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This story is so cute! I absolutely love it!

Also, I feel really stupid for not realizing that Octavia was blind until the last sentence.:facehoof:

7966513 Spoiler tag would be useful.

Octajack actually sounds more like Applejack with tentacles. :pinkiecrazy:

Hardly canon, at least if you take "Slice of Life" as canon, but a sweet story nonetheless. An alternate universe story, but then aren't they all?

7968272 not necessarily, could be set post-episode

Very cute little one-shot

A friend of mine narrated your story and asked me to upload it.

Give thanks

Thank you! And many thanks to your friend as well!:rainbowkiss:
Sorry for taking so long with this reply.:twilightblush:

Sorry if I spoiled it....

In all fairness, this:

Octavia smiled and while she may not have been able to see Applejack smile back, she could certainly feel it.

could be referring to Applejack's penis.:trollestia:

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