picture* OH MY CELESTIA ITS MEGAN!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: no really, I said that out loud.

Very dark -- Megan's basically used herself up protecting the Ponies, to the point that she's become a parody of her former self.

Okay... The opening expostition really made me feel like I was supposed to read something else first. It was funny though not gonna lie.
There is one thing I have to know.
Is Megan 12 in this? I think that's how old she was in G1. So if she doesn't age, does that mean she's like Celestia in that when she's an adult she stays in her early 30's (or something like that), or is she like a little girl with the mind of Liam Nelson? Because, I'm not gonna lie - That would be friggin hilarious.

Odd one for sure and a little dark and poor Megan reduced to saving ponies without getting to have any fun with them...For that reason I say she should have some fun....:rainbowwild:

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