• Published 18th Feb 2013
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Apple Bloom's Disastrous Hearts and Hooves Day - Mattricole

The CMC create a love potion for Big McIntosh and Miss Cheerilee, however, Diamond Tiara drinks it by mistake.

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"And when that timberwolf attacked her from behind, Diamond side stepped and did one o' dem backwards punch thingy's, and it was amazing!" Apple Bloom squealed as she waved her hooves in the air, eliciting a giggle from Sweetie Belle and an eye roll from Scootaloo. It had been two days since the incident with the timberwolves, and she was unfortunately still stuck in the hospital. The room she was in smelled of disinfectant, much different than the smell of the farm she had grown so accustomed too. She was forbidden to leave her bed and the food was just horrible! The only saving grace was her friends and family visiting her everyday. Well, with Applejack it felt more like coming over to nag and threaten to ground her then visit but it was still nice.

However, Diamond Tiara had yet to visit. On one hoof it was nice, after all, the only reason she saved her was because of the love potion, and by now that had probably worn off by now. Confronting her about it now would just be embarrass! But on the other hoof, she desperately wanted to see her. Even if it was only because of the love potion, Diamond saved her life, and Apple Bloom wanted to thank her properly. However she was interrupted from her thoughts by a rather loud grunt from Scootaloo.

"Oh come on Apple Bloom! You honestly want us to believe that stuck up princess took on twenty timberwolves on her own, blinded by sand thrown into her eyes, surrounded by fire, all the while carrying you bridal style, with her bare hooves!? Horse apples!" Scootaloo proclaimed as she slammed her hooves onto the bed, giving her friend a confused glare. After only a few minutes, Apple Bloom sighed dejectedly.

"Okay fine, ah may have exaggerated a little bit," she relented, causing Scootaloo to once again groan into her hooves, while Sweetie Belle giggled some more.

"Well, I think it's cute!" Sweetie Belle admitted, nearly causing Scootaloo a heart attack.

"Cute!?" Scootaloo repeated her friend, "how is that cute!?" she glared at Sweetie Belle, who groaned with a facehoof.

"How is it not cute!?" Sweetie Belle argued back, earning questioning glances from both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, "one's a apple farmer, the other the daughter of the richest stallion in Ponyville. One is a country hick-"

"Hey!" Apple Bloom yelled indignantly, though she was ignored.

"-the other, regal and sophisticated. Two different mares, from two different worlds. And yet," she trailed off, a lone tear drifting down her cheek, "one true love," she spoke softly, barely above a whisper. "See? Cute!" she squeaked happily, starring at Scootaloo expectantly.

"...Ewwww" Scootaloo gagged, earning a glare from Sweetie Belle.

"It's not gross, it's romantic!" she growled as she shoved Scootaloo.

"Hey, watch it!" Scootaloo reprimanded as she pushed back.

"No, you watch it you cad!" Sweetie Belle insulted, causing Scootaloo's glare to harden. She didn't know what a "cad" was, but she knew it was meant as an insult.

"Squeaky toy!"

"Stupid chicken!"

"Talentless unicorn!"

"Dodo bird!" Sweetie Belle yelled out, earning a growl from Scootaloo, who then shoved Sweetie Belle once again.

"BLANK FLANK!" as soon as the words left her mouth, she quickly covered it with her hooves, but the damage was already done. Sweetie Belle continued to glare at Scootaloo, sniffling just a little bit.

"You're a blank flank too," she replied with a huff.

Meanwhile Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon was currently enjoying their afternoon over a nice cup of milkshakes at Ponyville's best ice cream shop. Well, Silver Spoon was trying to enjoy her day. Ever since the incident with the timberwolves, Diamond Tiara had been eerily quiet, and whenever Diamond Tiara was quiet, she knew something was wrong.

"Hey DT," Silver Spoon said while nudging her friend, getting a grunt in return, "are you okay?" at that Diamond Tiara sighed tiredly, taking a sip from her milkshake before answering.

