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Dead, but also undead. It's complicated.


Octopus Elvis tries to take over the world with his cephalopod superiority.

Please do not take this seriously. Anyone who does will be taken to court with Discord as judge, jury, and the lawyers on both sides.

Obviously, there's not much actually about Elvis Presley, so if you came here for that, sorry. Please make sure you have all belongings and exit through the door on the right.

"There had better be ponies in this story because they're Always on my mind (of course, I have a Suspicious mind) and I'm used to having My way. Don't be cruel, tell me where it's set: is it in Equestria, or In the ghetto, or even in Viva las Vegas, America? I guess Anyplace is paradise, or rather, I Can dream. That's all right, don't answer, you Devil in Disguise. I'm Counting on you to tie this into the MLP universe, so how about A little less conversation or I'll put on my Blue Suede Shoes and bust a nut in your Jailhouse rock. It's Now or never mate, and I hope you make the right decision." ~ThatWeatherstormChap

Written mostly by mah bro, with me adding some things, and edited by me, wdeleon, fluttershysone and EpicNinjaGamer.

Cover art by me.

Also, twentieth story! Yay!

(And yes, this part is longer than the whole description. Whatever.)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 28 )

Thank you for submitting this story in the MLP Fan Club! It will be read and appreciated! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm not surprised this exists... it's the internet.

:twilightoops: Well, that happened............................. :rainbowlaugh: My goodness, this must be the weirdest story I have ever read. I wouldn't be surprised if this became featured.

It has been too long, unfortunately, since I posted it, so I don't really think this will get featured.

Thanks, though, for the enthusiasm!

Well, that was a thing. A thing that happened. I can't in good conscience up vote this, so I'm going to favorite and move along. Please write a sequel where twilight gets revenge upon her cephalopod captures.

Have a great day!


Please write a sequel where twilight gets revenge upon her cephalopod captures.

She's kind of dead, if I remember.

Oh, yeah. Although, she'd have suffocated already, since there'd be Jell-O in her lungs.

4894230 couldn't she tellaport out of the jelly, into a musty dark corner of the storage bay, ready to seek revenge? If you're not gonna write it, I just might.

Hm...maybe she could. Hm...

Do you legitimately want to write the story?

I'd like to know, in case I'd like to...

You know what, I give you permission to write a sequel if you feel fit to. If you need any help, don't hesitate to PM me.

Haven't even read it yet just... damn. Octopus Elvis takes over the world. How the hell do you come up with this?

I wanted to write a random story and found the cover art, which I had made, then came up with the title. Uh...randomly.

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