• Published 26th Jun 2016
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Canterlot High Has A Club About What?! - Enclave2277

After visiting Sunset Shimmer during Spring Break, Sweetie Belle decides to create a naturist club at Canterlot High.

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Wait...You're A What!?

Chapter 2: Discovery

Sweetie instantly sank back into the water and placed her hands over her parts, “Oh my goddess! I-I’m so sorry….Sunset….I…I….” She then began to cough as the water took hold of her lungs.

Sunset walked into the water and took hold of Sweetie, managing to pull the frightened and embarrassed girl out of the water.

“Easy Sweetie, you’ll choke. Let’s get that water out first.” Sunset said patting Sweetie’s back.

With a few coughs, the water she ingested in a fright came up and out of her lungs. Soon Sweetie was breathing fresh air. “Thanks,” She said, “I’m very sorry I trespassed.”

“No, no I understand it’s a hot day.” Sunset soothed, “Come on let’s go inside. I’ll get you a towel.”

“But I’m…” Sweetie started.

“I know, don’t worry about it.”

Sweetie was a bit taken back, but accepted Sunset’s kindness anyway. Sunset helped Sweetie out of the water and into her house. Despite it being a small cabin, Sunset’s house was pretty big on the inside. The living room and kitchen weren't connected by a separating wall. The living room had the log cabin look to it while the kitchen was very modern, even having an island with three stools in front of it.

A stairwell that led to the second floor rested near an L-like wall, the foot of which barely touched the front door. Sweetie also noticed a hamper near the back door that had what seemed to be used towels in it. Sunset disappeared briefly behind the back door and then quickly reappeared with a small towel before placing it on a stool.

“Here, sit on this while I get you a towel to dry off.” Sunset said.

“Thanks Sunset,” Sweetie Belle replied sitting on the stool.

In no time at all, Sunset returned with a large towel which she handed Sweetie Belle. Thankful to finally have something to cover up her indecency, Sweetie wrapped the towel around her body and began to dry off. Not being forgetful, Sunset placed another towel on the island with the intent for it being used for Sweetie’s hair.

“Now, what are you doing here?” Sunset asked with a warm smile.

“I was delivering a dress that Rarity made for you.” Sweetie answered.

“Oh...she finished it already, that’s awesome.” Sunset said.

Sweetie nodded, “It’s out on my bike, let me get it for you.”

But Sunset kept her from moving, “No let me, you stay here and try to collect yourself. Oh before I go out, I take it your clothes are out there too?”

Sweetie Belle, again turning red, nodded, “I put them there so they wouldn’t…”

“I understand, don’t worry. Sit here and dry up while I go get everything.” Sunset said and departed.

Sweetie smiled and her blush began to fade. As Sunset went outside to retrieve Sweetie’s garments, package, and bike, Sweetie looked around again. Despite the very odd transition from the living room to the kitchen, there was one constant. There was plastic, Sweetie guessed it was called cellophane, wrapped over all of the house furniture.

She also noticed several bags of groceries resting near the stairwell. Sunset had probably picked them up before returning home and discovering Sweetie swimming. But Sweetie also noticed something else, a large white trench coat hanging on the coat hook.

“Sweetie Belle!” Sunset called as she walked in, “I have your things.”

Sweetie turned back to the back door to see Sunset walking in with both Sweetie’s clothes and her dress in hands. That lit Sweetie’s face up, “Ermm...thank you, Sunset.”

Sunset smiled, “No problem at all, now you finish drying up and then you can put these on. Would you like anything to eat; I just came back from picking up a lot of supplies.”

“I don’t mean to impose,” Sweetie said, “I mean any more than I already am.”

“Nonsense, I honestly could use the company.” Sunset smiled.

Sweetie smiled again, “Okay then. I guess I could stay.”

“Nice, just give me one moment to change and I’ll be right down.” Sunset said before disappearing upstairs.

