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The Friendship Games are still fresh on everyone's minds - likely due to the near destruction of the universe and all such?

Since then, months have passed and things have certainly changed. Twilight Sparkle, for her part, has not only changed schools but practically become a whole different person.

But let's face it: we really messed up back then, didn't we?

Written for Bean's Writing Group as part of the bi-weekly prompt.

Prompt: A Shared Meal
Bonus Prompt: main character is powerless in the scenario

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Hmm 😒 Why do half of them seem very disingenuous
(Sour and Sunny), based Sugarcoat for calling them out though.

Also I want to hug Lemon Zest right now

the result was a rather unsettling grin instead

She's planning to kill Batman next.

The Shadowbolts are trying to work through the mountain of toxic lessons taught by Cinch.

They're trying really hard...

Hmm... not sure how much they want to apologize vs they feel like they have to apologize.

Not sure what you mean, I'm absolutely certain this time it's for real and they definitely don't see the shift in attitude at CPA as a reason to change their public image to retain a good rep with the students and new Principal.

They would never do that though.


Need more Shadowbolt redemption stories. Great job author!

Always good to see these girls show a little remorse and personal growth. Lovely stuff, especially how they still can’t help but snipe at one another even during the apology. Still very much a work in progress, those five, some more than others. Thank you for a lovely read.

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