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Almost twenty years into her reign, Princess Twilight Sparkle encounters something truly miraculous, something she never thought she'd see again in all her years: A hole in her schedule.

Naturally, that's when Discord comes in to discuss the contents of his hairbrush.

Needless to say, spoilers for the finale. Ineligible entry in Imposing Sovereigns II, using the prompt "Twilight/The Old."

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That was absolutely brilliant, all the way through.

Also, 'Starlight's son Karl' knocked me off my chair with laughter.

Wait wait wait, just started reading this. Baphomet isn't canon, are they? No, I'm just seeing fan art on the Google search. How DARE you get my hopes up like that. :flutterrage:

Really good story so far.

The Great Wheel moved the sun and moon on schedule with no signs of developing self-awareness (and Twilight was prepared to befriend her creation when that day inevitably came,)

Well, at least Twilight is being a benevolent god to her creations. I think that Great Wheel would have had a universe-shattering existential crisis if it were created by a god with a more cynical view on life.

Last season's fruit is eaten
And the fullfed beast shall kick the empty pail.
For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.

Two thousand three hundred seventy-eight little friends.

Fluttershy, who claimed to be "weak and helpless", everyone. Seriously, the specific number isn't nearly as important as the fact that it's four figures and she still kept an exact count. That she could recite off the top of her head.

Guess I need to read the other two stories, then. Loved the nods to continuity, the bonus world-building, the character interactions, and even the vocabulary. Well done! :twilightsmile:

Pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.

"Pinkie and Big Cheese may have been thinking a bit too literally when they assigned those titles to the local dei ex machinae ."

I will admit to this line causing me to burst out into laughter once I got the joke.


There’s this story, The Last Chapter, what’s the third? Typewritten Tales From The Last Bronycon?

Well I personally don’t agree with the idea of making all the Mane Six immortal (A good story should always have a thread of tragedy in it, even with a happy ending), that is a personal choice and does not change that this was tremendously well written and spot on for characterization . . . a thing I myself only rarely achieve in my own stories. Good on ya! Cheers! :twilightsmile:

Maybe, Flumphs are canon. (by Hasbro’s everything is canon standard anyway)

Who knows what other parts of the Great Wheel Cosmology apply to Equestria.

"Twilight will not outlive her friends" so they all have to become immortal. However, I disagree with making them all alicorns, because Rainbow Dash is what led me to that conclusion. Who here seriously believes she's going to die of natural causes? (If I ever get around to that Imposing Sovereigns entry, it provides my solution to that one with minor hints towards Fluttershy's method and a reminder that any possible explanation for Pinkie Pie already has immortality as a bonus.)

And as Big Jim stated on Twitter, that was never officially stated in the series. While he neither confirmed or denied that Twilight was immortal and would outlive her friends, his opinion on the matter seemed fairly clear.

More importantly, as I already stated, it is my opinion that the story is better for having that bit of tragedy at its conclusion. I am not here to argue headcanon or even canonical facts. It is simply my opinion versus yours, and both are valid. Have a good day, friend. :twilightsmile:

And just like when she was a filly, a voice piped up within moments of her actually opening the book. "Good morning, Your Royal Lavenderosity. Something very interesting just happened."

I love how the phrasing here makes it crystal clear who’s speaking before you ever come out and say it :pinkiehappy:

Where’s the fun in that?

I mean, it seems you care since you brought it up. But whatever floats your boat.

You're a genius. An absolute genius :raritystarry:

Li'l Cheese is stated to be a colt, yet is clearly designed as a filly.


So which is it? :pinkiegasp:

That was a lovely, chewy little bonbon of world building. Also I laughed fir like a full minute at Writing Desk’s name. :raritywink:

:moustache: Oh you've got wings
:duck: So do you my dear Spikey
:pinkiegasp: Oh wow both of you have wings! Hers are all fluffy and feathery and yours is like all leathery and batty like... Hay! both of you should try the mile high club :pinkiehappy:
:moustache: excuse me while I stop the bleeding
:fluttercry: poor Spike he always had nose bleed problems. . . Hypertension maybe? :rainbowwild:

official gender is male, but current fan theory is lil chese is gender fluid (that is to say colt or filly are concepts that mean nothing to him and he will behave with whatever gender traits he thinks identify him best, if ponies think of him as a filly for that, okay, if they se a colt, thats fine too)


Why does Baphomet need to be kept out of Tartarus?

I like this a lot.

Official statement is that the animators weren't told because it didn't matter whether Li'l Cheese was a colt or a filly, just that they were Pinkie and Weird Al's colt/filly thereby canonizing the ship.

This was a very pleasant read and one that has given me some inspiration for how to approach my own stories.


no, bad, wrong.


there's some writers who don't think chaos magic works all that well when planned out

Heck, as of the finale it's clear that being an antagonist isn't what caused Discord's plans to fail. He can plan all he likes but those plans will fail, because chaos.


Whatever he (or she) wants to be.


Could be a tribute to Estee's "five hundred little murders". The numbers will have increased over the last two decades, especially with her running a wildlife sanctuary.

