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Sometimes, when I look at fanart... things happen.
This was one of them.
I'm sorry.

Shining Armor has everything - the wife, the house, the life. So when he rolls over to find the creature that crashed his wedding and nearly wrecked his chance at happiness snuggled oh-so-sweetly at his side, with his darling Cadance at his other, it's all he can do to keep it together and try to assemble the missing pieces.

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You should be. Shame on you.

This is hilarious.

Shining should watch his drinking a little bit if he gets to the point where he doesn't remember the last night. This time it was just threesome with Chrysalis, what else might happen next time? :rainbowlaugh:

Please attribute the artist of the coverpiece - Conicer.


5668949 I did. It's linked as the source, and the artist's name is clear in the image. I link all my fanart I use as the cover.

Doesn't really seem to be in keeping with any of the characters normal traits. The changeling Queen said she had no love for Shining Armour in the show. Perhaps, I am taking things too seriously.

I love you for this story.
Just, its so well done! You had me silently laughing my ass off the whole time, and I really love your word play!

I love this. I do.

No way. No way I drank that much! he mentally reassured himself

I'm sorry, but you drank exactly the right amount for this to happen.

OH gads, NO! Chryssie helped Shining in stuffing the Princess of love.

And now I want to read about how their night went down.

Damn you for leaving me wanting more.

:trollestia: TROLOLO!!! :trollestia: High five.:heart::pinkiehappy:

5669086 It's fanfiction. Have a little fun. :raritywink:

Seriously, what.

Have a like! It made me laugh :pinkiehappy:

OK this made my morning! Was not expecting this kind of story at all! :rainbowlaugh:

I give this 6 and a half trollestias

...I'm okay with this headcanon.

5669936 You... you approve?! **faints**

5668388 I am. My regret spans aeons of space and time. Can you ever forgive me?

Uhhh....I'm not sure what to think of this. It does not compute.

5669946 Write some more Flarity, we'll consider it forgiven.

Yup, that's what I thought I read.


Hm, sorry I can't find it. :x Is that in the stats page...? I believe you! But I'm not understanding when you say 'linked as the source'. I thought maybe saving the image would have his deviant as the default name, but that wasn't it either. Anyway not to nitpick, but I at least can't find it. I checked the description, author's notes, and end of the story as likely areas.

-edit Nevermind, a little highlighty thing pops up on the cover art when it's moused over. Found it. :x

5670027 Mouse over the image and a button will pop up saying "source". Click and it will take you to where the image is from if it has been linked

This story really made me laugh, I loved this :rainbowlaugh:

*clap. Clap. Clap.*

I would have preferred it to be a bit longer, but it's still an excellent fic. Perfect it you just want a quick 5-10 minute read. Great job.

It's short, to the point, and funny. Also, it set my head abuzz with ideas for just how such a scenario could have been set up. How could I not approve?

An amusing short. :3

Uhhh.... kinda funny, well written, but ehh, it's not my type of story.:applejackunsure:
good job on the feature though:pinkiehappy:

5670234 lemme restate that, *clop. clop. clop*
nah, jk:derpytongue2:

5670358 I appreciate the acknowledgement, nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

I would prefer if Shining had at least an inkling of recollection from the previous night, whether it be in the form of a dream or somewhat. That way, when he finds out about what happened, he doesn't feel too violated. It reads like they got him drunk and took advantage of him--not cool, yo.

Otherwise, I like the premise, and the lack of animosity between Cadance and Chrysalis. I approve of this relationship dynamic.

And from that day on Shining armor never drank again. :rainbowlaugh:

5670394 I would probably be dying of laughter about this story if Cadence wasn't on my "thou salt not adulterate in any way shape or form" list. so no hard feelings, very well written, Shinys reaction was priceless:rainbowlaugh:

5670406 I had hinted at a "something else," but I hadn't wanted to spoil the grand reveal. I apologize if it came across as a bit rapey.

5670448 A "something else"?

Funny, well-written and a good read. Though I have to agree with Zyrian.

5670461 When he is attempting to recollect the night before.

I just had my own "The Hell Happened" games... great story!

This is super funny :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
You should do a sequel where Twilight somehow finds out about what happened, and is actually not angry at all that Chrysalis had returned.

5668608 A threesome with the one that mind controlled you, locked your fiancee in a cavern, almost killed both of you, tried to trick you into marrying her and to top it all off, almost made your sister out to be a possessive psychopath and lose everything she has.

Short of getting split apart by a threesome with full-power Tirek and Sombra on a bed made from Lord Smooze. What could Possibly be worse?

Well actually since it is Chrysalis I mean he could seriously do worse. Never mind carry on.


Fair enough I guess...

Other than that, the only error I found was you used "illegibly" when it looks like you meant "unintelligibly."

5670626 Oh gosh, thank you!! :raritystarry:

Cadance sure got over that " trapping me in a cave then trying to steal my husband" incident rather quickly.

A nice quick read, +1up.

Lots of things. Tons of much worse things could happen, but being as how this was Chrysalis I challenge you to find something better.

Throughout reading this, all I could have running through my mind was...

This was a great one-shot! :pinkiehappy:

Here, have a like and fav. :rainbowkiss:

Allow me to sum up Shining's thoughts post-read in one pic and one short video:

Also, damn good read, have a like and a fav.

In the time it took me to read this, this story gained 3 likes.
It deserved every one, bravo.

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