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"Nobody is perfect. We all had our victories and defeats… You learn from defeats, and with them, victories are obtained."


One moment, Rainbow Dash was happily doing her morning flight through the skies of Ponyville; then another, a pink figure suddenly brought her to the ground and dragged her flank all the way into Sugarcube Corner.

Her confusion was palpable, especially considering that the pink mare's "Welcome to the beginning of the month" party wouldn't be until next week. But her mind only goes wilder when she realizes that next to her is... Applejack?!

Turns out, Pinkie Pie looks to throw a competition because she wants to see which of them can "win Her Pastry Majesty's heart" by a competition, silly! But, there is a problem...

What if Dash doesn't like her, but somepony else?

A casual writing thing I wanted to pull off for Valentine's Day

Written by: Bronie312

Edited & Proofread by: Nez12213

Shout-out to IMShadow007, who helped me with the comedic tone and the characters' way of speaking ^^

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Sweetie Belle believed this night would be the same as the others that she has lived, but the fact that a beloved one came to end her life ended up being the worst experience of her life...

...isn't that right, darling?

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As Heart's Warming Eve approaches, a dance is organized to celebrate the night before the most joyful day of the year; however, a lonely mare gives up on finding a date for the occasion, until a hoof touches her shoulder...

Side Story and, indirect, Canon Prequel to the "Alfredverse" stories set on the Main 6 period.

Set a few years before Nightmare Moon's Return.

Dedicated to my friend: cinos0.

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Even on holidays, people get to work; some spend the celebrations in company, while others... just stay alone while staring at the world, reflecting.

Having as home a remote surveillance station makes me feel quite alone; however, when you have someone to talk to, that strange feeling instantly vanishes. Without a doubt, I am glad I had her as my supervisor...

Inspired by Firewatch, but without taking any element of the story to create this one.

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"I always wanted to sing this song for the very first moment I thought about... her. Now, on this very night, I would like to dedicate this song to that very special pony in my life... This is for you, my love."

Alfred has avoided attending the gala for many years with the same excuse, but after Luna resumed her role as Princess of the Night and Queen of Dreams, the human Prince is finally left without a "reason" to not be part of the celebration.

He had other reasons for not attending and, although Celestia knew very well, the Princess of the Sun managed to convince him to come and accompany them all.

Stories part of the "Alfredverse" as well:
- "The Weeping Winter" (The very first story, chronologically).
- "The Night of Truth" (The first story I wrote about this "universe").
- "A Heart's Warming Eve Gift" (Direct Sequel to "The Night of Truth").

1st P.S: Special thanks to MisterEdd and cinos0 for helping me by reviewing the chapters.

2nd P.S: Please, first read the story before judging it only by its cover. Once you did that, you may judge it and comment if you liked it or not and why. Thank you.

3rd P.S: Corporal Hook OC is given by JimmyHook19, and yes, this character is very important for the "Alfredverse".

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Lost in the mountains and on the brink of death, alone and frustrated, a single human searches for the last of his family. Fate is a fickle mistress though, and even if he fails, perhaps some hope yet remains...

This story is a prequel to the other stories of the "Alfredverse", so there's no need to read them to understand this one. Though, if you want to, here they are...
-"The Night of Truth".
-"A Heart's Warming Eve Gift".

Co-Written by: Bronie312 and AmaranthineDream.
P.S: Usually, I see there's a predominant quantity of dislikes, and I'm curious about everyone's opinion. So, please, tell me... is there something bad with the series I write?

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This story is a sequel to The Night of Truth

(A Christmas Special)

Both Gallus and Spike had a difficult childhood and, that's why on this very special night, Prince Alfred will give them both a wonderful gift that neither the griffin nor the dragon will forget.

Part of the "Alfredverse".

Thanks to Bronycommander for helping with the story's editing.

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One night, just a few days before Princess Twilight Sparkle's coronation as ruler of Equestria, Prince Alfred summons Princess Luna at the "Castle of The Two Sisters" for a delicate talk with her; this would be the last night he would have lied to her since what she deserves is only the truth.

Part of the "Alfredverse".

Special thanks to Player 4 for helping with a few ideas and concepts for this story.

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Frank Frederickson, known as the human who arrived at Equestria and revolutionized music, besides having befriended a particular group of ponies and other mythological creatures, begins to live his last days on Equestria after knowing he'll die. At the same time, he'll make the most effort to amend some errors from the past.

Authors Note: This is my last attempt of writing a story here, in FIMFiction. Please, don't be like other occasions and give this story an opportunity before judging it. Well, now you know this is not my last attempt since I already wrote other stories, but please, don't dislike stories you haven't read. After all, you may like them if you give them the opportunity.

P.S: "Human" tag because of the principal character, who is the OC of this story.

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