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D. G. D. is a science fiction writer and archaeologist. He blogs on occasion at www.deusexmagicalgirl.com.


Brad and Twilight Sparkle are madly in love, so madly in love that Brad agrees to follow Twilight through the mirror portal to Equestria, where the two of them plan to have a big pony wedding.

. . . Problem is, after Brad comes to Equestria, he doesn't turn into a pony.

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Cover art by PicoBox.

(This is based on the first Equestria Girls trailer and on subsequent fan speculation.)

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And then Brad was a corpse :trollestia:

Well, shoot. Now I don't have to write the next chapter.


Hiding the CorpseFuneral Service

Well, this is going to be an interesting take on the archetype.

This is my apology to Brad after I made him such a creepola in my last story.

2602415 Well, let's se how he adjusts to being in a world without meat and a girlfriend that could have him executed for sneezing wrong.

I'm confused by Twilight's reaction, but confused in a good way. Does this mean she still finds Brad attractive even within pony form -- and by extension, thinks of her own form as hideous? Is it just personal fears stemming from her shock over him still being human? You've intrigued me.

I'm also amused that he thought to bring his guitar with him. Can't have Brad without his guitar: it is his defining characteristic.

Hmm. It makes me wonder if Twilight has always had an inferiority complex with regards to her physical beauty. She has held Princess Celestia up on a pedestal, and that might also include her physical form. She went from being your average pony (for whom roundness is normal and healthy) to a thin, lithe, leggy form (remind you of anypony?) capable of turning the head of a prime male specimen. A return to pony form means a return to her insecurity in her actual body- it was one thing when she was Aphrodite to his Adonis, with the understanding that he would be getting the "downgrade" in looks as well, but he remains the "beauty" and she feels like a beast. :fluttershysad:

Anyway, you've made me feel a little better about the upcoming... thing that is Equestria Girls. I probably won't watch it, but I will watch this to see where it goes.

Ooh.. will definitely be reading this..

And yers, I enjoyed it. Keep going, author.

I like this, some more please :pinkiehappy:

Shining Armor to Cadence: "Honey get the baseball bat."

i dont know about this....
*reads story
Its good, no, fucking good like and fav.

Your other story "A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies" began with a simplistic, near-absurd premise, too. And yet you managed to develope it into a more complex and mature narration which I am frankly enjoying. :twilightsmile:
So I think I´ll give this one a try too.

Pretty cool so far and a definitely nice contrast to your last story. Good human for the win! Can't wait to see how things play out. On a side note, I can't help but think 4 powerful alicorns with the elements of harmony at their disposal can figure out a species change spell. Perk up Twi.

Chapter 3: PTSD or Recollections

“Twilight Sparkle,” he heard a stern, feminine voice say, “what have you done?”

"We all know zombies aren't allowed in Equestria!" *starts tapping Brad on the head with a broom* "Back to the 12th dimension from whence thy came!"

"But Brad isn't a zombie, he's not even dead!" :twilightoops:

"Oh he will be." *taps him with the broom harder* :trollestia:

HA! Stupid Teenager. That's what you get for falling in love with a girl you knew less then three days.:rainbowlaugh:

Man, I am growing really fond of fanfics that start in media res these days. You have the whole rest of the fic to flesh out fanon to events that haven't been described anywhere, and the interim ambiguity leaves me with some real suspense about how things will progress between the characters. At the same time, you did a really great job of introducing Brad last chapter, so it's not a string of non-sequitors where he's involved either.

I think this story is gonna make up for the demon slayer delay quite nicely, hah! :twilightblush:

This is all part of the acceptance process of Equestria Girls, Fanfics of characters we don't know

2608124 Horace wrote to always start in media res in his Ars Poetica for a reason! It's better. usually.

I love the concept of a story featuring a character who's entire existence is based on preconceived notions.
It makes it kind of special knowing that these sort of gems are created on a time limit, and when the movie comes out, this interpretation of 'Brad' could well be swept away like so much S1 Luna.


Relevant Scout quote:

"Hey, look! He shape shifted into a dead guy!"

I was actually hoping that a story with a plotline just like this would turn up sooner or later. And whadda ya know, it actually happened. I'll have to read it sometime.

Reminds me of those short weeks when King Sombra appeared on the internet but his name wasn't revealed yet; a decent amount of old artwork shows him as a gryphon instead of a stallion.

Something keeps telling me that 'Brad' will turn out to be a human Shining Armor when the movie comes out. Probably because of the hair, and the unlikelyhood that Hasbro would actually make one of their ponies fall in love with a human, even while being a human themselves.

“That’s an interesting scent you’re wearing—”
Brad felt sweat break out on his forehead. He tugged at the collar of his T-shirt as if it were tight. “Well, I found a bunch of stuff in the bathroom, and one of the bottles smelled like deodorant, so—”
“That’s actually a vaginal spray. A mare would wear it to mask her natural scent when she’s in season.”

LOL. BEST PART EVER! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


Do you mean "King Sombrero"?


There was even a fic about this before Season 3 :rainbowlaugh:

Eeyup, that's what he looked like.

Except the pictures I saw didn't include a sombrero but you know what I mean.

ok the first chapter was good lets read the next one...
Brad leaned over the back of the chair and said, “Go to hell.”


