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This story is a commissioned work for alfamaniac. It continues the relationship hinted at in "An Apple Doesn't Fall" and established in "Your Beautiful Mind."

She adores him. And he's over the moon for the Lunar Princess. But there are factors to their relationship that are keeping him up, and it has been one night too many that sleep has evaded Big Mac.

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Sweet dreams you lucky sod :pinkiesad2:

Why?! Why wont it let me like this story?!


caress over his tweary grey matter.. extra letter
farm profits down to the last bit in and still manage to find funds...unneeded word

It doesn't say a whole lot that hasn't already been said, but a sweet scene all the same.

6325839 I know. But thank you! It's hard to write when you're limited to the number of words!

Mac, when your alicorn princess marefriend tells you to come back to bed, you get back in that bed.

awww~ it's only 1k. And just when I finally came across a new LunaMac fic. lol oh well at least it's something new. <3

EDIT: Whelp, that was a nice fluff piece.

6333342 I'm fond of the ship, so I more than likely will continue this story line. :twilightsmile:

The number of the devil! :raritydespair:

What entarnation is it doing in this story. :applejackconfused::applecry::applejackconfused:


6336670 it's actually 1000 or I wouldn't have been allowed to submit. Not sure why it won't update.


This brought a smile to my face. Glad to see that there is a continuing storyline. :twilightsmile:

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