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Revenge is such an easy concept on paper, yet takes a great deal of effort, intellect and dilligence to achieve in reality. Especially so when your rivals and opponents are the Heroes of Equestria themselves.

But no matter. Everypony has their weaknesses, and everypony eventually falls prey to assuring too much trust and confidence in others when they really shouldn't.

She needed to become invisible to these ponies. To just be another member of Ponyville. Crackle Cosette, the casual photographer, no different from Mayor Mare, Nurse Redheart or all the others.

Just a splotch of colour from afar. Nopony to pay attention to, or to distrust. Just one of many to cheer the heroes on from the background.

Written for Bean's Writing Group under the prompt of 'Chrysalis secretly lives as a pony in Equestria' and 'Entire fic as an inner monologue' as a bonus prompt.

Check the group out, and ask the admins for a Discord invite if you're interested in writing some awesome prompts, as well!

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River Swirl is many things. A born riverlander, a capable and accomplished student at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, a teacher, and finally, the Chancellor of the River Republic.

Or, she was, at least.

Life always puts hurdles in your way to overcome, and yet, when River Swirl is voted out of office, a dream comes crashing down for her. A project she had dreamed of for so long flushed down the drain along with her career.

But she knows there has to be more to herself. More than a politician, no matter her good intentions. She always wanted to bring her ponies forward, to a brighter future. Perhaps now she can go back and look at the past, and find out just where she went wrong. A past that was as troubled as it was great.

And perhaps even the most vague of bonds of years gone by can yet grow into something far greater.

River Swirl and the locations described in this story belong to the Equestria at War alternate universe. Knowing it is not required for this oneshot, but this is where you should go if you're wondering about location names and such.

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Twilight Sparkle is glad to have found a new place in life with her best friends. Really, there's nothing she appreciates more!

But... saving the world or school with them on a semi-regular basis is hard work, and some members of the group don't make daily hangouts any less taxing.

In short? Twilight is exhausted. She could really need a break and a few minutes to catch her breath. Just some time alone, some peace and quiet.

Or... does she?

Written as part of Bean's Writing Group under the prompt "Don't Look!". Check the group out, it's a great place to improve your writing, especially for novice writers!

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The Kingdom of Hippogriffia, united under the royal line of Novo, was long the shining beacon of prosperity and progress. It was a land that lived in harmony with itself, where troubles were something that happened far away and abroad, but not there. A land where its monarchs ruled absolute - firm but fair, with many wise Kings and Queens coming to pass.

But those were days that now seemed long passed. The Storm King's invasion had forced upon Queen Novo a cowardly retreat, one that would forever embarass her as the sovereign of her subjects. It was a time where she, meant to be the bravest, wisest, most capable among both races, seemed the most undecided and incapable. It was the start of something greater. A time where the cracks began to show.

Now, years later, that story has only continued, running its predictable course. Hippogriffs and seaponies alike are fed up with a Queen who was a coward. A Queen that was incapable in times of true distress, but always active and resolute on matters that seemed artificial. They were tired and angry at a Queen that did nothing to adopt to a changing world.

And now, they were banging at the gates. Now, they would force the issue. Whether it be them or the Queen - something or someone had to give way.

Long live the Queen.

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This story is a sequel to Secondo

Over a thousand years ago, a great crime was committed, and three innocent souls, acting only by the rules of nature, were locked away. Until recently.

Recently freed from their ancient prison due to the growing strife among seaponies and hippogriffs, the sirens emerged from the waters. Though a resistance quickly arose to oppose their new musical rule, they too were eventually swept aside and drowned out by the song that ruled all.

Hippogriffia was theirs, and their victory tasted sweet, but they all knew these were baby steps. There was a long road ahead of them. A treacherous path filled with dangers and revelations, one that would challenge everything they once knew and held dear, sometimes turning expectations on their head.

Zebrica, the ancient home of the Zebras and more lay just beyond the Seaquestrian channel and, with it, a land of mystery, opportunity, challenges, and surprise. A new, modern world is rising, one which strikes at the very type of magic with which the sirens have so long claimed supremacy over others. It is time, now, to weather this great current and let their song stay true throughout it, to let it be heard far and wide, through the trenches and cities, over the boom of artillery and the roar of airplanes.

The shores of Zebrica await, and the show must begin.

This story is a sequel to Secondo. Reading it is advised but not ultimately necessary. The description above (and the first chapter) give a sufficient enough description of what happened in the prequel.

Similarly as the prequel, this story is set in the Equestria at War alternate universe.