"I'm fine," she replied and took another sip. Silver Spoon however was unconvinced, it was clear Diamond Tiara was not fine. And she had a pretty good idea what this was about.

"It's about Apple Bloom isn't it?" as soon as she asked Diamond Tiara spat out her milkshake all over the table, gross.

"W-what are you talking about!?" Diamond Tiara yelled, "why would I care if Apple Bloom is hurt or not!? I mean, she tricked me into drinking that love potion-"

"That was completely your fault and you know it," Silver Spoon interrupted, earning a growl from Diamond Tiara, "and didn't it wear of by the time you found her in the-"

"NO IT DIDN'T!" Diamond Tiara yelled out as she slammed her hoof against the table, causing a rather large crack on the table. Silver Spoon couldn't help but sigh as she starred at the crack.

I am so gonna have to pay for that aren't I? she thought ruefully. This was exactly why she was against Diamond Tiara learning kung fu lessons from Buck Norris, she had the temper of a five year old.

"But didn't you say it took about an hour to find her?" Silver Spoon pressed on, earning a groan from her friend.

"I said it felt like hours-"

"And weren't you bragging the next day how you saved Apple Bloom from 300 armed timberwolves and then proceeded to make out with her on top of a volcano?" she asked with a smirk, receiving a death glare from her angry friend.

"It was four hundred and fifty," Diamond Tiara corrected.

"Of course it was," Silver Spoon replied as she rolled her eyes. That number was always bigger the more times she bragged about it, "my point is, clearly that love potion isn't the only reason you have feelings for Apple Bloom, so all in all, you need to talk to her about this," Silver Spoon finished. However, Diamond Tiara remained sitting, taking another sip from her milkshake, "NOW!" the sudden yell caused Diamond to fall out of her seat.

"Okay, okay, geez!" Diamond Tiara said as she got up and headed towards the door. But before leaving she turned to her friend with a smile, "thanks Silver," and promptly left the ice cream shop. Watching her friend leave, Silver Spoon sighed as she lifted her milkshake, taking a sip from the straw and enjoying her chocolate milkshake. However one thought wouldn't leave her mind.

Am I the only straight pony in this lesbian infested town?

Apple Bloom relaxed in her bed, sighing in content. Her two friends had finally left after doing nothing but arguing. However, after only a few seconds she started to miss her friends. With those two around, it was somewhat easier to not think of Diamond Tiara: the way she moved, the way she held her, the way she kissed her, the way she would stare at her while she she laid in bed, an aggravated look as she tapped her hoof impatiently as she waited for for her to-

"Diamond Tiara!?" Apple Bloom sat up, blushing as she starred at Diamond, who took a quick step back because of the sudden shout, "what are ya'll doing here!?" however, Diamond tiara dismissed her question, instead taking time to pick at her ear, softly growling in annoyance.

"I'm surprised you don't have a cutie mark in shouting," she said with a glare, still picking at her ear, "I think you busted one of my eardrums," she grumbled as she took a ceat on one of the chairs next to Apple Bloom's bed. The two sat in silence, avoiding eye contact, Apple Bloom looked around the room, at nothing in particular, while Diamond Tiara studied her hoof, as if checking for any imperfections from a hooficure she had earlier that day.

"So, how's the leg?" Diamond Tiara asked, catching Apple Bloom's attention.

"Oh, well, the doctor said it should be fine, and ah'll be able to leave tomorrow," Apple Bloom replied, and went back to looking around the white room. Diamond Tiara sighed to herself as she laid her head on the bed.

"Oh, I see, that's good," Diamond Tiara replied nodding, and went back to admiring her hooves.

"Good?" Apple Bloom muttered to herself, tilting her head with a smile as she studied Diamond Tiara. Did she actually miss her? Apple Bloom bit her lip, attempting to stop herself from squealing in delight, "d-did ya'll...miss me?" she asked, her smile reaching her ears, her heart beating like a drum at this point.

