• Published 18th Feb 2013
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Apple Bloom's Disastrous Hearts and Hooves Day - Mattricole

The CMC create a love potion for Big McIntosh and Miss Cheerilee, however, Diamond Tiara drinks it by mistake.

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The Best Hearts and Hooves Day Ever

"Hey you, yeah you!" Scootaloo shouted at a nearby couple, "have you seen either Apple Bloom or Diamond Tiara?" she questioned, not even bothering bothering with describing what either mare looked like.

"Nope," the couple said simultaneously, and quickly walked away from a dismayed Scootaloo.

"Drat!" she yelled out with a stomp of her hoof, "we'll never find them at this rate," she muttered to herself, scratching her chin with her hoof, "what do you guy's think?" she asked, only to realize that neither Sweetie Belle or Silver Spoon were with her. She couldn't help but groan to herself, those two could be so slow sometimes. She didn't realize at the time however that you tend to lose ponies when you run off in some random direction with no prior warning.

But enough about that. her friend, her best friend, was in trouble. And it was up to her to save her. With a new found sense of determination, and a renewed fire in her eyes, she set off to find Apple Bloom.

"Hey squirt, how's it hanging?" an all too familiar voice rang out, causing Scootaloo to come to a halt, staring in shock as her hero stood before her in all of her awesome glory.

"Rainbow Dash!?" she squeaked out, "wh-what are you doing here!? I-I mean not that I'm upset or anything, bu-bu-wha-oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" she would have had a seizure if Rainbow Dash hadn't shushed her with her hoof.

"Whoa, easy there kid!" she said with a chuckle, "I just wanted to check up on my number one fan," she said nonchalantly, as if it were an everyday occurrence that she would grace Scootaloo with her presence. She had unknowingly gained twenty points on the scale of awesome in the mind of Scootaloo.

"I-uh-I mean-uh!" Scootaloo panicked, what could she say that wouldn't humiliate her in front of her idol? "Buh duh?" unfortunately her young mind couldn't contain the amount of joy she was feeling, completely destroying whatever coherent sentence she had planned to say.

"That's...good?" Rainbow Dash honestly had no idea how to take that, so she decided to get to the point, "anyway, I was going to go practice some awesome moves today,"

"Uh huh!?" Scootaloo practically yelled out as she vigorously nodded her head, her fore hooves clenched tightly together.

"And I wanted to try out a couple of awesome new moves too,"

"UH HUH!?" Scootaloo yelled out, her head nodding faster than before.

"And they're just WAY to awesome that it'd be a shame if nopony saw them,"

"UH HUH!?" Scootaloo shouted out with all her strength, hoping against hope that her next words would be-

"So you wanna come watch the most amazing thing ever!?" Rainbow Dash yelled out as she struck a pose with the most confident smirk possible.

"YES YES YES YES YES!!!" Scootaloo shouted with glee as she embraced Rainbow Dash in the tightest hug possible, eliciting a grin from said pegasus.

"Awesome, let's go kid!" Rainbow Dash yelled out as she flipped Scootaloo onto her back and flew off. It was nice having her number one fan come along to watch her practice...though if she were honest, the only reason she brought along Scootaloo was because all of her friends were too busy to hang out with her. But it didn't matter! What Scootaloo didn't know won't hurt her.

Meanwhile, both Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon were sitting on a bench at the local park, taking a short rest from their search for Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara.

"We'll never find them at this rate!" Silver Spoon growled, massaging her hooves. She had never walked this much in her life. Sweetie Belle on the other hoof seemed perfectly fine. This was most likely due to her constant adventures with her fellow crusaders. In fact, she was actually smiling the whole time they were resting.

"Don't worry Silver Spoon, I'm sure they'll turn up anytime!" she squeaked confidently, earning an exasperated sigh from Silver Spoon. She could just be so dang perky all the time. However before Silver Spoon could throw in another insult at her temporary companion, she noticed a familiar old mare, walking around with a walker to help keep her upright.

"Granny Smith? I could have sworn it was her nap time right about now," she said with a chuckle, earning a glare from Sweetie Belle.

"That's not nice Silver Spoon, Granny Smith isn't that old!" Sweetie Belle reprimanded, earning another groan from Silver Spoon. She was about to start another argument, when she was suddenly hit with an idea.

"Hey Sweetie Belle," she grabbed her attention with a nudge, "you don't think that Granny Smith might know where Apple Bloom and DT are, do you?" she asked with a tilt of her head. Sweetie Belle shortly considered this before suddenly jumping off the bench with an over the top flip.

