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This story is a sequel to Sometimes It Takes a Double Shot

It may sound like fun and games, but properly ensuring the nighttime staff of Canterlot Castle receives their appropriate caffeinated beverages is serious business. A business Daybreak takes to heart.

Not only is she personally responsible for ensuring Princess Luna is ready and fully awakened for the raising of the moon, she also must maintain the baseline alertness of the Lunar Guards, the legion of batponies who accompany the Princess on her rounds about the castle and protect the lives of the Canterlot staff during the night... including Celestia herself.

So, yeah. Serious business.

Daybreak wouldn't change a thing about her life, though, and rises an hour before sunset each day with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, working until sunrise for the ponies that truly appreciate her unique talent.

Until the Princess of Friendship visits for a day of royal reporting that goes longer than expected, and is forced to stay the night...

No one warned Daybreak she was bringing the Element of Laughter with her.

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i want to like it but it feels like there is more chaos before daybreak made pinkie coffee.

Although I have to consider it the weakest Daybreak story to date, it's till a thumbs up.

Well, at least Pinkie was kept away from the energy drinks.

Nice to see Daybreak again, and to see that she's settling in so well.

Also loved the irony re: who was keeping whom in that meeting.:rainbowlaugh:

6632200 Well, only some cocoa has caffeine. So, if she were to give Pinkie uncaffeinated cocoa, she would be fine. I think.

6632265 It's implied. :twilightsmile:

6632200 You're more than welcome to write an alternative ending to the story. :twilightsmile: My prereaders found my version satisfactory. Also, Daybreak tied Pinkie up to keep her out of her mane. :raritywink:

6632727 Thanks!

6633645 Or it's why she is the way she is to begin with. :pinkiehappy:

Genius!:rainbowlaugh: But now I just have to see more DaybreakXStrider!:rainbowkiss::raritystarry:

6633614 ah so pinkie didn't have coffee?

6634028 No; Daybreak distracted her with treats and sweet drinks. Maybe I should do a re-write. :raritywink:

6634046 well that be up to you.

6635033 I guess I need to write about Strider and Daybreak now?

6635160 Naaah, write about Strider and Daybreak. Who's Stider anyway?
Kidding, though. Yeah, sure, if you want. I'm sure the rest of us will encourage you.

Yet another wonderful tale for this loveable coffee mare. This one really made me laugh, especially with having pinkie in the mix. :rainbowlaugh:

You know Noir, your starting to rub off on me. In fact, I might even have Daybreak as cameo in a new story that I have planned in the near future. (With your possible permission of course :raritywink:)

6640182 She's in the universe—use her! I'd be honored!!

6640185 I promise that I won't disappoint.:twilightsmile:



Daybreaks preoccupation


I daresay so.

I'd think Pinkie's required caffeine level would be negative (kind of like the opposite of being knurd.)
I see you already covered that chocolate has caffeine (not to forget theobromine).

Pinkie will never need coffee. *evil laugh* ~hug

Pinkie Pie and coffee.
Soldier: "Dear God..."

Now I need the Strider x Daybreak story!

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