"Well, of course!" Diamond replied, causing Apple Bloom's heart to skyrocket, "after all, who else am I going to call "blank flank"?" and just as quickly plummeted like a rock. Her smile was quickly replaced with a scowl.

"Oh," Apple Bloom glared as she turned her back on Diamond Tiara, "ah see how it is," she grumbled to herself, causing Diamond to giggle, ah shoulda know it was too good to be true she thought sadly as she continued to glare at the wall.

"Apple Bloom?" she ignored Diamond Tiara, scoffing as she refused to turn around, "Apple Bloooooo-" Diamond Tiara sang as she tapped the back of her head, "ooooooooooooooo-" Apple Bloom grind her teeth as she tried to ignore her crush, "ooooooooo-" she quickly turned around with a glare, at the happy smile that adorned Diamond Tiara's face who finally stopped.

"What, ya'll got another insul-" and at that moment, Diamond Tiara captured her lips with her own, kissing her for a second time. It ended just as quickly as it started, Diamond quickly pulling back with a grin as Apple Bloom attempted to capture her lips.

"Sorry, you're just too cute when mad," she said with a grin, giggling as Apple Bloom's face now resembled her family's name sake.

"Y-ya'll gotta stop doing that," she whined, eliciting a scoff from Diamond Tiara.

"Oh please, and miss that cute reaction of yours? No way," she said while shaking her head. She then got up and went to the door, opening it and stayed by the opening, "and judging from your reaction, you don't want me to stop either," she ducked as a pillow was suddenly thrown at her head.

"Just go!" Apple Bloom yelled as she covered herself with her blanket, growling to herself. After a few seconds she heard her door close, followed by soft hoof steps getting closer to herself.

"Hey, Apple Bloom," she heard Diamond whisper, as she felt her jabbing her rib with her hoof.

"What?" she growled back, refusing to lift her blankets.

"What time do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?" her voice sounded smug, as if she won there little duel. Apple Bloom considered not answering, and decided to just ignore the other pony, "so I'm guessing five o' clock?" she refused to answer, "five o' clock it is, see you then!" Diamond Tiara said as she began walking away.

Just ignore her Apple Bloom thought to herself as she heard Diamond Tiara walking away, just ignore her she thought to herself as she heard Diamond Tiara open the door, Just ignore...AH CAN'T!!!

"Wait!" Apple Bloom yelled out, throwing her sheets off of her as she starred desperately at the door, with Diamond waiting there patiently, "h-how about we go to the ice cream shop?" she asked with a timid smile, causing Diamond Tiara to giggle.

"Alright, it's a date," she said with a smile as she slowly closed the door behind her, "goodbye, my little appletini," Apple Bloom heard her say just before the door closed, causing her to smile. She quickly laid back in bed with a sigh, knowing if she was able to sleep that night, it would be about her date tomorrow, because she knew in her heart everything was going to be alright.

Rarity hummed to herself as she examined her newly finished dress. It was a lovely dress, with a nice rustic feel to it, looking almost identical to Applejack's Gala dress from a few months ago. A few days ago Applejack wanted Rarity to make a dress for her, because she was going to some farmer's convention or something, Rarity didn't particularly care, after all, it was bound to be dirty. But it mattered not, her best friend wanted a rustic feeling dress and she was going to do it for her! For she was Rarity! Element of Generosity, and friend to all living creatures in need of fashion advice!

Rarity smiled at her work, it really was one of her better dresses, much more durable, the only thing she didn't like was that it wasn't fabulous, it was sorely lacking in gems, but hey, if Applejack liked it it was good enough for her.

"Speaking of Applejack, she should be here any minute," she said to herself as she entered her kitchen, "I'll have a quick drink before she arrives, all that hard work has me quite parched," she said as she opened her fridge, not looking for anything in particular, when she came across a glass jug of...something.

