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I like guns and MLP. Isn't that wierd?


The Battle of the Blanks is over, the Blood Hooves are no more. The curse has been lifted and Equestria is safe once more. Or is it? Konrad Ford has survived the battle but is now the "Last Human" in Equestria. As the ponies have mistakenly thought he perished, he shows up once more, attracting more than just the attention of the ponies. Soon everypony will want answers about Humanity's past and knowledge, all expecting Konrad to tell them the great secrets of Humanity, a lot of which he'll have to lie through his teeth.

With all the attention on him, isolation from his home, and more renegade approach than what ponies would consider acceptable, will he integrate successfully into Equestrian society? Will he continue to win the heart of Luna or another mare, Humanity's biggest fan...Lyra. Or will he fall to chaotic influence of Discord and forget the lessons of the show he loves so much?

The aftermath may prove to be a great beginning for Equestria or perhaps it's demise.

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4462932 I have to truly say after reading your stuff, I think you have the best characterization I've ever seen, everypony is perfect in their mannorisms

4462949 I try my best to keep in character. The background ponies such as the "flower" sisters I have more room with since they aren't really expanded but they seem to be a bit like the gossipy easy to panic types.

4462994 Is Berry Punch the third one? I know colgate, and Lyra, but who's the third

4463006 No, it's Lily, Roseluck, and Daisy.

4463014 OH!!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I thought you were talking about the Bride's mares from Cadance and Shining's wedding


Huh, I had actually forgotten about Discord. Will he ever release Celestia's parents?

That. Was. Amazing. But, Konrad is going to get raped...

I'm very eager to read the new chapters. This story instantly brightened up my day! :pinkiehappy:

Wow "Japaneighs instructor!" had me LOLing for a while!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: That was a stroke of pure genius!:twilightsmile:

You sir deserve :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: Out of :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Awwww Yeah! Round two! :rainbowkiss:

Are you going to be able to update more often now?

amusing for the sequel to come out now, but from what I can tell... Konrad is really going to have quite the interesting life in ponyvile. Though I'm going to want to see not only how the town reacts, but also Lyra and the possible incoming Luna glomp. :pinkiehappy: I really do hope Luna does end up doing that too but that will be something for you to decide on.

Don't worry, Luna will save him from Lyra.

I'll show him my karate skills I learned from my Japaneighs instructor!"


4464280 I think Lyra would kill to get her hooves on him! I'm seriously scared for him.

Is the award part from The Mask?:unsuresweetie:

I am Chaos hear me roar

Lannisters 5ever.

4464916 Go away, non-believer. Lannisters 5ever.

No spoilers, plz. I'm not finished with book two.

4464963 Okay person whose either a girl or boy.

4464977 In the internet no one suspects you're a dog. No one.

4464988 Also I was making a joke.

You forget ..............:ajbemused:

I think Pinkie's going to be the Chekhov's Gun(man) :fluttershbad:

The never ending dream shall awaken
and so the darkness shall lose its way.
Surely, your love shall once more protect
and the blackness shall wither away and die.

Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

Sequel! Now more of it! :pinkiehappy:


Atta boy dud, your sequel is very good so far

well shit now I know there is a sequel.

4464296 Konrad better kick her ass......she's a real b@cth.

Comment posted by Flint deleted May 30th, 2014

GAH Mͬ̈́͗̿͐̑ͭ̊͊̏ͤͥ̔̍́ͨ̚̚͏̶͇͖̦͕̝̺̬́̀͞O̅̓͒ͪ͏̛̠̦̻̩̮̤͙̦̳̳̳͞R͋͗ͧ̿̿ͫ̎͂͑ͩ̄͛ͤ͛̄ͤ̚҉̟̯͚̬͉̝̳̜́͢͠E̵̸̩̯̮̳̬̲̜̞͎̪͓̖̲̜̱̝͓̖ͬ̾̈ͧ̾ͨ͘͝ ̍̔ͥ̉ͬͩͭ͠҉̶̟͈̬̠͠Nͨ͗̑ͦ̑̏̓̾̎̑̓̏̑҉̝̞͖͙̙̰̝̖̩̺̙̝̠̥̫̝͎̝̀̕̕͢Ỏ̢̰̳̗͍̼̗̠̥͓̙̳̙̼͔̗͉́̽̏ͪ̊̃̃ͭ͊ͬ̆͜W͒ͧ̉̽͛ͪ͌̍̚҉̡̪̣̗̭̻̗̯͚̞̘͙͕͔͘͢͠

4469832 SSSShhhhhhh!..... Stop trying to read the Future!

4470080 Well, I DID say there would be a sequel. And DID say I would deliver on it.

4470073 Working on it.

4467630 Refer to above comment.

4469077 And knowing is half the battle....

I know, thats why i follow you, when you say things it happens. :P :yay:

Damn this thing for catching my interest, now I need to go back and read the 400k story first. You better make this worth my time! :rainbowkiss:

"He's alive! He's alive! Coming to Ponyville! I'm not a murderer! WEEEEEE!!! WOOHOO!"

i'm so happy that Konrad is gonna be back in action. :raritystarry: he is the inspration to us all. :pinkiesmile:

Confetti rained down as a Stallion in a tuxedo hoofed Discord, who too was in a Tuxedo of his own, a golden award modeled after him. It was the same laughing pose from when he was first petrified a thousand years ago, a rather good one at that in his opinion. Taking the award with his claw, he bowed and blew kisses to the crowd of idiot ponies hoof stomping below saying,
"Aww! You really love me! Muwah! Muwah!"

Hint it's from a movie.

oh its from a movie huh, that's a stumper, is it this one?

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