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I'm a brony, if you hadn't figured that out yet; I have a rather dry sense of humor, and I love writing. Past Sins and The Empty Room inspired me to start writing fanfics. Goal: Feature Box or bust!


In an Equestria divided by Luna's Mistake, centuries ago, a chance encounter in the Palace Archives late at night ends with Twilight forced into a new world hidden beneath the old. With a conjunction of stars approaching that could let the exiled Princess return to her nation, Twilight must do her part to help her new friends triumph and restore harmony.

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Interesting. Please continue.

A bit of work has just been done on what I've published here - I fixed an error that put all of chapter 2's last few paragraphs in italics, and there will be no more chapter names. They are annoyingly difficult to come up with; the already-uploaded chapters have been retitled to match this.

Thanks for reading, all those who have so far - I'll be putting up chapter 3 as soon as I finish formatting it! I'm glad some people enjoyed it!

Well this has certainly caught my eye. Faved, and looking forward to more.

Aaaaaand here's chapter four! Updates on weekdays may not be as often as I have been putting them up, but I type almost non-stop during my free time, so that would basically just mean a big lump of updates come Friday. Hopefully, that can be avoided.

Interesting so far can't wait to read how Celestia will react when she learns that twilight has been turned.

I enjoy this story immensely. The richness you've put into the Night pony existence is wonderful, and I can already see an ersatz Pinkie Pie. I hope you continue this.


Glad you enjoy it! I've got enough buffered on my computer that this story should have a few more updates, even if I stopped writing new stuff completely - which of course won't be happening, as Starshine has made this fun to write again :pinkiehappy:

Weekday chapter! And I see I've gotten my first dislikes on this story, which I assume - in the absence of remarks telling me what horrible grammar errors or character manglings I've performed - are due to Shining Armor making an appearance as a main character last chapter. If I'm wrong, please let me know what I'm doing wrong! Criticism is welcome :twilightsmile:

thumbing up due to the muse of the story however I think i'll just sit this one out.

i hope you get over the block soon^^
and btw please dont post such announcement near april 1. it is hard to tell if you are joking or not


Yeah, I just realized the date. Derp.

Well, I can assure everyone that this is actually on hiatus, and this announcement was not a joke :twilightblush: Sorry!

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