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I'm a Soldier stationed in Fort Hood. I'm an aspiring writer/artist and am currently working on a Master's in Psychology.


This story is a sequel to Somebody to Love

The Atlas Strongest Tournament is a tradition which stretches back to the beginning of the history of the Atlantean continent, and this year Princess Luna is officiating the tournament. Rarity receives a visit from her old Spinese master as young Scootaloo enters the tournament. Meanwhile, Darkness is gathering as the Queen of the Changelings begins her own secret plans for revenge against Twilight Sparkle and Ponyville.

***Now with illustrations!

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Atlas Strongest Tournament

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Good ideia for a story, lets see how will be go.

I'm enjoying this story so far, and I'm rooting for Rarity to take it to Ran for her nonsense. Also, maybe its just me but I can't help but see a little bit of Kim Possible and Yori in their relationship dynamic.

1447488 I may have borrowed a bit of Yori's speech pattern for Ran, but while the dynamic may appear similar on the surface, it's actually a bit more complicated... you'll find out what I mean later.:ajsmug:

Due to some classes I'm taking for my Master's degree (and an unfortunate lack of popularity of this story compared with my other), I'll be updating less often: weekly rather than three times a week as I have been. Hopefully, life won't take more of my time than needed for that, because I have much more about which I want to write.

Tom as a surprise combatant? Nice work. I am surprised to see so many of the 'big' matches to be resolved so early in the tournament, especially since Lao Wu is going to be facing either his great granddaughter or his student, and my money is on student personally, in only the second round.

It took me awhile to decide how the fights were going to progress, and I attempted to put in as many fights that I would deem important for the major characters as I could at all levels. I'm going to make sure it doesn't get stale later on... especially since the changelings have yet to reveal their plan.

Oh, the innuendos... :rainbowlaugh:

Another great chapter...

Can't wait to see Rariy's match. Another great chapter. :)

Rarity probably feels like a real asshole, right now. No offense intended to asses, of course.

So, yeah, my updates are going to be sporadic for a month or so, which makes me feel just horrible, really. I am looking to see if I can find a good beta reader which I've never used before, so if anyone thinks they have the chops or knows anyone who might be willing, drop me a line.

Well, that was a surprising end to the question of what actually happened back then. Really didn't expect, well, any of that honestly. I really liked Twilight's excitement for the possibility of solving friendship problems too.

Oh, fuck! I want another chapter!:derpytongue2:

1945593 I still have some things to wrap up, but it'll be coming soon.

It is wonderful to see this fic once again updated, WITH PICTURES THIS TIME!!! The wait was so very worth it. Thank you for the new chapter, and I hope another is on the way.

Well, I came here hoping for Sparity....

Ended up with.... Something else entirely..

2173251 I'm a horrible ship-tease, I know. Don't worry, I'll make sure you get fed.


Wow, great to see you updating this so quickly. Really confused about the last part but I can't wait to see what happens next.


Wow, that was incredible.

Why do I have the feeling that Tom the Rock will be the undisputed hero of this story?

Tom the Rock, inspiring young pebbles everywhere to grow to their true potential.

On a side note, ever wonder what Rarity's reaction would be if she found our that Tom was a geode?


She'd probably make some outstanding play costumes out of him. After all, that's what she did to HIS FATHER!

Wait, did you just change Twilight into an alicorn in this chapter? Did you at least go back through the previous chapters and change them so it fits?


Yep. Doesn't change the story thus far since her appearances were limited, and makes the rest of the story easier to justify. I explained it a few weeks ago in my blog.


Ironically, if I hadn't been posting from my smartphone, I was going to put that exact link in mine. I'll just have to settle for this:

Excuse me fellow pony, I do believe I must die of laughter at this moment.

We need to have a revived Tom just show up with a ton of defeated Changelings around him...and have nopony question it at all.

...I don't get the joke. Sorry, I guess it doesn't translate well.

Oh, god! AJ gotten very hardy.

I wonder, how will go think Scootaloo and Rarity when found that Wavedancer drakenapped Spike and she stay to kiss him in time of your fight?


I'm sure they'd be most unappreciative.

Spike is a real mare magent ain't he?:moustache:


Spike doesn't have a mustache. He is a mustache.


Well, that's not good. So I suppose the question is whether Luna was captured and replaced, and if so when this happened, or if she let Chrysalis take her place as part of her plan?


It would kill the suspension a bit if I told you, wouldn't it?:raritywink:

OK, this is supposed to be comedy, not tragedy, so I assume Rarity isn't actually dead... I see things have gone badly wrong for the changelings, anyway.


Hey, you don't know. I could pull a fast one and change tags next chapter for a sneaky twist. Nah, remember that she's surrounded by changelings who want her alive (yes, I just spoiled it for you). I do wish there were an Action tag, though, 'cause I think that label is a bit more honest than Slice of Life or Adventure, and would set up the expectation for crazy stuff like this. I'm going for Dragonball style violence, not Higurashi: When They Cry, after all. You know, for the kids.

At the end Chrysalis says yes you is

2497616 speaking of dragonball this is auspiciously like their first (goku+krillin) world martial arts tourny(though its not anywhere near a copy or anything), well up untill the changelings

Wow typos, meh thats what I get for using a phone


I was thinking of the Tenkaichi Budoukai, specifically, when coming up with the basic idea of this, so it's no surprise that it would remind someone of the first one in Dragonball. Of course, I also had a lot of other influences, such as the Dark Tournament from Yu Yu Hakusho, the Chuunin Exam from Naruto, and the countless other tournament arcs that seem obligatory in every shonen manga, ever. You'll probably pick up those influences, as well, but I also wanted to be as faithful to the characters and show as possible even while putting them in what would be a pretty bizarre situation in the context of the actual show, so that it would still come off as natural.

2504535 yeah I could sense some of the others in there , and I mostly thought of DB cause. Of the way everyone went for seperate training.

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