Sweetie shifted on the stool, trying to remain comfortable. She rubbed her skin against the towel before grabbing the second one on the table and using it to dry her hair. Sunset was acting weird; there was no getting around that. But Sweetie believed that Sunset was tacitly denying her naked state so that the poor teenager could avoid further embarrassment. And that brought her more comfort. If anything, she could stay naked under the towel for a little while longer if necessary considering Sunset wasn’t going to bring it up.

And it made Sweetie Belle even more comfortable knowing Sunset’s chill mentality because that meant Rarity would never know. There was the question of Rarity though, as she might now be wondering where Sweetie Belle was. Dismounting the stool, Sweetie walked over to her cellphone while keeping the towel around her. With a press of the screen, she was relieved to see no new messages.

“Ah good, she’s not worried.” Sweetie sighed in relief.

“Yeah, I just texted her to let her know you were here.” Sunset said.

Sweetie jumped and spun around. Sunset had again taken her by surprise, but this time Sweetie wasn’t so vulnerable. Plus, she had been so busy worrying about the phone she failed to hear Sunset coming down the steps.

Sunset giggled, “Didn’t scare you again did I?”

“No,” Sweetie grimaced, “I just didn’t hear you come down. Nice outfit.”

Sunset was wearing a sky blue sundress that Sweetie almost swore Rarity had made. “Oh thanks,” Sunset said, “I bought it after my first few weeks here. So what would you like to eat?”

“How did you know that I’m hungry?” Sweetie asked sitting back on the toweled stool.

“After a swim like that I guess anyone would be.” Sunset smiled walking into the kitchen.

Sweetie Belle had to concede that, “Well I guess I could have something to eat, got any cookies?”

“No, but I got the next best thing. Would you like some ice cream?” Sunset asked.

Sweetie nodded again with a smile, “Thanks Sunset.” With a nod, Sunset walked into the kitchen and opened up the freezer. Sweetie shifted on the bar stool again, “So how much of my swim did you see?”

“Not much,” Sunset said, her back still to Sweetie Belle, “Only your underwater swim back to me. By the way that was actually pretty impressive.”

“Oh thanks, Scootaloo and Rainbow taught me a trick about holding my breath.” Sweetie smiled.

“I’m not surprised; those two are always the athletic types. Heck, I think Rainbow taught me a few tricks about staying fit. But I don’t think I’ll ever admit it to her face, it’ll just give her another thing to gloat about.” Sunset smiled pulling out a jug of neapolitan ice cream.

“Don’t worry; I’ll keep your secret safe.” Sweetie giggled.

Sunset laughed, “No real need to but thanks anyway.” After closing the freezer door, she then walked over to a drawer and pulled out an ice cream scoop.

“Speaking of secrets, you’re not gonna tell Rarity what I did are you?” Sweetie asked, now nervous again. Despite the fact that Sunset was making her more comfortable; Sweetie still couldn’t get over the fact that she was naked in someone else’s house, or that Sunset had seen her swim naked, or that she even swam naked in the first place. All of this was a bit mortifying and now Sweetie understood why Rarity was so fixated on being so proper.

But what happened next caught Sweetie off guard.

Sunset laughed, “Oh don’t worry about it. It’ll be our little secret. Besides, in the interest of full disclosure, if you weren’t here I wouldn’t be wearing this dress anyway.”

“Well, that dress is more fitting for someone taking a stroll through the park. It's not really a lounge around the house type of dress.” Sweetie said, trying hard to not sound like Rarity.

Sunset laughed as she scooped out two bowls full of ice cream, “No, I meant I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all.”

“Huh?” Sweetie asked, genuinely confused. But before Sunset could answer, Sweetie understood it. “O-OH! Really, you live here…”

“Naked, yup.” Sunset answered bringing over the ice cream.

Again Sweetie’s face turned red, “Oh you’re one of those….nudists I think they’re called.”

Sunset nodded. “Yup.”

