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On what begins as a normal day, Twilight Sparkle receives a letter of a romantic and (very) grammatically incorrect nature. With the help of her friends and a newly-discovered book, Twilight sets out to expose the author of this crime and teach them a lesson in proper grammar. And maybe, just maybe, she'll learn a thing or two about romance along the way.

Image credit to anbolanos91 on deviantART.

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Saw story in notifications.
Immediately wanted to tell author of his misspelling.
Read description.
Well played.:rainbowwild:

Eeeehhhh, there were only one or two times this made me smile it wasn't the greatest. Still good though. :pinkiehappy: What's your time in the 100 free Mister swimmingbrony?

>And maybe, just maybe, she'll learn a thing or two about romance along the way.
Prediction: lolnope.:trollestia:

Congratulations on a 100 % error rate.

Aw we didn't get the full letter? D:


The character tags kinds ruin it... :fluttercry:

1667993 The Derpy tag is there because she plays an important role in the story. As to what exactly that is, you'll have to wait and see.
1667752 Keep in mind that this isn't marked as a comedy, so it's not exactly meant to leave you in stitches. Also, my time for a 100 free, short course yards, off a relay start is a 50.24

Oh Turai likey. It made me smile and laugh a few times, and I just love the way you write Twi.

The little shoutout to Naked Singularity made me smile, thats really one of the better fics that I had the pleasure to read, so was fun too see it randomly pop up like that.

And I really hope for some TwiDerp romance, but even if that doesn't happen...well this ought to be intressting either way.

Pony On!

I like it so far. You seem to have captured Twilight's adorkable style and inability to break out of being a complete headcase.

This deserves a watch and a slight hope for a TwiDerp pairing. :derpyderp2::twilightsmile:

Woke up, saw new story from TSB, begin to read from the comfort of covers.

After reading: Was not dissapointed.

First thought when seeing this: What an idiot, they used the wrong you're! I bet the story will suck. How unproffessional!
Then I read the description.

I am interested! The writing is good and the story pulled me in. Here's to hoping for more, soon.

That title has a way of nabbing the attention of spelling/grammar nazis, which is precisely the target audience for this story. Very clever. I like the premise, and it's well-written so far. If this doesn't end up in the Featured box, something's wrong with the world.

And Naked Singularity shoutout is happiness.

I can't wait to see what Twifight Sparkill has to say about this.

1668500 I might as well, although I'm not intending for this to be something hilarious.

So that was the whole letter?

Then you have partially failed. Have an upvote.

"But it isl!" Twilight protested.

Isl? IsI? Stupid English and their stupid 'letters that look the same.'

EDIT: After looking back at it, it is a lower case 'l' and not an upper case 'i.'

This is awesome. Have a laughy Dashie, an upvote, and a fave. :rainbowlaugh:

1668909 Fixed. Thanks for catching that. Between the italics and the exclamation point, I must have just missed that on the editing page.

With the subject matter and all, I figured it was important.

1669165 Indeed. The irony of errors occurring in this fic is just staggering.

Ok I friggin' love this. Please continue so that I may continue to laugh. :yay:

I expect this to be like that ed edd n eddy episode where double d tries to teach the cul-da-sac kids...but fails miserably is that how this is gonna go down? :trixieshiftright: :trixieshiftright:


Edit: I don't read a ton of shipping but this story hits all the notes I like so far. Looking forward to more.

This is brilliant. I love the thought of Twilight getting the entire town together to learn about grammar. I await another wonderful chapter. :twilightsmile:

1668527 I can hardly imagine that the following chapters will NOT get funnier.

Alright a nice comedy romance. Gonna stay tunned in for this one. :twilightsmile:

This... has piqued my interest! :trixieshiftright:

Brilliant concept! Nicely written, too. I'll definitely stick around to see where this goes.



Seriously. He's the only guy who does that "b-e-a-utiful" bit.

Anyway, this'll be fun to read!:twilightsmile:

Because poor literacy is for lovers!

"Alright, Ponyville. Prepare to get schooled."

Best one-liner ever, especially when it's meant literally.

Can anypony point me to a good Derpy fic? I wanna make a story with her but I dont know enough

:duck:That doesn't even make any sense.

She'd probably be pissed that somepony else is reading her mail.

Muphry's Law strikes again!:trollestia:

1672026 I'm a little confused as well. Not your kind of story?

1673730 I must remember when referencing anything that not everyone watches the same things. So allow me to link this to explain why.

"Because poor literacy is kewl!"

Beginning with the Sinnamon review, Linkara would say this phrase whenever something is misspelled and the editor of the comic never caught it, or it is intentional. Case in point: In the "Newmen #1" review, a character is named Byrd as opposed to Bird.

I apologize for any confusion.

1673760 Ah, I see! That's actually quite funny. :twilightsmile:

Whoever conceived that letter is a genius:pinkiegasp:
The misspelled name, the simplicity of the two words...amazing.
Straight to the point, while also grabbing Twi's attention:rainbowderp:
Rather than curiosity, it'll be the need to lecture this mystery poni that will keep her attention:derpyderp2:

Or maybe it'll be a prank that goes a little too well:trollestia:


Ha, funny, that gif only shows Twilight for 1 second.

Yep... This gon' be gud! :rainbowlaugh: lol! I can't wait!

1675473 I don't care. It's relevant.


You think an gif showing an OC pony doing the gangnam style dance in random places that look like they're pasted to a posterboard compared to the small phrase "Sparkle style" which has been apparently taken out of context is relevant?


1679784 Calm down, man. Just a gif. And we haven't switched to HTML formatting yet, so your italics don't work.


oops, I had to press the button. :U

its fixed :3

I don't know if someone already did this because I skipped straight down here, but still. "Your insecur. Dun no wat four. Your turnin' heds wen u wak thro da do-o-or. Dun need makeup. To coverup. Bein' the way dat u are is eno-o-of. Evrywon else in da room can see it. Evrywon else but u-oo. Baybee u lite up mai world like nobody else, da way that u flip ur hair gets meh overwhelmed. The way u smile at the grownd it aint hard to tell. U dunno oh-oh. U dunno ur beutifull!

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