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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!


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Great story so far. I am happy to see that the 3985 still exists as well. By any chance does the UP 844 still exist in the story as well? and will it be making an appearence?

NIce new story and chapter so far, I can't wait to see how the rest of the crew take to down time now, though with the Futa's on this world I wonder what will happen with Equestria now, not to mention how will the Equestria Humans react to finding out there are Futa's there now.

Typical furry "story" with the research/understanding of your average COD squeaker.

Hello Thunderchild14,

And yeah, I just couldn't resist putting UP 3985 into this story. However, I also mentioned UP 4014 still existing as well. I never really thought about UP 844 though, but now that I have, I can see it working closely with 4014 in what's going to come in this story's sequel. It won't make an appearance in this story, but it will be mentioned.

However, in the sequel, you've just given me a great idea. 4014 and 844 will both be having major roles. Thanks for the inspiration!

Also in this story, SP Daylight 4449 will be in this story, as it now pulls the war train "Wabash Cannonball".

Hello Dusk Star Shine,

And I can tell you that it will be VERY interesting. This story won't contain any outright warfare, as both sides are still building up their forces, and don't know that the other exists, yet. Eventually, towards the end of the story, Demetria and Carla, while out exploring, find us. I won't spoil what happens next, only that it will be very interesting.

Let's just say that this story, is the calm before the storm!

(Also, please tell your sister, Gleaming Shield, that I said hi. I'm kind of a pretty big fan! Also, if she's single, just tell her that ScarFox is available! (shoot, I shouldn't have said that!) )

Hello Hamster_Master,

and how lovely, a comedian/troll/hater. Let me explain myself. Back in "Battleship Express, I said that we were humans, but with some wolf-like features, including ears, tails, and paws. these were due to a failed super-soldier experiment.

Later on, some of them begin to gain Pony-like features, due to them having to be given pony genetics to save their lives.

Now, for this story, why do the Futas have these features? Simple, the magic of Equestria changes people, and I'm actually a pretty big fan of Anime cat-girls! I just wanted to sneak a reference into this story. A sort of Easter egg.

It's not a "Furry story", and I do a LOT of research on the background of weapons, technology, steam engines, and other games before and while I write. I'm not a COD Squeaker, I'm a Fallout/WOWT Player!

>Well...you're just a troll/hater
Clever response. Haven't heard that before. Your "research" is lacking (seems to be pulled from TV and movies) and the furry "appeal"...I'll just leave my red thumb and go.

Hello Hamster_master,

Well, thanks for the compliment, I guess. Also, I do most of my research online actually.

And lastly, at least you were respectful with just saying that you didn't like this story. I respect that. Not everypony is no nice. And I'm sorry that you don't like this story. It's not everypony's cup of tea. But, you can't win em' all, so I guess that I'll just leave it at that.

OH, I can't wait to see what Sombra does when he see's the Caribou are there with the Futa's, also I bet he will inform them of who the humans that defeated the Caribou and Zebra are when he meets their Queen.

Hello Star Dusk Shine,

and Sombra already knows. His whole plan hinges on deceiving Face, as well as Stacy. As I stated in the chapter, his plan is to get Face to woo Stacy, before having them both plot to overthrow Empress Demetria. Then, once the New Futa Empire is fully complete and up and running, Stacy would overthrow Demetria, and with Face by her side, and Sombra behind them both, they would declare war on both Equestria, and the Humans.

He knows the connections, but the time is not yet right to strike. The Futas are still trying to rebuild, retool, and rearm. Face is still trying to woo Stacy. Plus, if they found out for THEMSELVES that the Humans that the Caribou mentioned, and the Humans that they fought in WW6 were one and the same, there anger and hatred levels, would be that much higher! And the more hatred and bloodshed, the stronger Sombra would become.

Also, like I stated in the chapter, although Futas are largely evil, a few Hermaphrodites, Like Demetria and Carla, are just the opposite. Empress Demetria envisions a world where Humans and Futas can live side by side on equal footing. And Carla had a son with Leopard, and wants him to know about it. They both love Humans, especially males, and it's others like Stacy who seek to do away with Humanity all together. When war does come, (in this story's sequel!) it will be a war from all sides, as bullets, as well as ideologies, clash on the field of battle.

Loving the sequel so far, can wait for Leopard and Demetria to meet again.

Hello congiwolf,

And yes, they will meet again in this story, HOWEVER, while Demetria recognizes, Leopard, he doesn't recognize her. She uses magic to disguise herself as a mare, and Leopard doesn't recognize her. This scene will happen towards the end of the story, and it helps to set up this story's finale, which will then play into the next, and possibly FINAL sequel.

That story, "Battleship Express: Back in Action", covers events as the Futas clash with the Equestrians and the Humans in one final, epic showdown. I won't spoil anything else yet, but I hope that it does sound interesting!

i truly fell in love with the first one and im falling in love with this one! keep it up!