I wonder if Celestia has some prejudice against humans ("because they are evil, make wars, pollute the ecosystem and don´t flush the toilet after peeing") or is simply that the clothed monkey is not good enough for her favorite ex-student.
Maybe she is merely testing their bond to discover if they are truly for each other.


Only a few hours in Equestria and he has already told a princess to get the fuck off. Twilight has too much to learn from him.:trollestia:

P.E: Brad keeps thinking "unicorn" when referring to Celestia and Cadence. Hasn´t he noted their wings, or didn´t Twilight mention the word "alicorn" to him?
And no mention to the recovered crown or Sunset Shimmer. Since the author is working with non-canon, he could make up that part too?

Before her face, lying on his back and looking to be asleep, was Spike. He did indeed look like a dragon, though he was less impressive than Brad had imagined.

Less impressive than imagined? That's gotta be the story of Spike's life.

I can actually see.. well, quite a bit of this story being in the movie itself. Knowing Hasbro and all, I doubt they would keep him as a human.. but like>>2608489 said, we could be interpreting this wrongly..

I remember the same thing happening in the run up to season 2.
All we knew was that there was going to be an 'evil pony' called Discord in the new episode and everybody was guessing what he was gonna be like.

Flash forward to the Return of Harmony... and we see how that description wasn't even slightly accurate.

Because of this, I'm going to hype up Brad as much as possible for the period of time in which he still exists!

I personally expect him to be the human Shining Armor. If he is actually her boyfriend, their romance will no doubt be short-lived and bubblegum.

Human-pony romance is as old as G1; in the episode "Through the Door," Heart Throb chases the man of her dreams, and I do mean man. The kids probably think it's hilarious, and only the adults start wondering about the implications.

Haha, you've gotten my attention with this one. Great plot line, and two great chapters so far.

You incorporated the vomit!!!!
You've earned a gold star pink heart! :heart:

Honestly this is probably the best possible thing for Twilight and for Brad. If you're told you can't or shouldn't have something you really want, then you are quite likely going to desire it even more. Princess Cadence takes advantage of the current events to accelerate Brad's decision making, and make it permanent rather than a wishy-washy one. He's going to be made highly uncomfortable by pony culture as many times as she can get away with, she'll do her best to elicit homesickness in him, and generally be a butt of a princess. If she didn't do this, then Brad and Twilight would probably end up with many of the same problems very young married couples have, but compounded by a very large factor.

Love, whether people admit it or not, is a choice. If Brad truly chooses Twilight, not just based on puppy-feels, but out of the depths of his being to love her, then a large chunk of the interpersonal issues that could potentially crop up are taken care of. If he doesn't, well, people make mistakes all the time! It's okay! He then can go back home, feeling kind of silly for attempting something he wasn't ready for.

I love this personalization of Brad. You made me rage at the boy in my mind, and I applaud you for it.
I actually want to see Brad grow up by being thrown to this pit of political intrigue. This hapless boy that has been swooned by love should get some stab wounds from all the social-political elements that would conspire against him.
It will be delicious to watch his heart bleed! Star-crossed lovers is never overdone! More angst please!

I can't help but feel that Cadence set Brad up to ask that question. She basically said Twilight was questioning their relationship then told him she can turn off love. Plus she was very clinical with her questions and there wasn't a happy vibe coming off of her (at least to me). With Celestia's immediate negative reaction to him, I'm thinking the princesses don't like him (probably because he's human).

Or perhaps it was the author setting him up to ask that question. :trollestia:

So how does magic affect a creature from a non-magical world?

Oh, I think I just figured it out. Twilight's entire life has been dictated by someone else. Every choice Twilight has ever made was guided and manipulated by Celestia. She probably had a future suitor planned for Twilight in this story. She lost control when Twilight stepped beyond the event horizon to the other world. Now this scrawny alien is going to ruin everything!

The first sign the clappers are coming.....

Question: Are you going to post this on EQD? I mean since you have success with your other fic why not? Or are you waiting until after EG is released so you can make any edits then post it?

I haven't submitted this to EqD. This story is a sort of "writing exercise"; I haven't put the care into it I've put into the work I've had posted to EqD, and I doubt they'd take it. I might submit it to see what they say, though. I expect they'll tell me to tell less and show more, as that's a common vice of mine, especially when I'm writing quickly as I am here.

I would have to submit before Equestria Girls comes out, though. The "joke" here is that this is based on fan speculations. I expect the real Equestria GIrls to have next-to-nothing to do with what this story is about. "Brad" is a fan creation, not an EG character.

"Teen" is the highest anything I write will ever get rated, and it's usually for violence and occasionally for language. I've rated this one "Everyone" and intend to keep it reasonably mild. There will be a lot of nuzzling, though.

His name is not revealed yet until "Equestria Girls comes out in theaters.

Wait, they actually did a human-pony romance in an earlier generation? Even if it was one-sided, I certainly wouldn't have expected to see that... well, anywhere.

Sorry, the clappers are already here, and they'll keep clapping when they see well-written chapters until their hands hurt. People applaud when they see something they like. Deal with it. :rainbowwild:

Oh, I was snooping around TV Tropes recently and I found that Lauren Faust was strict about making sure the mane cast would never be romantically involved with anyone, because apparently that causes a lot of girls' shows to go down in flames. Certainly not trying to kill Brad here, just saying it because I like to give out interesting information. :twistnerd:

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