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Hello and welcome, I'm ATSF Asbel, and I'm a diehard train buff. Yes, half my username is dedicated to the "Santa Fe", route of the Super Chief and a vital artery of commerce in the American Southwest. I grew up on the ATSF 4th District, railfanning its passenger and freight services (It's all Amtrak, Metrolink, and BNSF--the result of a merger between the Burlington Northern and the Santa Fe back in 1995), which is better known as the "Pacific Surf Line".

Aside from railfanning, I work on Microsoft Train Simulator--my current project is the 500-mile line from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Here's a quick sample video:

As much as I do like the Santa Fe, I'm into other roads--US Lines such as Southern Pacific or Union Pacific, pretty much any Austrailian railway line or network, and a multitude of fictional lines--among them the EqGRwy, my interpretation of the Equestrian rail network. which is loosely a hybrid of the 1920s Santa Fe and New South Wales Government Railways.


Long introductions aside, this group is a hangout for railway enthusiasts--brought together by ponies, writing, and trains. Feel free to post your fanfics, ask for constructive criticism / advice on your works, or even just to hang out and chat.


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