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I'm a brony, if you hadn't figured that out yet; I have a rather dry sense of humor, and I love writing. Past Sins and The Empty Room inspired me to start writing fanfics. Goal: Feature Box or bust!


One thousand years ago, before she became a Changeling or a Queen, a simple walk in the park in the Unicornian village of Trotsky takes a turn for the unexpected for Chrysalis, Bearer of the Element of Generosity, when she stumbles upon a crowd intent on the killing of a Changeling.

Prequel of Fallen Kindness, set before that universe diverges into AU territory.

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May not want to tell people about the lynch mob and what happens afterwards.


Excellent point. Description edited accordingly. Not entirely certain what I was thinking with that...

Me like. Me fave. Me give thumbs-up.:twilightsmile:


Me like you for faving AND giving thumbs-up :twilightsmile:

Nice. Even if it was short, there are some nice details about the world.

Fantastic story, thanks for writing :twilightsmile:

I think there was one grammar mistake near the beginning, but I don’t remember where, and I also don’t care. This story is GOOD.

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