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A memorial to Mr.HappyFace. Satan's champion and a dear friend to us all.

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you butthurt bro?

282619 One more thing, I am not insulting my betters. If I was insulting GOD and/or JESUS, I would be insulting my betters. You guys do it all the time.
mrhappyface got banned for rape and death threats.

282611 That my friend, is spam, It is what he got banned for, so unless you wish to join him please pack up your bible and leave. If you wish to insult your betters try either my page or Stalin's

How come you all are talking about like he's dead? Seriously! A will, last request, and rip mrhappyface?

He shall be missed.

How will I carry on without such classics like Dinky abuse and Fluttershy felattes a walrus?

Goodnight sweet prince...

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