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"Nobody is perfect. We all had our victories and defeats… You learn from defeats, and with them, victories are obtained."


"I always wanted to sing this song for the very first moment I thought about... her. Now, on this very night, I would like to dedicate this song to that very special pony in my life... This is for you, my love."

Alfred has avoided attending the gala for many years with the same excuse, but after Luna resumed her role as Princess of the Night and Queen of Dreams, the human Prince is finally left without a "reason" to not be part of the celebration.

He had other reasons for not attending and, although Celestia knew very well, the Princess of the Sun managed to convince him to come and accompany them all.

Stories part of the "Alfredverse" as well:
- "The Weeping Winter" (The very first story, chronologically).
- "The Night of Truth" (The first story I wrote about this "universe").
- "A Heart's Warming Eve Gift" (Direct Sequel to "The Night of Truth").

1st P.S: Special thanks to MisterEdd and cinos0 for helping me by reviewing the chapters.

2nd P.S: Please, first read the story before judging it only by its cover. Once you did that, you may judge it and comment if you liked it or not and why. Thank you.

3rd P.S: Corporal Hook OC is given by JimmyHook19, and yes, this character is very important for the "Alfredverse".

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I lie it so far. Eager to see where it goes

Thank you, I really appreciate the support. Tell me, which part was, like, your favorite (P.S: Put the Spoiler thing, just in case).

Don't have One, enjoyed it all equally

Hmm interesting start and I'm looking forward to more. Definently followed

Thank you, I appreciate it. The next part of the chapter is already finished, but it has to be edited and uploaded.

Thank you, anything else you can add? You know, anything you can comment about the story, as far as it's written?

Franky, I love every bit, the emotional struggle and such, that I barely can't decide what else to say

Thank you. I try hard to make the emotions be felt and feel like they're real.

However, I must say that I'm quite disappointed with its reception. I try so hard to make the perfect story and, still, there's almost no one paying attention to it. I write for fun, of course, but I also try to make my stories, not be, be known. I would love people to comment it, tell me what they do like or dislike, give me feedback... anything, to be honest. It's like when someone feels something they do must get attention. But, this time, I'm only trying my best and... this happens. But, it's okay, shit happens.

I hear ya, I only write for fun and some stories of mine got well-received, others barely

Yeah, I know but, I've seen stories with poor narrative quality, terrible narrative, and/or pretty bad done characters get more popularity with one single chapter of less than 1,2K words.

Strange and, usually, unfair. Great stories are ignored, bad stories get popularity. In what kind of world are we in?

It's a pity how selfish humans can be at times

For how much time have we been talking through commentary section?

Woah, dude. You're fast! I uploaded it 3 minutes ago and you already read the chapter! *Respect Obtained by Bronycommander*

I was just online and got notified by e mail

Actually, it has, google is just very unrealiable

Then, it's Google and YouTube's fault as well.

Yeah, I get a message and 1 PM but the notification comes an hour later

You know what? I take back what I said, all the websites have the same problem, no matter which are, it's always the same.

Yeah. Thought my primary em mail provider has that issue very rare

Yeah. And as noted, I hope the video about Wortek was useful

Okay, was just wondering, as you hadn't replied

Just when i think it cant get sadder

How are you so good at making me sad? This is some heavy stuff.

From now on, in the story, it won't be that sad, but melancholic.

Alright, its not a problem being sad. Im just impressed at your ability to do so.

And, trust me, I have plenty more stories planned for the future.

Well, maybe tomorrow or Sunday, it will be released a new chapter. I haven't begun writing it, though.

Strange, got a notification for the next chapter but not this.

Still, nice to see Hanzal here! Still private? Should have got a promotion or medal for this. Yet, you wrote Hazal at one point

Trust me, even in Equestria, things are unfair.

Nice work! Loved Derpy and Whooves' appearance. Though, makes me wonder about a certain filly

Okay. And I didn't get a notification for your reply either

Dinky's the adopted daughter of Derpy.

Must be a problem with the Internet, it happens to me as well.


Okay, those two I got notified.

I see. You got me intrigued how it came to that

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