I enjoyed this: tragedy is fine in its place, but I don't read or watch MLP for tragedy, and in a land as full of magic as Equestria, it doesn't strike me as particularly likely that Twilight (plus Starlight, plus Sunset and Sci Twi, plus Discord, plus Starswirl...) wouldn't find a way to extend, at least, the lives of their friends.

Whether they all would _want_ to be immortal in a world where there is a provable afterlife with continued consciousness, I'm not so sure. One might think Applejack might like to be eventually reunited with her parents. (And who knows with Pinkie Pie? She might decide the afterlife is in desperate need of more parties).

You provided a very plausible reason for why they had not ascended yet. :pinkiegasp:

Thank you for this. I'm still not fully okay, but this made me feel better, I think. :pinkiesmile:

In any case, it's getting the idea out there and into people's heads. :twilightsmile:

"But I know this is the beginning of an even brighter future for every creature."

I see what you did there. :rainbowkiss:

...Love the use of the word "beginning", here. Who knows what lies in store for our heroes, next? :twilightsmile:

...After all, if you sextuple the number of princesses, you're gonna end up lightening the workload for each one individually quite a bit. :pinkiegasp:

Means Twilight can finally get some free time again. :raritywink:

And she gets to hang out with her friends more. :pinkiehappy:

"Twilight will not outlive her friends".


Still working on that image. Gonna add a background and tweak some details. :twilightsmile:

"Rarity's been going gray for almost twelve years now."

Would've figured her gray streak was a dye job to accentuate her age in a stylish way. A fashion statement. You know, make her look more dignified like Mayor Mare. :raritywink:

...It does make sense in the story's context, though. :pinkiesmile:

"Yes, Writing Desk?"

How is a raven like a ___________?

They are probably related, that's how. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if Raven visits Celestia and Luna. Or if she just flat out retired on the same day and came with. :derpytongue2:

After that, more ponies from all points on the timeline.

Looking forward to that. :twilightsmile:

If anything, this might also allow for some time shenanigans, or alternate universes meeting each other that diverged at earlier points in canon. Possibly just from interaction with each other. :derpytongue2:

...S1-Twilight's reaction to one particular event from season 9 would be particularly hilarious.

"Princess Celestia is WHAT?!" :twilightoops:

The whole gag began by asking "Okay, so given that full name, what is Li'l Cheese going to go by when he's not so li'l anymore?" When I landed on "Scarpo," the rest practically wrote itself, Karl included.

Sorry to raise your hopes. (Heck, Baphomet isn't even the first demon lord I've used in a ponyfic. The Riddle of Origin makes mention of Juiblex.) Still, minotaurs had to come from somewhere...

Glad you enjoyed the fic, especially Writing Desk. Seems as good a name as any for the stallion (Who, for the record, does exist. He's the other pony in the throne room at the start of "The Last Problem.")

"What is my purpose?"
"You maintain the balance of the world."
"Would you rather pass butter?"
"I'll be good."
"See that you are."


We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

As B_Munro noted, it is a nod to Five Hundred Little Murders, with additional losses extrapolated based on the timeskip. But yes, out of all of the Mane Six, Fluttershy is most intimately tied to the cycle of life and death. One could argue that she might want to die when her time came... or that she'd already grown accustomed to having a lifespan orders of magnitude longer than those around her.

Thanks! Half the reason for this story was to provide enough story hooks for a piece of story Velcro, so I'm glad they went over well.

Hey, why not pick the ones who are clearly best qualified for the position? (Qualifications may or may not be determined through Pinkie Logic™.)

One Last Job, my pre-finale post-finale story.

Also, someone needs to write a story of flumphs in Equestria.

If anything, the tragedy has expanded. Quite explicitly at that. Consider how much of the story was spent pointing out how the rest of the Council of Friendship will outlive their other friends and loved ones. Sure, they're fine with it now, but give it another twenty years. Or fifty. Or five hundred.

Sorrow, like hope, is always there if you look for it. I just prefer to look for the latter.

Writing Discord is like Pinkie Pie. You know you're doing it right when it feels like he's providing his own dialogue.

It honestly doesn't matter who came up with it originally, the point was that it's a logical extrapolation from what we already knew about her.

Using chaos magic to make something permanent seems... ill-advised. Especially an application of time magic. Best case scenario, it's like laser eye surgery and Discord has to keep reapplying the spell every couple decades. Worst case, it goes horribly awry and the pony's locked in temporal stasis or trapped in a time loop or otherwise horribly affected.

You try having Rarity for an aunt, see how fabulous your eyelashes turn out.

Good odds of overthrowing the current management and claiming the place for his own. Possibly dragging it to the Abyss, and like heck Twilight's going to pay for a new maximum security prison/royal kennel.

Glad to hear it! That's what I set out to do with this one.

Very glad to hear this helped. And honestly, the idea of Rarity being the first of her friends to go gray amuses me too much to use the alternatives.

"And sure, one day the accrued temporal and logical pardoxes of our adventures will force the universe to reset and some of our tribes may shift in the process, but until then?" Confetti burst into the air all around Pinkie. That, at least, was a familiar phenomenon. "We can live it up for eternity!"

