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You first met her in "The Sunbutt Also Rises." Now, find out how poor Daybreak came to be the one to blame for the weirdest day in Equestria's history!

Daybreak Dazzler has the best job in the world: Official Caffeinator of Canterlot Castle, and Personal Caffeine Liaison to Princess Luna.

Her life was not always this glamorous, however, and her journey from unknown barista to the Wizard of Wakeup was long and arduous. Fraught with frustrations and setbacks, this Miraculous Mare of the Most Marvelous Mocha refused to stay down.

Her story starts in the rainy downtown streets of Seaddle, at a little shop called Starbits...

Not enough Daybreak? Read her continuing adventures in "A Princess Needs her Coffee", a lovely story by my wonderful friend Broman.

(Artwork again by the wonderful Omny87)

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I don't even like coffee and still it all sounds so delicious.

You've done it again :rainbowlaugh:

Daybreak is such an adorable character x3 I just can't help but giggle a bit when imagining her in show-like scenes while readin this.

Also, she mentions she has never analyzed an alicorn before. That makes me think of something that might be a bit random; does your OC exist within this world? I notice that she/you are an alicorn as well (or at least from what I've seen). If she does, I'd love to read something on that :heart:

Anyway, can't wait for even more wonderful woks from the great Noir De Plume :twilightsmile:

5883135 Even I am not demented enough to put Daybreak and Pinkie together. Dear Celestia... :twilightoops:

I loved this, and have to fave it. This was a fun read, and I hope to see more of Daybreak in future stories! She seems full of fun possibilities. :twilightsmile:

"I'll make it so," Stardate replied. - Nice! Love the STNG/Picard ref. You set that pony name up just for this line, didn't you? :pinkiehappy:

Rarity had indeed known a pony who knew a pony. That's an excellent line, btw. :)

I really enjoyed the flow and structure of this story, not to mention Daybreak Dazzler herself, who was especially adorable finding herself standing on the counter, and then gathering Elements of Caffeination for Luna. Beautiful how you had her improvise for Luna, too. As a side thing, I would love to see an artist create an image of her.

Taraturs / Tartarus
sever pony / server pony

As an Also suggestion: Try using the en– or em— dash instead of a hyphen- when "cutting off that thought-" at the end of a sentence. Single hyphens typically only combine words; an "em-dash—" is a much better visual cue to the dialogue cut.

5883160 Whoops! I'll get those, thanks!

And yes, good catch on the STNG reference. Also, the cover art IS Miss Dazzler. I'll update it when Sir Omny is all done. :twilightsmile:

5883155 Damn you, now I'm already thinking of Pinkie visiting Canterlot with Twily and having a midnight pastry session in the kitchens...

Hehehehe she has an awsome talent.


I would love to read more with daybreak

5883795 That seems to be the consensus. :twilightsmile:

Earl grey hot :rainbowlaugh: I see what you did there.

A fun story about an interesting OC is something I can really enjoy.

Well done :ajsmug:

I ended up having to share this story with my pony rpg group; since one of the biggest things in our first campaign was an argument over coffee... which kinda became a mild running gag. Daybreak would have been wonderful to have around at that moment. Probably could have provided the group better coffee as well. Lol.

Daybreak Dazzler hummed to herself as she bustled about the kitchen. It had been six months since her fateful meeting with Rarity in Seaddle, six months since their blossoming friendship had convinced her to quit her dead end job at Starbits and seek employment in Canterlot.

Can I assume that Daybreak has edited the event in her mind--and possibly in her résumé--into something a little more favorable for her?

I have finished reading both of your "Coffee" related stories and must say......I want more! I have thought about Equestria's doomed future if a coffee embargo should ever take place! (It may be reason enough to begin a conflict in an otherwise peaceful world!) Delightful works!

They made a great team, actually - his sullen post neuro-core alt-rock band persona behind the espresso machine catching the eyes of the college fillies, and Daybreak's perky smile and sultry eyes bringing in the business colts.

his sullen, post neuro-core, alt-rock band persona

[What's neuro-core?]

This was a good story. Ten out of ten Dancing Lunas.

media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsokszCMTj1qewv88.gif * 10.


Wonder no more! That is a good story on the collapse of the coffee industry thansk to Tia. Although I would like to see a squel to Sunbutt Rises. Daybreak is adorable in this fic, it was an awesome little backstory that ties in well with the technical sequal to this story.

5901244 It's what happens when writer does a prequel and neglects to carefully re-read her own work. :twilightoops:

That ending. :rainbowderp: Oh Noir! You know how to make me laugh! :rainbowlaugh:

5904114 Thank you! I'm working on something with Daybreak and Pinkie currently.
5902072 I have no idea. I made it up as I went along.:twilightsmile:


:rainbowlaugh:, Awesome, you invented a pony genre. It'd propably be something like using magic to generate music or somesuch ... and now I feel horrible that the first thing that popped into my head was Teen Titans Go, with the Techno Music generating unicorns and the rampaging giant :twilightblush:.

5904352 Daybreak giving Pinkie coffee? :pinkiecrazy: Oh the hilarity that will ensue. Keep it up Noir, I think these comedy stories are up your alley!

"Tea then... what was it? Earl grey, hot?"
"I'll make it so," Stardate replied with a slight bow.

I feel like such a doofus for not expecting this joke the instant you set up the name Stardate. :facehoof:

6135678 Not gonna lie - that whole cafe scene was JUST for that joke. :pinkiehappy:

Few things can top watching (or reading about) a pony exercising her special talent. :twilightsmile:

Heh. She just performed a feat of caffeinated alchemy. I don't drink coffee or tea (never liked the taste of either) and even I can appreciate that. :pinkiehappy:

Another nice piece of work. (I already read Sunbutt months ago. Moar Dazzler, plz!


the guard who has wished her luck announced.

Tense shift. Should be "had".

6586212 Thanks! And I have another story planned for her—just have to find time!

6135718 That joke was much appreciated.

Great little story, I enjoyed it a lot.

I can help but think that Pinkie would have an... interesting effect on Dazzler's talent.

"I sense... decaf. You need decaf. Or maybe elephant tranquilizer."

Tea, Earl gray. Hot,

I'm kidding.

Maybe. :rainbowderp:

Wish I'd read this years ago. Seeing ponies demonstrate extreme applications of their talents is always a delight. Thank you for a great character spotlight.

Author Interviewer

I don't drink coffee or tea, and even I know what she made was an abomination. >.> I call bullshit on Luna.

I wish you'd focused less on the coffee and more on the corporate policy vs. personal destiny narrative.

Great story. I saw the TNG joke coming and loved it.

Until Luna regained her composure, ruffled her feathers, smiled, and took another sip.

And Daybreak's back at you at the ponies from old job went something like this.

"Whose on top now, flankholes?! And you said my talent was wasted. HA! Guess whose now the official, princess approved, coffee pony? ME!"

Or something like that anyway. Even if she didn't say it out loud.

I love Daybreak. She's fabulous.

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