"Oh my, what's this?" she asked herself as she levitated the jug to her, "it looks delicious," she said to herself as she sniffed the strange liquid, "and it smells delicious too," well, if it looked and smelled delicious, how bad could it be? Levitating a glass towards her, she poured herself a glass, and returned the jug back to the fridge, "oh I just hope Sweetie Belle didn't make this," she grumbled to herself as she sipped the concoction, "OH MY!" she gasped as she pulled the glass away from her lips, it was amazing! She had never tasted something so delicious in her life! She took another sip, this time downing the whole drink in one go, she just couldn't resist!

"Oh, how unlady like of me," she groaned to herself as she put the glass away, "but, it was so good!" she sighed to herself. Oh well, it's not like anypony noticed. It was at this time that she heard a knock at her door, "that must be Applejack," she said to herself as she left her kitchen, "coming!" she said just loud enough for the knocker to hear, after all, a lady doesn't yell. She finally got to the door and opened it, revealing a smiling Applejack.

"Howdy Rare's," she said with a grin, "ah'm here ta try on that dress," she was...beautiful! Rarity's heart skyrocketed as she starred at...at perfection itself! Her mane a beautiful golden color, perfectly green eyes, and the cutest little freckles on the cutest little cheeks!

"O-oh Applejack," she said with a blush, "w-welcome! Please, do come in!" she said as she grabbed the mare with her magic and pulled her in, shocking Applejack.

"W-whoa there, don't ya'll want me ta wipe mah hooves or something!?" Applejack asked as she tried to wiggle out of Rarity's grasp.

"Oh nonsense Applejack," Rarity said with a chuckle, "after all, we have much to do," she said as she pulled her new lover further into the house, locking her doors as she did so.

"Y-ya'll mean the dress right?" Applejack asked with a smile, Rare's must o' smacked her head again she thought bitterly to herself. It was going to be one of those nights.

Author's Note:

Applejack's Disastrous Dress Day anypony?

Nah, not happening, unless one of you wants to write it.

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You did well :3

2761814 I did well!? Awesome!!! That means I'm almost good yay!!! I feel like the king of the world :pinkiehappy:!

But seriously thanks for the review, always good to get one from you.

Am I the only straight pony in this lesbian infested town?

Look on the bright side. You can have all the guys you want!

Minus the gay ones, of course.

Apple Tiara? Diamond Bloom? Who knows, but it's awesome :pinkiehappy:

Also, Applejack's gonna need advice from Bloom :pinkiecrazy:

2763293 Which isn't saying much, given that 95% of the population is female, but eh, why not.

69 likes...my life is complete :pinkiesad2:

It was a fun read, but the grammar errors were a little annoying. You kept using the wrong form of words like there/their/they're and your/you're.

I love this story. It's absolutely adorable. But I noticed, you had the word stared misspelled multiple times. There's only one d. Starred is like starring in a movie or something. Stared is actually staring at someone.


I honestly have no idea why I keep doing that, cause I know better :ajbemused:. I really got to look over these chapters more often :facehoof:.

What do you call it when a two-dimensional object abruptly becomes three-dimensional? I call it the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, but maybe I can add this story to my thesaurus.

The facts are these: Due to Diamond Tiara's interference in the events of Hearts and Hooves Day, we have created an alternate timeline where Big McIntosh and Miss Cheerilee have no feelings for one another and therefore both spend the day alone performing repetitive laborious activities to pass the time. However, that's not the focus of this story. We're focusing on Diamond chasing down Apple Bloom like she's made of candy.

The main idea of this story is the romance between Apple Bloom and Diamond. However, since the romance is caused by the love potion, it's not by any means a serious relationship. Similar to the romance between Big Mac and Miss Cheerilee, it's meant to be seen as humorous rather than provide actual support to the relationship, at least at first. However, once chapter 3 hits and Diamond's saving Apple Bloom from danger, suddenly the humor falls into the abyss and the implications of a real romance appear. It makes the story seem like two stories combined into one: one is cartoony and lighthearted while the other has a tone that's the complete opposite.

