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This story is a sequel to A New Equestria

Months have passed since I first saw the Light. Back when the Empress shared her wisdom with me and enlightened me about the true path towards Harmony.

These months have been interesting for me. As a student of Empress Daybreaker, I was given the opportunity to gain much previously locked away knowledge. In addition, my new position as the 'Grand Inquisitor' bestows upon me the task of securing Harmony within Equestria and ensuring our ponies are safe.

And still, another mission awaits me, yet. A task what will lead me up North towards a familiar face. There is much at stake, too much for me to bear, I feel.

I just hope this goes right...

This Story takes place in the Equestria at War universe.

This is a sequel to A New Equestria. Reading it beforehand is recommended but not ultimately necessary.

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It has been many years since the war started...

Chrysalis and her armies rolled over our defenses, overwhelming our forces with sheer numbers. We fought a fighting retreat, always on the run from the swarm. We thought it would be over, that this would be the end of Equestria, and the end of Harmony...

But it was not so. We gathered our strength and held our ground, at last. Desperately our soldiers fought on and held the swarm off. Ponies took up arms to bolster our ranks or grabbed a tool to aid the war industry.

And now, after all these years, we remain in a stalemate. The Changelings adopted their own variant of total warfare. They launch raids on defensive positions at night, send bomber squadrons to destroy civilian centers all across Equestria and sink civilian cruisers out on the sea.

The war drags on, and my ponies grow tired of grieving the loss of their homes and loved ones. It is time for Equestria to commit to this war and leave behind our outdated principles of pacifism and harmony.

This war has brought upon us a new age. And with it, a new Equestria must rise!

This story takes place in the 'Equestria at War' universe. Further knowledge of this universe is not required, but it's good to know. Link to the official EaW group can be found here.

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There is something out there, something strange and evil. But what is it? What could it be?

I don’t know. Nopony does. All I know is that it needs to go before any more ponies fall prey to it. However, no equipment or training can prepare me for the freezing cold of the frozen north and its evil inhabitant.

The Hunter hunts its prey, and I have yet to figure out which one of us is the prey.

Cover art made by MrScroup.

Proofread and edited by the magnificent GIULIO. Cheers, mate!

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The Life of a Wonderbolt can be daring, demanding and dangerous. And yet, even the most elite flyers of Equestria are ponies, in the end.

Spitfire, like the rest of her team, knows that fact only too well. She knows that a Wonderbolt has to not only cope with stress, but with a certain set of routines, as well.

The proud Captain of the Wonderbolts wakes up to just another day of work. There’s nothing she’d rather do.

Edited by Samey90. Thanks a ton for the help, bud!

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Starlight’s life has had its up and downs, mostly downs, though there has always been one particular thing she loved doing.

Flying a kite.

You might be asking yourself ‘why would one of the most powerful Unicorns in Equestria fly kites for a hobby?’ and... I couldn’t tell you, honestly. She just kinda does, alright? It’s her thing.

So what happens when, one day, she decides to take off and relax with her friends? What happens if those friends are Maud and Pinkie Pie? What happens when Pinkie Pie has to fly a kite?

Time to find out.

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Mild spoilers for the movie ahead, read at your own discretion.

It had begun, at last. The day Tempest had trained and waited for her entire life... had finally arrived.

For weeks, months even the Storm King had promised her that this very day would be the last one of Equestria and its princesses. He promised Tempest power, even agreed to restore her horn.

But that was not the reason she joined the Storm King. The scars of her past were too deep. They couldn’t ever be removed or undone. The sorrow and loneliness of her past had rapidly transformed into anger and bitterness.

No, she wasn’t there for the spoils that the Storm King offered her. She was there to take revenge on the very thing that scarred her and her life forever.

Friendship would be destroyed, Equestria shattered, and its ponies broken. Tempest Shadow would triumph at last.

A somewhat alternate and darker backstory for Tempest than in the comics. If you’ve read the movie prequel comics, keep in mind that they do not apply to this story.

This story was edited and proofread by the lovely Cinder Vel and Rock Slide! Thanks to both of you!

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The town of Hollow Shades, the home of the bat ponies, is in a bit of a pickle, as of recently.

As common knowledge suggests, if there is anything bat ponies love more than the night, it is mangoes.

And boy, you better believe they love themselves some mangoes.

But even for them, this problem is a bit too... big for them.

Operation B.A.M. commences.

This is an entry for the 2017 writing contest of the Bat ponies and Thestrals Group.

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Tempest Shadow’s mission was a success. At long last, princess Twilight Sparkle had been caught. Oh how powerless she was, trapped in that little cage.

But something was... off. Sparkle was alone when Tempest found her. She was crying rivers and sobbing loudly. Where had her brave, valued friends gone? Could it be? No. No, it can’t be.

Have the princess’ friends abandoned her?

Has friendship failed the Princess of Friendship herself?

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It’s not easy being Queen. Especially not if you’re the Changeling Queen. It’s even harder and more frustrating when some peasant convinces all your subjects to abandon you and instead become some colourful butterfly/deer thingies.

But hey, that’s just how it is. Times are changing, and Chrysalis will have to adapt to the inevitable, whether she wants to or not.

And with that I mean she really, really, really doesn’t want to.

Lesson one: Food.

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Do not read if you haven’t watched the movie or wish to avoid spoilers. Thank you.

The Storm King is dead and the Friendship Festival is saved and better than anypony could have imagined. New friendships have been forged while existing bonds are now stronger than ever.

But it’s not all as rosy as that. Tempest Shadow, still feeling quilty about serving the Storm King, feels incomplete. Something, or someone is missing. There is something Tempest needs to do before she can truly rest and leave her past behind. She must return to the very ponies that brought her off of her path, the ones who ran from her after the... incident.

She must reunite with her old friends. Luckily for Tempest, she is not alone anymore.

Chapters (1)
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