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I'm a brony, if you hadn't figured that out yet; I have a rather dry sense of humor, and I love writing. Past Sins and The Empty Room inspired me to start writing fanfics. Goal: Feature Box or bust!

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Two thousand years ago, the three suns of the Centauri system were locked in a struggle for the control of their world, Domhan; in the end, one was killed, one redeemed, and one sealed away forever. Two thousand years later, in the aftermath of Rainbow Dash's disastrous birthday party, a strange celestial visitor has come with some shocking news for Twilight Sparkle - she is the reincarnated soul of the star Alpha Centauri...and she's coming back immediately to resume her duties as co-Queen.

Rainbow Dash, struggling with the resurrected phantom of one of her past lives inadvertently released by the visitor, is nonetheless determined to rescue her friend, no matter the cost to herself - but what chance does one pony have against the might of a star? Entangled in the plans of a dangerous third party, she chases Twilight into another world filled with kelpies and wolves and terrifying remnants of the War of Nightmares, in the belief that she needs to be rescued...and that she even wants to come home again at all.

Approved by Twilight's Library!

I've been told it starts off slow but gets much better as it progresses. Enjoy!

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One thousand years ago, before she became a Changeling or a Queen, a simple walk in the park in the Unicornian village of Trotsky takes a turn for the unexpected for Chrysalis, Bearer of the Element of Generosity, when she stumbles upon a crowd intent on the killing of a Changeling.

Prequel of Fallen Kindness, set before that universe diverges into AU territory.

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A thousand years ago, the Elements of Harmony began to drift apart after Discord's fall; each Bearer in turn was corrupted, and fell, until only Sunny Skies - Celestia - remained untainted. That's what should have happened - and what did.

A thousand years ago and a timeline away, however, Sunny Skies was a bit more flexible when Chrysalis Fell...and realized that maybe the Element of Generosity hadn't fallen far enough to not be followed.

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In an Equestria divided by Luna's Mistake, centuries ago, a chance encounter in the Palace Archives late at night ends with Twilight forced into a new world hidden beneath the old. With a conjunction of stars approaching that could let the exiled Princess return to her nation, Twilight must do her part to help her new friends triumph and restore harmony.

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