“Wow, that’s weird.” Sweetie said absentmindedly, but then quickly added, “N-not that there’s anything wrong with it!”

Sunset gigged as she ate, “Oh no, don’t worry. I completely understand. Heck, if any of my friends knew about it, they’d be just as weirded out.”

“Wait, they don’t know?” Sweetie asked as she took a spoon full of her ice cream.

Sunset gave Sweetie an amused look and Sweetie soon understood why. She at least knew that Rarity would instantly take a disliking to that idea, though it was tough for her to see both Applejack and Rainbow being receptive to it. Fluttershy might have if Sunset explained it the right way, and Pinkie would probably be the only one who'd be okay with it. Still, it was a bit shocking that only Sweetie was aware of this part of Sunset Shimmer.

“Must be tough for you.” Sweetie said.

Sunset waved her arm. “Besides, most ponies back home normally didn’t wear clothing, so it was tough for me to get used to humans and their clothed lifestyle.”

Sweetie nodded, “I think I understand the whole culture shock thing. We had a kid in our class move in from another country that greeted everyone by kissing their cheeks; took him a while to get used to the idea that we greet each other with handshakes.”

“It’s kind of like that,” Sunset smiled.

Sweetie took another bite of her ice cream. “Must be an interesting experience.”

“Nah, there's really nothing to it. I cook, clean, watch TV, and sometimes swim naked. I really don’t think it’s any different from what everyone else does.” Sunset answered.

“But you’re naked.” Sweetie commented.

“After a while you don’t notice it. I will say this though: I do feel a little disappointed when I have to leave and put something on.” Sunset giggled. “In the interest of keeping secrets.”

“Really?” Sweetie asked, “I can imagine. So do you fully dress before leaving?”

“Well, to be honest, if I’m not going to someplace like school or work, or if I’m hanging with the crew, I just put that trench coat over me. Easy way to hide,” Sunset answered.

Sweetie was impressed. “That’s very brave of you Sunset.”

“Nah it’s really nothing, especially when no one is the wiser.” Sunset smiled and took another bite of her ice cream.

Sweetie smiled. Sunset seemed to be very proud, and was far braver than Sweetie ever pegged her for. She was actually going out into the town with nothing but a trench coat on, which could easily come undone at any time. Something that Sweetie couldn’t ever do, especially considering she nearly drowned when Sunset caught her skinny dipping. But suddenly she felt slightly uncomfortable.

“Hey Sunset,” Sweetie piped up. “I was actually wondering, are you uncomfortable with me right now?”

“What do you mean?” Sunset asked in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Well, since I’m over I’m kinda forcing you to wear that dress…” Sweetie said, shifting in her seat.

It took a moment for Sunset to fully understand what Sweetie was asking, “OH, um well not really. Besides I’m actually wearing this thing more for you than for me.”

Sweetie became concerned, “No you really don’t have too.”

“Sweetie Belle, look at you. You’re still wrapped up tight in that towel and still coming out of the shock you went through about twenty minutes ago.” Sunset said evenly. She wasn’t talking sternly or sisterly to Sweetie Belle like Rarity would, but more of a good friend. “And plus you’re more uncomfortable than I am right now. That’s why I didn’t ask or acknowledge you being naked in the lake when I found you."

Sweetie had to give her that. Despite her sudden discomfort at inconveniencing Sunset, she was still in a very compromising position. She too was naked, wrapped in a towel, and sitting in Sunset’s house. Any other situation she’d be too embarrassed to even move. But Sunset did do a great job of dispelling her embarrassment by moving onto other topics. And that had calmed her down.

“So…is it really that boring being a nudist?” Sweetie asked.

“Well,” Sunset said in-between bites of her ice cream. “Depends on what you define as boring. Nudity isn’t about sex, if that’s what you’re thinking. But there are ways you can have fun being naked.”

“How so?” Sweetie asked.

