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When Luna returned to Equestria and discovered the tradition of the Nightmare Night holiday, the moon pony took great delight in the concept of "trick or treat."

Delight that often... ok, always, came at Celestia's expense.

Tired of being the proverbial plot of the joke, Celestia decides to treat Luna to some tricks of her own.

TWO mares can play at this game.

Thanks for making this a feature, guys!

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Comments ( 39 )

Ha! I like the cover art, really provides all the backstory we need for this. Short and sweet, cuts to the chase quickly, though maybe take off the Chrysalis tag since that's a pretty big spoiler in its own right.

"Oh, of course, darling!" Luna smiled.

Apparently, Rarity's mannerisms has been rubbing off of Luna.

Her visage shimmered and warped, and Chrysalis smiled, bowing slightly.

Wait a minute, CHRYSALIS? I thought she hated the Royal Sisters! Did they form a treaty or something of the like?

6584269 Good point. Done.
6584307 In the fics I've done, there's somewhat of an unspoken treaty reached, yes... for the sake of comedy. :twilightsmile:

ah poe
i had a feeling this fic was gonna end with "nevermore"

6584307 Nope just couldn't resist a chance to troll...

6584385 I am notorious for working an entire fic around a single joke. My sincerest apologies.

Yay Daybreak returned!
And this was gooooooood.

Ok, that, my good sir, was an excellent read! A few errors,but everything else was fine.

The voice sounded like Celestia's, but it was soft, distance

I think you meant distant. Other than that this was short, funny, and sweet. I'll be keeping an eye out for you.

6584496 I'll fix that straightaway! Any other errors you noticed?

Also, thank you! (and I'm a mare :raritywink:)

6584509 Oh, I am so sorry. Let me make it up to you by pointing out another error (I'm not really sure if it counts as making it up to you. it probably makes you feel worse, in which case, I'm sorry. Again)

It gave Luna chills every time to lifted it to the stars

Um, she lifted it to the stars?

6584395 no apology necessary
i love fics like this

6584551 No I appreciate it! Thank you!! :heart:

Well, at any rate this didn't beat around the bush, even if Celestia did.:trollestia:

Does this take place in the same timeline as "Ménage a - Quoi?!" then?

6584782 It does - all my comedies do.

I LOVE seeing the Sisters interact like this! Well done!

I loved you use of Chryssy and the Changelings! This was a great fluffy sisters moment. :D

This was a good one-shot. Pretty funny. A few errors, though:

Luna twitched them as she suddenly hear the same sound going in the opposite direction.

Should be "heard".

catching a glimpse white wings in the dark

Missing a word: catching a glimpse of white wings.

6586130 Thank you! Self-editing is SO hard.

Celestia pointed her hoof and wiped ears from her eyes.

I'm sure you can figure it out ;P

Great story, by the way. Thanks for the treat.

I like! A very nice one-shot for Hallo— Nightmare Night! :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: This was priceless! Also please do more stories with Daybreak :pinkiehappy: She's a good character, but we don't see nearly enough of her.:twilightsheepish:

6589365 She does have her own story, and I am working on a sequel. :twilightsmile:

But it does make for an amusing image.
Let's say Discord was involved.

HA HA HA HA! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

Oh this was good. :rainbowlaugh:

Is it wrong that I'm reading this in November?
And spoo-, I mean, anonymous read it too?

Now this made me smile during class, hard to stay silent when the story is good. Also hope to see more of Daybreak, she is a fun character. Good work on you. :twilightsmile:

I think I liked the first cover art better... Could you give me a link to that one?

6602163 I no longer have it, sadly.

lol.... 'nevermore' nice

and as Chief Caffeintator Caffeinator Of Canterlot Castle,

I'm sorry, I have a condition.

Definitely deserves a thumbs-up.

So now I must go and read Sometimes It Takes a Double Shot, and it would seem, The Sunbutt Also Rises.

This always happens. I sit down of an evening thinking I'll get through a dozen or so of the shorter stories on my groaning 'Read it Later' shelf, and nearly every time, the very first story I select leads to other stories I'd never encountered before; sequels, prequels, side stories and parodies. By the end of the night I've removed one story from the shelf, and added half a dozen more.

It's hard work being a pony fan. :ajbemused:

Oh, and followed, obviously.

6698652 Thanks! Self-editing is hard.

Edger Allen Poe's The Raven reference: "Nevermore" :rainbowlaugh: ~hug

Hah, that was awesome and hilarious. Plus it's always awesome to see Chryssie on good terms with the sisters.

Author Interviewer

Augh, dat last line. >.< Should have seen it coming.

I Liked it, but it wasn't the funnies I've read. The spookiness seemed like it was building up to something then BAM, jump scare.
4/5 flutteryays.

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