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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!

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In the Ponyville Railyard, towards the back, in a old siding by themselves, sit 6 old hopper cars filled with gray gravel. The cars are rusty, the letters on them having faded long ago. The cars have not been touched in ages, and seemingly serve no purpose. Scootaloo aims to find out why the cars are there, and what purpose they serve. Now she wishes that she'd left well enough alone, because when something has been abandoned, there's always a reason behind why it was........

(This is my first foray into the world of MLP horror stories, so hopefully this goes well)

Featured as of 5/4/22?!:pinkiegasp: Holy cow. Thank you everypony!:yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

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This story is a sequel to Beyond the Express

Immediately following her dream of time travel, Twilight tells her husband Don all about the machine that she'd seen, and how she believed that it could be built. Don still doesn't fully believe her, but at her insistence, he contacts Jim Bender, the Chief Engineer of the Battleship Express, and tells him all about his wife's idea on how they could return to Earth. Jim is able to produce rudimentary blueprints, and now with the goal of returning to Earth long enough to see the end of WW6, the Crew of the Battleship Express get to work on the brand new machine.

In spite of shortcomings, failures to meet deadlines, and PLENTY of mechanical troubles, the rudimentary machine is FINALLY completed, before being placed inside of the old pillbox located on the front of the Big Boy 4009, just above the front cowcatcher. The device is then linked to DELCI, as well as the rest of the Big Boy's systems, and once the crew and the rest of Battalion 4009 are ready, they then try to return to Earth. However, something goes horribly wrong.

Due to a severe malfunction, the machine, dubbed "Oddball" not only fails to send the Battleship Express back to Earth, but it also sends them back to the Imperial War, before breaking down! However, all is not as lost as it seems. Seeing an opportunity to change the future by making it better, the crew make decisions that have IMMENSE consequences in the future. Unable to repair Oddball by themselves, the crew head back to the future, only to find that the future is not the same anymore!

They arrive back in Ponyville, but it's not the same Ponyville that they left. Sure, they ended the Imperial War with fewer casualties, ensured that King Danin and his followers died at Bryerton, and Leopard ensured that Sombra's spirit didn't escape from him, but at the cost of the ENTIRE 5 years of their lives after the Imperial War! Leopard never married Spitfire or Daring Do, and Dash seemingly broke up with him after a falling out. Alex was also asked to leave by Applejack, and he and Leopard were very sad. To make matters worse, once they arrived in this strange new future, Oddball breathed its last, before exploding, and burning to a crisp!

Now, trapped in a new and different future, the crew of the Battleship Express must figure out a way to fix the damage that they caused, and get their timeline back on track. However, this may not be possible. All actions have consequences, and sometimes, once something's broken, there's just no way to fix it.

This story is a Sequel to "Beyond the Express", and contains violence, language, combat scenes, time travel, the Battleship Express, and ANOTHER wild adventure! No sex this time, and no mentions of it either. Just another story of mine, a short one maybe, but one that is VITAL for what's coming next!

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December 5th, 1945.

A day that the world forever remembers as the day that Flight 19, a squadron of TBF Avenger torpedo bombers disappeared off the coast of Florida. Their disappearance was the spark that ignited the fire of one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time, as well as a name for one of the most mysterious places on Earth, the Bermuda Triangle. Ever since Flight 19's disappearance, many people have tried and failed to uncover the truth of what happened on that fateful day. All have failed. All that is, until the leader of Flight 19, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, decided to tell his story....

Come along for the ride of a lifetime! Join Lt. Taylor as he struggles to adjust in a strange new world, makes new friends, finds true love, and even helps defeat an evil she-villain!

Note: This story begins in the year 1945, roughly 62 years before the events of MLP FIM start, which was in the Earth-Year 2006. (Yes, I know that it was 2010. However, their story BEGAN in 2006, it wasn't TOLD until 2010, when....well....I'm getting WAY too far ahead of myself!)

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