The structure of the story works well with the length. The beginning initializes the conflict and sets the tone, then the story continues along the same path for a while until it hits the climax of the timberwolf attack. Finally, we get the resolution and the jovial lead-in to the sequel. The story has its beginning, middle, and ending, and it doesn't go into excessive detail on anything. In other words, the length complements the subject very nicely, and I thought the chapter naming was nice as well.

Characterization is tricky in romance stories, because your characters are guaranteed to have their show-relevant unwonted moments simply due to the romantic nature of the story. Since Diamond's under the effect of the potion, you basically have a free pass to do whatever you want with her, which you definitely cashed in. Silver and Sweetie were the probably the most off in terms of matching up with their canon personalities, but there's no reason they needed to be, especially in a romance story.

The relationship between Apple Bloom and Diamond, at the least the genuine one after the potion wore off, seemed very shaky to me. Apple Bloom had stars in her eyes after being saved by her shining hero, and there's never been any proof that the love potion doesn't carry any lingering effects after it wears off. Combining that with no hints that there was anything before the potion and only implications that the timberwolf attack was after, I'd give the relationship about a week tops before things fell apart. Of course, this is a romantic comedy, so a long-term relationship probably isn't meant to be the result anyway.

Chapter 2 was my favorite section of the story. The implications of a friendship spawning between Silver and Sweetie along with Diamond's Droopy performance and over-the-top lovey-dovey dialogue made it the most entertaining to read. Even though it was the shortest chapter, it probably captured the story's essence best of all.

Concerning the biggest flaw, I'd attribute that to the role of Sweetie, Silver, and Scootaloo. While Scootaloo's role was more comically justifiable since she got distracted and stopped looking, Sweetie and Silver had a great deal of scenes that involved them looking for Apple Bloom and Diamond, but nothing came of their search. Even if they found them, it happened off-screen. Even worse, nothing came of their new friendship as Apple Bloom and Diamond's obligatory romance took over the entire epilogue. I thought there could have been more done with Silver and Sweetie, especially since they had so much focus. Mainly, it just felt a bit like wasted potential.

I could see the benefit of some editing. Little likes like "that would just be embarrass" and "you alread know why I saved you" along with a good number of punctuation and capitalization problems are what I'd suggest watching for most. The errors didn't make it difficult to understand the story, but it's always good practice to see if you can catch them yourself. I would recommend reading the story aloud to help find them more easily.

I'd call this story a cup of jello with fruit in the middle. It starts out jumpy and fun, and then we eventually get to the part with more maturity. Personally, I preferred the jello more since I couldn't identify what the fruit was, but good on you for giving the combination a go.

Make the most!

2771624 Shit that's a long review...bah, I'll just pretend I read it and smile and nod.

lol, but seriously, thanks for the pointers, sadly I actually completely forgot about Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon, heck, didn't even mean for it to seem like a friendship was blooming :applejackconfused:!

Shame, shame on me :flutterrage:!!!!

I never see that much thought put into comments most of the time, especially for shorter stories. It's the responsibility of the reader to share his opinion with the writer, and it's a responsibility I choose to accept.

2772765 Oh trust me, I've seen your reviews from other stories. Honestly you probably make the most helpful reviews, makes me feel kinda honored to get one. I was just joking around a little bit with ya in the last comment, sorry if it came out the wrong way.

The whisk carries more power than the spoon. An author can say whatever he wants in his dimension, and as long as Diamond's the main ingredient, I'll probably want a taste.

...I think that came out more perverted than you intended, or I just have a very dirty mind.

Didn't mean to offend. I personally don't see it.

It takes a lot to offend me, personally, I find it hilarious.