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For well over a thousand years, now, they had been cast out, forced into a depressing life of solitude among only one another... which, given everything, did not make circumstances any more bearable, for them, most times.

No. No, they weren't cast out. Banished! They were imprisoned! Sealed away by that accursed Wizard and his lackies of five doing his bidding, as always! Their symphony had been perfect, a melody so harmonic and soothing it made only sense to keep listening. Their triumphant crescendo was upon Equestria, the final act in their grand serenade.

But that finale never came. Their final act... it was not to be. Or, so they thought.

Mortals were a curious bunch, in the end. Useless, petty and pathetic as one may call them, but they got a lot done in what little time they had for themselves. A new world, as it were, far different from the one the three of them had last seen, before the light of day was taken away from them in exchange for a dark prison so deep beneath the waves.

But one thing they all knew, to varying degrees: mortals were curious. And curiosity, be it as it were, would be the only thing they needed for their curtain call. The setting of the stage for a new, second act.

The Abyss calls.

This Story takes place in the Alternate Universe of Equestria at War. EaW uses a custom world map including 3 separate continents, and a 'modern' world setting equal to World War 2 (in most places). Consider trying out the mod for Hearts of Iron IV yourself, or check out the Fimfiction group and check out more stories about it.

For the purpose of this story, it's noteworthy that the Sirens were NOT banished to the EQG universe when Starswirl banished them, but were instead sealed away deep under the ocean.

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Spoilers for the Show Finale. Fair Warning.

For most of her life, Luster Dawn had ignored friendship. After all, it was nothing but a waste of time, right? You'd make friends, spend a lot of time together and eventually it would all fall apart again. It was for the best to stay alone.

That was before Princess Twilight herself showed her real friendship. She and her friends were the living examples of true, everlasting friendship. And sure enough, as they brought Luster to Ponyville, she quickly met new creatures and made friends.

That was all months ago though. By now, she had quit the School of Magic, with the blessing of the Princess, so she could move to Ponyville and attend the School of Friendship instead. After all, the most powerful magic there is was friendship, right? But most importantly, of course, moving to Ponyville meant staying together with her new group of friends, and even attending classes together!

However... there was a catch. Princess Twilight didn't just let her quit the School of Magic and move away, she demanded something in return. She demanded of Luster to come visit her four times a year in Canterlot and tell her of all her new discoveries in the field of friendship.

This was the first time she had to go and report on her experiences, and she wasn't quite sure how it would go.

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This story is a sequel to A New Equestria

Months have passed since I first saw the Light. Back when the Empress shared her wisdom with me and enlightened me about the true path towards Harmony.

These months have been interesting for me. As a student of Empress Daybreaker, I was given the opportunity to gain much previously locked away knowledge. In addition, my new position as the 'Grand Inquisitor' bestows upon me the task of securing Harmony within Equestria and ensuring our ponies are safe.

And still, another mission awaits me, yet. A task that will lead me up North towards a familiar face. There is much at stake, too much for me to bear, I feel.

I just hope this goes right...

This Story takes place in the Equestria at War universe.

This is a sequel to A New Equestria. Reading it beforehand is recommended but not ultimately necessary.

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It has been many years since the war started...

Chrysalis and her armies rolled over our defenses, overwhelming our forces with sheer numbers. We fought a fighting retreat, always on the run from the swarm. We thought it would be over, that this would be the end of Equestria, and the end of Harmony...

But it was not so. We gathered our strength and held our ground, at last. Desperately our soldiers fought on and held the swarm off. Ponies took up arms to bolster our ranks or grabbed a tool to aid the war industry.

And now, after all these years, we remain in a stalemate. The Changelings adopted their own variant of total warfare. They launch raids on defensive positions at night, send bomber squadrons to destroy civilian centers all across Equestria and sink civilian cruisers out on the sea.

The war drags on, and my ponies grow tired of grieving the loss of their homes and loved ones. It is time for Equestria to commit to this war and leave behind our outdated principles of pacifism and harmony.

This war has brought upon us a new age. And with it, a new Equestria must rise!

This story takes place in the 'Equestria at War' universe. Further knowledge of this universe is not required, but it's good to know. Link to the official EaW group can be found here.

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There is something out there, something strange and evil. But what is it? What could it be?

I don’t know. Nopony does. All I know is that it needs to go before any more ponies fall prey to it. However, no equipment or training can prepare me for the freezing cold of the frozen north and its evil inhabitant.

The Hunter hunts its prey, and I have yet to figure out which one of us is the prey.

Cover art made by MrScroup.

Proofread and edited by the magnificent GIULIO. Cheers, mate!

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