"That's a great idea Silver Spoon!" she squeaked as she ran off to catch up to Granny Smith. Silver Spoon watched as she took off, sighing to herself as she dejectedly made a slow trek to catch up to her over zealous companion. Thankfully the old mare was only a few feet in front of them, making Sweetie Belle's previous sprint completely pointless, "hi Granny Smith!" Sweetie Belle greeted loudly, causing Granny Smith to turn around with a smile.

"Oh, hello Sweetie Belle, what can ah do for ya?" Granny Smith kindly asked with a smile, gently patting her back as she did so. Noticing this, Sweetie Belle decided to get straight to the point.

"Well, I was just wondering, have you seen Apple Bloom or Diamond Tiara?" she asked, causing Granny Smith to scratch her chin in thought.

"Now that ah think about it, ah'm thinking them two were playing tag in the Everfree Forest," she replied, eliciting a smile from Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon.

"Thanks Granny Smith!" both yelled at the same time as they ran off.

"Have fun!" Granny Smith called out, waving good bye to them, "what a couple o' nice fillies, welp, better go on and git home, shoulda had mah nap time about an hour ago," she grumbled to herself as she made the long trek home.

Meanwhile the two fillies were giggling to themselves, unable to believe their stroke in luck.

"This is great!" Sweetie Belle squeaked out with Silver Spoon nodding, "we finally know where those two are!"

"Yeah! Who would have thought those two would be in the..." both fillies froze on the spot, and stared at each other in horror as realization finally sanked in.


"Ah, ah need a drink o' water," Apple Bloom said to herself, gasping for breath as she rested against a nearby tree. She was resting in a small clearing in the forest, filled with logs and a couple of fallen tree's. She had finally lost Diamond Tiara after what felt like hours of running around in circles, weaving through the trees as she did so for good measure. Unfortunately, because she was trying to get away from Diamond Tiara she now had no idea where she was. She sighed to herself, looking at the sun for guidance. Should be about 4 o' clock now.

"If the Everfree Forest is south west o' Ponyville," she trailed off as she pointed in the direction of the sun, "and the sun set's in the...west?" she silently cursed to herself, she should have paid more attention in class, "purty sure the sun set's in the west anyway, so that means north is that a-" a smell suddenly entered her nostrils, a horrible smell, followed by a low, blood thirsty growl, "w-who's there!?" Apple Bloom shouted out, her voice cracking the slightest bit. She tried to get up, but her hind hoof gave under pressure and she quickly fell, landing on her side with a yelp.

"Ah shoulda known better than to jump out a window," she silently chastised herself, as the one growl turned to two, then multiplied into eight, each passing second growing louder and louder. She took deep breaths to calm herself and looked at her surroundings. She was in a clearing, she'll see them when they come for her. There were logs and fallen tree's scattered around, hollowed out by rot. She could use those as obstacles and shields. She smiled when she saw one of the tree's only partially fallen, leaning against another. Though it was mostly rotten and probably break from her weight, if she was quick enough she may be able to use it to reach to the perfectly fine tree it was leaning against.

She gritted her teeth when she saw the first pair of eyes, a dark green color, she could even see it's breath, a rancid green. She stood on all fours, grunting against the pressure on her sprained ankle. She growled to herself, shaking her head to concentrate on her plan and not on her leg.

At that moment the beasts slowly stalked out of the shadows, a horrid beast comprised of what Apple Bloom could only guess to be sticks of varying sizes, a beast that haunted every colt and fillies nightmare's, Timberwolves. As the pack of wolves roared loudly as each pounced towards her, she quickly jumped towards one of the rotting logs, entering a small hole she could barely fit into. The pack of Timberwolves quickly changed direction with ease, and attacked the log. One Timberwolf was able to shove their head into the hole Apple Bloom entered, and snarled as it attempted to chomp on her little head. She crawled as far as she could possibly could, as the hole continuously grew larger as the Timberwolf's body bashed into it. She felt around for any soft spots in the wood, looking for the absolute weakest spot.

She quickly found it, and began to bash against it with her elbow, creating a brand new hole as she did so. She gritted her teeth, feeling a strange wetness on her elbow, watching small drips of blood falling to the ground. The Timberwolf, invigorated by the smell, finally broke through and rushed towards her, but quickly got stuck in the narrow spaces of the log, struggling to even move. But she knew this wouldn't hold him forever.

