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"Nobody is perfect. We all had our victories and defeats… You learn from defeats, and with them, victories are obtained."


As Heart's Warming Eve approaches, a dance is organized to celebrate the night before the most joyful day of the year; however, a lonely mare gives up on finding a date for the occasion, until a hoof touches her shoulder...

Side Story and, indirect, Canon Prequel to the "Alfredverse" stories set on the Main 6 period.

Set a few years before Nightmare Moon's Return.

Dedicated to my friend: cinos0.

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Lovely! Great job!

Aw, so cute. I really like this ship.

Thank you so much; so, what do you think about the story itself, in the general aspects?

Let me be the first to say... I SHIP IT!

Well, thank you.

Any deeper thoughts about the story?

I wouldn't treat derpy like others have. To me, she's best pony.

It's sweet and relatable. Everyone has something that they don't like about themselves and we all wish for someone to come along and tells us that they accept us for who we are, flaws and all.

Well said, pal!

Thanks! Plus I'm a Docterpy fan.

Now I know why the whole "you" had capital letters.

A very sweet story! Lovely, lovely!

I feel for Derpy. I really do. Unfortunately being star crossed no one comes to dance with me.

Interesting fiction that did good. Congratulations!

Really cute. Who doesn't like a Derpy/Doctor fic?

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