Sunset smiled. “The place to start would be that there are certain beaches and clubs designed solely for nudists. And there, people either can relax, dance, or play whatever sport is present.”

“Like going to a resort?” Sweetie asked.

“That’s actually a perfect description. Plus there are ways of skirting around the law.” Sunset said. “But that’s more in regards to being an exhibitionist rather than nudist.”

“So this is what you are at home?” Sweetie asked. “Have you ever thought about just going out and around naked?”

Sunset laughed slightly before dropping her head. “I would actually enjoy all the summer days naked, both home and around the town. But you know about decency laws Sweetie Belle, and besides, not many people can distinguish sex from nudity. That being said, from the safety of my four walls, I am quite content.”

Before Sweetie could comment, she thought back to how she got herself into this predicament. If it wasn’t for her mind thinking about those naughty magazines, she would never have taken off her underwear to go swimming. And while it may be a slightly innocent way, if suddenly people were allowed to go around naked, imagine what raging hormones would do.

“I can see your point. But,” Sweetie started, “Do you have many friends in your…I don’t know what’d you call it…?”

“Nudist Community, and a few, none really close by though.” Sunset lamented.

Sweetie sighed, “I know that feeling.” She was quiet for a moment, and then she began to think. Sunset was, up until the time of the fall formal, a bully with little friends. Now that she was reformed, she had made some very huge steps to redemption. And yet her friends still didn’t know about this fundamental part of her life. Sweetie took another bite of her ice cream, feeling a little upset about Sunset’s predicament. Sunset, despite all she gained, was still alone in many regards.

Now Sweetie wished she wasn’t so harsh to Sunset before the Battle of the Bands. Silence took over between the two of them as they silently ate. Sweetie was now dry from her swim around the lake. But for some reason, Sweetie didn’t exactly have a desire to put her clothing back on. That being said, the day was getting late and she did want to get home. Plus she was feeling like she was slightly overstaying her welcome, especially when she finished her ice cream.

“Alright I think I’m dry now.” Sweetie said.

“Okay, you gonna head home now?” Sunset asked.

Sweetie nodded, “Might as well.”

Sunset nodded and took Sweetie’s bowl. Sweetie got up and began to head towards the door.

“Uhh, Sweetie…” Sunset started, “You’re forgetting something.”

Sweetie froze for a moment and realized exactly what she meant. She was still wrapped in the towel, and underneath she was nude. Plus, her clothes were resting on the couch, which was a good several feet away. Sunset stood there near the sink smiling at Sweetie Belle, but more of a playful smile than a mean one.

“Oh, right,” Sweetie smiled and walked over to get her clothes, “Do you mind if I get dressed right here?”

“Nope, I’ll keep my back turned.” Sunset said respectfully.

Sweetie at least felt thankful for that. Despite her underlying desire, she would’ve felt all kinds of awkward if she allowed Sunset to watch her dress. She shed the towel and stood in the middle of Sunset's house naked. But before she put on her undergarments, she took the moment in. And in her honest opinion, it wasn’t that bad. Maybe it was something she could attempt. Regardless, she was on a bit of a clock and soon began getting dressed.

Once she was decent enough, she said. “Okay Sunset, you’re good.”

Sunset turned around and looked at Sweetie. “Okay. Sweet.”

“I’m gonna get going now,” Sweetie smiled. “Thanks for letting me hang out. And also, thanks for being so…understanding.”

“It was wonderful talking to you Sweetie Belle,” Sunset smiled and waved as Sweetie walked out.

As the young girl got onto her bike, Sweetie noticed that the heat broke and was now starting to cool down. That meant the ride home was going to be much better than the ride over. But as she lifted the stand and pedaled off, she couldn’t help but feel she was abandoning Sunset back to her secret life. Then again, Sunset’s secret life wasn’t a secret to Sweetie anymore, and from what she had experienced it was actually kinda cool. Maybe Sweetie Belle would test it out, once she knew Rarity was out of the house.