Hello The Dark Prince,

And I'm glad that you not only liked "Battleship Express", but also "Beyond the Express" as well. However, when this story ends, at least one more will be written, "Battleship Express: Back in Action." In that story, WW6 happens all over again as the Futas clash with the Humans and Equestrians in one final, epic showdown.

Hello Starscribe,

And I just re-read this entire chapter, and I could barely find a single "um". Does this mean that I'm doing better? Or do I still need to improve?

Isn't it obvious filthy filthy riches wife did it:pinkiegasp:

Hello rjohns,

And I don't know, you'll just have to wait and see! I've been planning this scene for a while now, and now, the time has FINALLY come to execute it. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that it will actually be slightly comical.

Nice chapter, though timeline wise I don't understand why you didn't do Leopard's first?

Hello conigwolf,

And I did this, kinda because I could. I felt that I myself, (Leopard) since I am the author/storyteller, I should let the others have their fun first. I then drew up my list, and I decided to let Don go first, then Alex, Todd, Dan and Cole, Andy, and THEN me! The others will have their fun first, and THEN I come into the story again! Oh sure, I'll be around in these other chapters, but for the time being, it's their time to shine.

Sweet new chapter, glad all the Mane 6 are getting married to some of the humans from the Battleship Express, I can't wait to see the other weddings too. So how long until the Golden Oaks Library get's blown up by Tierk or will that not happen in the time line in your story?

Hello Dusk Star Shine,

And the Library getting blown up doesn't happen in this timeline. In this timeline, Twilight also never becomes an Alicorn, and instead just remains a Unicorn. And it's not that I dislike Alicorn Twilight, but it was just how I decided to put the story together.


I see, so she still has her Element of Harmony then and what about Sunset Shimmer, will she be appearing in this story at all?

Hello Dusk,

And yes, Twilight is still the bearer of the Element of Magic. Although, no, Sunset won't be appearing in the story.

Sweet new chapter, AJ and Alex get married now, only a few more of the Mane 6 to go and all of them will be married off then, any chance that any of the Humans will go after Celestia or Luna too?

Hey Dusk,

And yeah, only 4 more weddings to go before the rest of the Mane 6 are married. However, Cadence is married to Shining Armor, and as for Celestia and Luna, no, no human will be marrying them. At least, not in THIS timeline!

Hello again Starscribe,

And yes, there are "um"s, HOWEVER, I did this on purpose! Think about it for a second. This is Fluttershy, a shy, and nervous mare. I stated in the chapter that Todd was the same way. This was done on purpose, just to show how shy and nervous that they were. Nothing more. This chapter is the ONLY one where I still put "ums" into it, and even then, it was just to prove a point!

That was a AWESOME chapter, I didn't think Andy would have been one to work on cloths or to have his own store back on Earth and now has reopened it here in Equestria, this is GREAT, I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter when you have it ready.

Hey Dusk, and I'm glad that you liked it. It took me a while to plan this one out, and due to timing issues, almost 2 WEEKS to write it! It was a long time coming, but I'm glad that it was worth the wait!

And yeah, when I picked Andy to be paired with Rarity, I knew that he was going to have to be someone who was into clothes, at least, to an extent. This is how I decided on him being a tailor in a past life, and making his own clothing line.

Oh, and don't you worry, the next few chapters, will be ALL about Leopard, and his relationship with Dash, and Spitfire! I KNOW that it'll be great, so don't miss them!

Great new chapter, but the part near the beginning about time being effected still has me a little stumped.

Hey Dusk,

And I do mention this in “Battleship Express”, as Leopard, as well as Don, both mention the wars lasting for nearly 27 years, but yet, they only lasted from 2018-2029, and none of them really aged at all. A few theories were put forwards, but yet, the final answer still remains unclear, as it will always be.

*Slow Methodical Clapping* Bravo good sir. I must say i like how you wrapped up the current timeline in a neat little bow. I am intrigued to see what comes in the future though personally i wasn't a fan of the romance parts. Not your fault I guess i got used to romance on the battlefield from other stories and your earlier work i must have spoiled myself. Good luck on the future of the series i see it going places. All you need now is a audio series to boost it at this rate

Hello Sanguine Blade,

and I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter. I've been saving up for this for a while, as it was HIGH TIME that I revealed who Leopard was, and where he came from.

Also, don't let the lull here fool you. Once the chapters about the weddings are done by Chapter 14, Chapter 15 will be about PTSD issues, as well as what happened to Dactyl, Stuggs, and Rodin after the war, as well as the final fates of the former Caribou and Zebra lands. The NEXT chapter though, will be VERY interesting, as it involves the Wabash Cannonball, as well as a few family members of the crew of the Battleship Express. I won't spoil anything yet, but just know that this story, WILL have some interesting action in it towards the very end, that WILL set up the final confrontation between the Battleship Express crew and the Equestrians, and the Futas in this story's sequel. "Beyond the Express" is just the calm before the storm, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Sweet new Chapter and great wedding for Leopard and Dash there, cool that Scootaloo caught the 'bouquet' while Soarin caught the 'garter' like that.

