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Finding Signal 4220 · 5:02pm Oct 16th, 2012

Okay, so my first fanfiction actually has some real-life components. No, not that I "saved" someone from getting hit by a train (though the stories of several Soshies in the seaside town of San Clemente would say otherwise), or that I ever witnessed such a feat, but rather in setting.

Signal 4220 exists. It exists in several fragments, but it exists nonetheless.

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259358 his avatar is actually the unit from Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California. hope that helps :)

Your avatar is the unit at the Illinois Railway Museum, right? Or is there one in California and/or operating that I don't know about?

Ah, you're very welcome! :yay:

And yes, that is an FP45. OERM #98 to be precise, one of my all-time fave locomotives. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you very much for the Fave of The Youth in the Garden, as your doing so means that my attempt o commemorate a life and a battle worked to some small degree.

On a less somber note... loving your avatar! That's a FP45, I take it?:twilightsmile:


Np! ^.^ Fluttermac shippers on this site are so rare... (well, ones that write, anyways...)

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