, and as long as Diamond's the main ingredient, I'll probably want a taste.

besides, I just have a dirty mind :ajsmug:

Good story, but there were a lot of spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. Might wanna look over this one and fix 'em. Otherwise, nice! DiamondBloom is adorable. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Thatgamerdud3 deleted Aug 5th, 2013

Also when silver spoon said "lesbian infested town" in my book that's offensive

Plus last part with rarity
I'm a appledash person myself so I don't except rarijack :applejackunsure:

2993502 True, but it is meant to be from Silver Spoon's point of view, and she's not exactly the nicest filly in the world, so it makes sense. We're not meant to like her, after all. :3

Wait, wait! "One of those nights" This has happened before!? :trollestia:


I wrote this because i wanted to write a shipfic, so yes, yes it was.

Silver Spoon sighed as she lifted her milkshake, taking a sip from the straw and enjoying her chocolate milkshake. However one thought wouldn't leave her mind.

Am I the only straight pony in this lesbian infested town?

Nope:eeyup: if we had our way SilverBelles would be ringing.:unsuresweetie:

Me I'm DiamondSpoon shipper :raritywink:

That was very cute. A little rushed and it got sidetracked a few times, it seemed, but incredibly cute! I love Apple Bloom x Diamond Tiara stories, and this was lovely. :heart:


I never seen her as timid, but she is an enigma to me. I'm still experimenting with her personality because I have yet to get a feel for her character. Of all the times I've written Silver Spoon, this is probably my least favorite. I like her in the story, but I like her better in my later ones. Maybe in the future I'll try for a more timid Silver Spoon, maybe then I'll be happy with how I've written her, and if not, well, back to the drawing board.


Thank you, took me hours to come up with that particular joke.

Good job. You had me, "laughing all the way."

It's pretty decent, the situation and the pairing I feel are great starts, but the pacing is a bit too fast and it feels like some paragraphs are missing. Apple Bloom hurting her ankle for example, just sorta happens, you don't establish when or how she just goes straight from dashing through the forest to being hurt. I can get that Apple Bloom probably hurt herself going out the window or tripping on something, but you don't communicate that very well. Also while I like the pairing, Apple Bloom's returning of Diamond Tiara's feelings at the end seemed off in a way I'm having a hard time expressing (So that part might just be me).

And I'm sorry but, Diamond Tiara fighting off 7 Timber Wolves by herself with her bare hooves? That's taking things a bit too far, if they were adults in this story, or she beat them with some kind of trickery or using her small size (Cause she's a filly) to dodge around them or something maybe would work, but as it stands, that just doesn't, sorry.

Aside from that most of the issues are just technical ones like the sentence

and by now that had probably worn off by now.

and a few other similar mistakes.

You definitely have potential as an author so keep it up.


The timberwolf thing was done for comedic value, but ppl just don't find it funny for some reason *shrugs*. Glad you found some enjoyment out of this story,

3953241 I guess I can see that now that you mention it, but I think you might be playing it a bit too straight, I never even realized it was supposed to be funny. Just remember that comedy is one of the hardest things to do, doubly so in text where you don't have tone of voice, so don't feel bad that this one joke kinda fell flat.

So wait. What was the point of having Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo fight if it wasn't going to be resolved?


*note to self, learn how to write a story better :ajsleepy:

4645202 You could always, I don't know, write a sequel to tie up loose ends.

Congratulations! You wrote a story that had me dying of hysteria the whole way through. :rainbowlaugh: Definitely wasn't perfect, it was pretty predictable, there were some pacing issues and grammatical errors, among other things, but any story that manages to keep me laughing the whole way through is good as far as I'm concerned. :twilightsmile: Cough cough Slice of Life and Pinkie Keen cough

Confronting her about it now would just be embarrass!

*Internally Screams*

dat ending do

Am I the only straight pony in this lesbian infested town?

I banged my head on the counter to keep from laughing.... It didnt work.

Temple Fortress is a Canon Martial Artist

Temple Fortress is a Canon Martial Artist.
And you shoulda taken the plot further. Of course I tend to beat the dead horse to literal pulp, so it's easy for me to see where this could go.

please write

* bright, starry eyes and tearing *

A fairly cute little Apple Tiara story. Or is the ship name Diamond Bloom?

Either name's awesome to me, anyway. XD

Keep up the good work. :)

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