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A young teenager named Mikari Otohime is struck by lightning and sent to Equestria. Upon realizing she's been turned into a pink-and-black Alicorn, she's more annoyed than freaked out, because pink is still a Main Character trait.

Besides, this isn't the first time a Narrative's pulled her into a new body or world, and if she can get back home, it most likely won't be the last.

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The Mane 6 go on Vacation to one of Daring Do's most famous places she ever visited. The place she now calls home.

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Twilight is a fond lover of science. She also loves having her stomach full. One day, while in her lab, she gets hungry. Feeling that she was too far into her research to go out to eat, and since Spike wasn't home, she decided to make some food right then and there. What could possibly go wrong?

Will add to Char. List when Char. appears.

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Well, this is honestly just me being bored out of my mind, and putting some dazzle into a comment I wrote on an awesome fic called "Not my Destiny". Check that out. It's way, WAY better than this.


Really, though. I hope you enjoy this (if you are actually curious enough to want to read it), because I've seriously done only two other fics, and neither of those are even finished yet.

Thsnk you all for coming,

~Super Big Mac~

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