Her time short, Apple Bloom tossed her whole body against the wall, finally breaking through and falling outside, landing on her side. The rest of the pack noticed her and quickly rushed towards her, but she was already on all fours, running towards her ramp to freedom. It took her only a moment to get to the ramp tree and quickly ran up it, the tree moaning as it beared her weight. The Timberwolves quickly followed, causing the tree to crack under the combined weight.

Apple Bloom jumped as she felt the tree falling, reaching out to a nearby branch. She was just inches away from freedom as she ascended towards the branch. But she felt nothing. She only felt air as she descended, her hooves eventually grinding against the trunk of the tree as she once again hit solid ground. She looked up in agony, sniffling a bit as she heard the ravenous Timberwolves get up and stalked towards her.

She thought of her granny, who would always make her favorite dessert on Fridays. She thought of her sister, who always spent time with her, despite having the burden of taking care of the farm and her duties as one of the Element's of Harmony. She thought of her brother, who promised to always be there for her. She then turned towards the predators, inches away as one of them prepared to rip her throat out, and closed her eyes. And finally, she thought of her parents, who she could finally meet at long last.

"Get away from her!" her eyes opened, face dripping with sweat as she looked to her left. It couldn't be! The Timberwolves stared in awe as a small pink filly with a Diamond Tiara growled at them as she slowly stalked towards them.

"Git outa here Diamond!" Apple Bloom waved her off, "git outa here now!" Diamond Tiara briefly looked at her, eyes flashing with barely controlled rage as she slowly turned towards the Timberwolves, causing them to step back slightly.

"You'll pay for hurting her," she whispered, just loud enough for all to hear, causing Apple Bloom's heart to race. The closest Timberwolf gave out a loud roar as it raced towards her, being the first to regain it's predatory instincts. Diamond Tiara rushed forward as well, leaping into the air, and delivered a powerful round house kick to it's face, smashing it to pieces. The others yelped in surprise, backing away as Diamond tiara landed, turning towards them, "one down, six to go," she said as if she were tackling a simple math problem.

The Timberwolves quickly got over their shock, and quickly rushed to surround her in a circle, causing her to scoff, "cowards," she said to herself as two leapt from both sides. She jumped into the air, spreading her legs to the side and kicking both at the same time, shattering them into pieces, "three down, three to go," she said as she rushed towards one of them and grabbed it by the muzzle. Seeing it's comrade in trouble, the other two quickly rushed to it's aid. Diamond Tiara then swung the wolf by the side, smashing into the hot headed duo, shattering them as well.

Apple Bloom could only gape in awe as Diamond Tiara stood over the corpses of seven Timberwolves.

"Hey blank flank, you all right?" Diamond Tiara said with a smile as she walked towards Apple Bloom.

"Y-yeah," she responded, blushing at the heroic efforts, "ah'm just-" at that moment, the last Timberwolf broke free from the rotten log, leaping towards Diamond Tiara, hoping to avenge his fallen brothers, "Diamond look ou-" before she could do anything, Diamond Tiara side stepped the creature, and delivered a powerful back hoof, shattering the would be killer, astonishing Apple Bloom even more so. Satisfied, Diamond Tiara quickly rushed towards Apple Bloom, embracing her.

"Oh Apple Bloom, are you okay?" she panicked as she looked her over, "you're hurt, we need a hospital!" she said as she began to lift her onto her back.

"W-wait!" Apple Bloom stopped her, pushing away from Diamond Tiara, receiving a glare in return.

"What now!? You need treatment!" she yelled out, waiting for an explanation. Apple Bloom sighed to herself, she was right. But...she had to know something.

"Why?" she whispered, barely registering that Diamond hadn't heard her, "why did ya'll save me? Ya coulda died," she finally asked, causing Diamond Tiara to scoff.

"Puh-lease, as if I'd die against those...things!" she waved off the ridiculous notion, and smiled at Apple Bloom, "and besides, you alread know why I saved you," she said, as she leaned in close to Apple Bloom, their muzzles inches from one another.

"A-ah do?" Apple Bloom blushed, leaning towards Diamond Tiara, their lips brushing against one another.

"It's because I love you," Diamond Tiara stated as her lips pressed against Apple Bloom's, caressing her cheek lovingly. The only thing that Apple Bloom could think of was the delicious taste of bubble gum pink lingering on her lips when they parted, with a content sigh.

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