Hey Dusk,

And if you liked this chapter, just wait until you see the next one! I've decided to add another chapter that takes place between my weddings to Dash and Spitfire, and what happens within will be considered CRITICALLY important to the story's sequel! I won't spoil anything yet, but let's just say that for Leopard's birthday, Dash gives him something to remember, and that "something" will be his future 3rd wife!

Damn that was a great surprise, Daring Do being a THIRD mare that will marry Leopard, this just keeps getting better and better, I can't wait to see how Spitfire and Daring's wedding will go. Of course there is still more that you can do, like maybe the Futa's might hear about the Humans that are in Equestria and try to get in touch with them after all.

Holy Shit, first he banged Daring Do, after that he got his wife Rainbow Dash and fucked her in front of them, then he got to Spitfire and did her too but not at full power if I had to guess from how you worded it. Got to say man this story is coming along great, I just can't wait to see what you have planned next for the other humans of the Battleship express.

Hey Dusk,

And Spitfire's wedding happens in Chapter 15, and Chapter 16 will be all about his, Dash's, and Spitfire's honeymoon. Daring's wedding will take place later on in the story, just after Daring takes Leopard with her on an adventure/quest to find the Lunar Shrine of Romance.

Oh, and the Futas finding us? It DOES happen. Eventually, Demetria gets tired of not knowing what lies beyond the Undiscovered West, so one day, she, as well as Carla, and her son, Leo, all leave to see what they can see. Unknown to them, Stacy follows along as well. Eventually, they wind up in Las Pegasus, with all of them having some SERIOUS deja vu! They also create disguises for themselves, so that they would blend in with the Ponies. From there, they make it to Canterlot, where, for the first time in years, they see Iron Glory! Then, they learn about the Humans, and upon hearing about the Imperial War Museum, they buy tickets on the train to ponyville, as does Stacy. When they arrive, they DO meet us face to face, and chaos ensues! I don't want to spoil anything else, but this chapter will be one of the last chapters in the story, and it will be VITAL to set up the sequel.

Hey Dusk,

And pretty much, yeah. Leopard made a promise to Dash that on her wedding night, he would take it all the way with her, and show her his FULL capabilities. However, Dash wanted to wait a bit longer, as at the same time, she was planning the deal with Daring Do. When she saw Daring get it, and it left her a drooling, practically brain-dead mess, she still decided to try it. However, if Daring, and action/adventure hero couldn't handle it, what chance did she stand? Well, long story short, when Spitfire saw what Dash and Daring looked like in the aftermath of being taken all the way, she said that she didn't want it!

Most of the other Humans take a backseat role until Chapter 17, which talks not only about their PTSD, but also what happened to the captured Caribou and Zebras, and how they were taken to Equestria to face trial. From there, there's only a few more chapters until the end of the story. Don't worry though, this story WILL end on a high-note, just like "Battleship Express" did!

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Hello Thunderchild14,

And I'm glad that you're enjoying the story so far, and hang on, the story is STILL going to have some majorly action-packed scenes!

Awesome, now Leopard's married to two Hot Sexy Pegasus Mares, once he's got Daring then he's got the full sex of sexy Pegasus Mares around and those that are thrill seekers, Military and Adventures. Also I can't wait to see how this wedding will be put into A. K. Yearlings next book when she writes it into the book.

Hey Dusk,

And I may have implied this, but "Yearling" actually only said that to have an excuse for being there. She wanted to be at Leopard and Spitfire's wedding, but yet, she needed an excuse to, so she said that she would use it for inspiration.

HOWEVER, for her own wedding, look no further than the upcoming chapter, "Leopard X Daring!" Also, this chapter will contain a HUGE adventure that involves them looking for the Lunar Shrine of Romance, where......I don't want to spoil anything, but yet, remember Life saying that she WOULD get revenge on Leopard in this chapter? Well, THAT comes into play here! And from that point onward, one event just kickstarts another!

Are the trials going to be like the ones from the Nuremberg trials from Germany in World War II and also are the ambassadors from the dragons the Griffins in a minute or is going to be there too and what about the diamond dogs are they going to be there too

This is getting exciting! I can't wait for future chapters!

Hello rjohns,

And yes, they will be something like the Nuremberg Trials. However, as I stated previously, the Griffons, Diamond Dogs, Dragons, and Minotaurs that fought with the Caribou broke away from their home nations.

Almost all of the Diamond Dogs died in the Battle of Las Vegas, and the few who did survive surrendered, and helped out in the Battle of Breyerton by digging tunnels for the good guys. They’ll still stand trial, but their chances of survival are good. All Minotaurs and Dragons died in the war, and the captured Griffons will be placed on trial alongside the Caribou and Zebras as well.

Also, Ambassadors from the Griffon Kingdom will be there too.

Hello Thunderchild14, and I’m glad that you’re enjoying the story so far. Hang on, as the action is NOT over yet, but merely in a bit of a lull.

Hello Thunderchild14,

And thanks! And yes, Chapter 17 is in the works as we speak, although it may end up being a day or so longer. It'll be interesting though, TRUST me!

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