• Published 18th Feb 2013
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Apple Bloom's Disastrous Hearts and Hooves Day - Mattricole

The CMC create a love potion for Big McIntosh and Miss Cheerilee, however, Diamond Tiara drinks it by mistake.

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The Most Horrifying Hearts and Hooves Day Ever.

"There just has to be a way to cure this!" Sweetie Belle said out loud as she flipped through the book Twilight gave them earlier that day. After the horrendous incident of Diamond Tiara drinking the love potion by mistake and running off with Apple Bloom who knows where, the two crusaders, plus Silver Spoon, had decided their best bet was to return to the club house and look through the book and find a cure as fast as possible.

"Oh there better be a cure!" Silver Spoon glared, "now keep looking! Who knows what kind of trouble DT's getting into?" she said as she started chewing on her hoofs.

"Oh come on, what's the worst thing that could happen?" Scootaloo whimpered out, not nearly as confident as her statement would lead you to believe, "I mean, who knows, maybe this is for the best?" she smiled nervously, her eyes switching back and fourth between Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon.

"How is this for the best?!" Silver Spoon yelled out, as Scootaloo racked her brain for an answer.

"I got it!" she yelled out with a hoof in the air, "their kids would be adorable!" she offered to a glaring Silver Spoon.

"...They're both mares," she replied blatantly.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Scootaloo scoffed while rolling her eyes.

"...Please tell me you found a cure?" Silver Spoon begged with a face hoof as she started to feel a rather large headache coming on.

"Sorry, this may take awhi-WAIT!" she shouted out as she put a hoof to a page, "I think I got something!" she squeaked out as she read through the article, causing Silver Spoon to sigh in relief, "apparently the only way to cure the effects of the love potion is to make sure Diamond Tiara doesn't make eye contact with Apple Bloom for one hour!"

"Perfect!" Silver Spoon exclaimed as she banged her hooves together, "this'll be easy, Diamond Tiara's always had a short attention span," she smirked, until she heard the other two fillies laughing at her proclamation, "...please don't tell her I said that," she begged with a blush, receiving a nod from both crusaders.

"Come on girls," Scootaloo said as she kicked the door open, "it's time to save Apple Bloom!" she declared, her wings buzzing with excitement as she ran off towards Ponyville.

"...Does she even know where Apple Bloom and DT are?" she asked Sweetie Belle, who shrugged in response.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll catch up to her as soon as she realizes she doesn't know what to do," she said as she lead Silver Spoon out of the club house, "meanwhile, we'll just ask around town and see if anypony's seen Apple Bloom. Hopefully she was able to get away from Diamond, that would really help with keeping them apart," she squeaked, causing Silver Spoon to smile at her.

"You know Sweetie Belle, I like your thinking," she complimented as the two mare's headed off after Scootaloo.

"Okay, ah don't think Diamond Tiara's gonna find me here," Apple Bloom whispered to herself, shivering under her bed like a child hiding from their parents. After the...strange events from earlier, Apple Bloom had decided the best way to tackle her new problem was to hide until it went away. Sure it wasn't the best idea, but it was better than confronting a love struck Diamond Tiara who wouldn't take no for an answer.

At first Apple Bloom thought the best thing to do was to go to her big sister Applejack, the smartest pony in all of Ponyville. However, she quickly dismissed the idea. If Applejack had found out that Apple Bloom concocted a love potion for Big McIntosh and Miss Cheerilee, well, she'd be grounded for months!

"An then ah'd never git mah cutie mark," she whimpered out as she stared at her blank flank, the same one that Diamond Tiara had attempted to lick just before she had gotten away.

"Don't worry my little apple fritter," Diamond Tiara said as she laid her hoof over Apple Bloom's, nuzzling her cheek as she did so, "even if you never get your cutie mark, I will always love you," she said gently with a smile.





"...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Apple Bloom screamed as she crawled from under her bed as fast as she could, and leaping out of the two story high window.

"YOU CANNOT ESCAPE MY LOVE!" Diamond Tiara proclaimed as she too leaped from the window, chasing after Apple Bloom, who had a slight limp from the two story fall, "Apple Bloom, your hurt! LET ME TREAT YOU WITH MY LOVE SCHMOOGIDY DOO!!!" she cried out, only causing Apple Bloom to run faster despite her now bad leg.

However in their haste neither pony realized they had just accidentally entered the Everfree forest.

Author's Note:

The only thing I don't like about this chapter is how short it is. I never end a chapter unless I feel I finished what needed to be seen in said chapter. This usually causes my chapters to grow in size.

...key word being usually.