Pinkie seems like she might be speaking from experience there. Then again, I imagine now that Hasbro's found it's groove with MLP, later interations are probably going to ditch the rotating cast and inherited names in favor of the more Transformers like structure of having the same main cast every iteration with minor changes, because "to sell toys".

It's nice to see someone acknowledge the fact that the sun set in the finale without Twilight setting it (or at least, without her horn glowing). While it's most likely an oversight (the sun sets in that scene for symbolism, and it would be a pretty minor mistake) it's cool to see it taken to it's logical conclusion. And of course, Twilight's plan if The Great Wheel is to develop sapience is to befriend it. Although, I do hope she has a backup plan if it turns out nasty. AI that have absolute power don't have the best track record of staying sane.

Well, I guess you fulfilled the promise one of the old show alumni made (before they left) that Twi wouldn't outlive her friends.

I actually adore this

Since I was a kid I've always daydreamed of an "everyone is an alicorn" ending and I think this is the closest portrayal to what I've always wanted haha

I enjoy the use of the Young Six here—they didn't feel out of place or anything for a story that's mainly about the Mane 6

Discord feels really good too; he's very human but still himself and not overly emotional or anything

You know, from the title I expected a sad ending to this story. Even through the humor I feared there wouldn't be a happily ever after, mostly because of Twilights demeanour at the begining. Man, was I happy when I turned out to be wrong. I liked your explanation on why only Twilight ascended, it doesn't make the ascension of the rest of the Mane 6 feel forced.

A positive view of immortality? Very rare.

"It was at once humbling and incredibly flattering," said Rarity. "No creature could bear the idea of an Equestria without us. We've become icons of the realm, as it were."

And now... the endless tears... :raritycry:

Going in I was expecting another sad story where Twilight says it wouldn't be fair to force all of her friends to suffer immortality with her....but when you think about it, there's no way her friends would let Twilight suffer alone, not counting Fluttershy and Discord, thus I'm pretty sure they likely would agree to it if given the option.

The stuff with the Elements was nice and giving an actual explanation for why Twilight didn't do right out of the starting gate was nice to. Overall well done.

There are times where obvious portrayal of things in the show overtake Word-of-God. Especially when there are more than one “gods” working on the project.

He paged through a tome whose cover redefined "distressed leather.


OMFG, Twilight is being such a casual c#%t to Discord! I love it! :pinkiehappy:

Sunset Shimmer's surprise swearing-in as Emergency Backup Alicorn! :rainbowwild:

Too many lovely moments to enumerate... upupup pup voted!

Well, this was fun. More of a headcanon dump with jokes and character moments thrown in than a story, but still.

I’m not here to argue. As I’ve already stated, you have your opinion, and I have mine. I should’ve just not commented in the first place.

I’m in total agreement with everything you say, and I really appreciate the positive vibes you’re bringing. I don’t know why people are trying to vote you down just because you think something different from them.

“When Scarpo played his harp it was a dream it was. Well if someone else could do it how come nobody does? Karl Karl fast as light, some talk like him but not quite. But when Scarpo played his harp then all was still...”

He has to watch out though, as soon as Best Pony takes up her destined role as Moon Princess. At least his family has extensive experience at exorcisms.

Heh, redefined distressed leather. Love it.

This is definitely a conversation Discord needed to have. He’s gotten better but yeah... consequences aren’t his forte.

And besides, this whole thing basically did seem like it must have been writing itself. There’s a feel when characters are really Them and this is it.

I loved seeing the Elements passed on, and how Twilight was standing in with the Rainbow of Light without any need for them, because she and her friends have achieved harmonic enlightenment.

And I’m very very curious to see when the new virtues are. Even if it means I’ll have to redo my periodic table of harmonic magic AGAIN... :p At least the basics stay the the same.

Or DO they? After all, Discord is being brought into the chorus now after all...

Anyway, I love this.


Yeah. She knows and cares about all of them. Such strength.

You can’t plan chaos magic like that. And even if you could it wouldn’t last, it’s discordant against itself and changeable by nature. And even if it wasn’t, you can’t do things the same way twice with it, at least not for the serious stuff.

Yes, I have OPINIONS for how Chaos Magic should work :p And the key point is that making it controlled or predictable is ontologically impossible.

Thank you, really. You just made my night a lot brighter. :twilightsmile:

"Okay, okay." Twilight summoned another book and a quill, writing a note to herself. "I'm still considering that for Chrysalis's reformation. Maybe if she can finally feel what not being hungry is like—"

Then she will still denounce friendship because it doesn't satisfy her irrational need to rule over others. :unsuresweetie: You're a good soul, Twilight, but of the three, Cheeselegs is the least likely to ever see past her own ambition. She's practically a Disney villain!

Loved Discord, loved his shenanigans often being a part of the description already, void of any entrance. :twilightsmile:

Discord scowled beneath his tie-dyed medical scrubs. "There's softening the blow, and there's not wanting to hurt your friends with the needle that will innoculate them against mortality." He squirted a bit of glowing fluid out of a syringe for emphasis.

Putting two characters in a room and having them communicate is an underappreciated read, in my opinion.

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