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Art Update, New Story · 6:28am May 11th, 2016

Old cover art for "Moonbutt" is back.

Working on a new Sister story.

Hey guys.

:heart: Noir

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Meet the Gardener · 11:09pm Mar 15th, 2016

As always, the wonderful Sir Omny over at DeviantArt has graced me with his skill and provided this marvelous cover piece depicting the Gardener.

If you haven't read "Tending the Roses", I recommended it. It's one of the few stories I've ever done that I'm actually proud of.

~Noir :heart:

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If You'll Have Me · 8:39am Feb 27th, 2016

Hi everypony...

I'm back.

Slowly... but... I'm back.

Not sure how much I'll be posting, but I'm going to try and work on things and acclimate myself to the world again. It's been a bad, hard couple months, and I want to be in Equestria again.

I've missed all of you. :heart:


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Winter Break-Up · 7:03am Dec 5th, 2015

Hey everypony,

I'm dealing with a lot of frustration and disappointment lately, so I'm going to put myself in time-out and take a hiatus.

Wintertime gets to me, and my attitude is suffering for it. I can't write the quality stories you deserve when I'm bitter and let down.

I'll be checking in from time to time, but if you need to get in touch with me, your best bet is to DM me on Twitter.

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Your Stories · 7:07am Nov 27th, 2015

Hey everypony!

If I'm writing something for you, I have good news!

I've been graced with a more accommodating schedule at work, so I'm able to throw myself at these writings in full force this week, and devote more time to finishing them. Commissions are STILL open, too!

Thank you for being so patient with me.

~Noir :raritywink: :heart:

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Second Person Perspective · 5:34pm Nov 24th, 2015

I tried my hoof at second person present tense in my newest story, Tending the Roses, and I think the experiment came out rather well.

Lemme know what everypony thinks!!

~Noir :heart:


I Helped Write a Thing! · 6:52am Nov 17th, 2015


Please go read In Which Rarity Throws a Romance Party, a story I cowrote with my wonderful marefriend Azurala!

It's a sweet little comedy for grown up ponies only.

~Noir :heart:

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Why So Many One Shots? · 12:07am Nov 16th, 2015

I get asked quite frequently why all I write are one shots.

I don't—I have a couple ongoing epics—but I felt I'd address this question here in a post so everyone understands how my Noiry little brain works.

Fate's Symphony is why I'm here. It's my magnum opus and the tale I started writing to tell on FIM. There's also a longer RariShy called A Model Relationship if shipping and mild clop is your thing. Oh, and Nova, but that story might be dead in the water.

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Daybreak Has a New Story! · 7:34am Nov 14th, 2015

You asked and I delivered!

Go read Daybreak Dazzler's latest adventure—"A Night In the Life of Canterlot Castle's Caffeine Consumption - Interrupted!" (better artwork to follow as soon as I have the bits for a commission!)

~Noir :heart:

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My Marefriend Made a Funny! · 6:45am Nov 11th, 2015

My good marefriend Azurala has written a fantastic Rarity-centric comedy!

Please go check out her newest fic, "The Case of the Candy Cane Caper!"

~Noir :heart:

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