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David Sharp, member of the band "Raging Incubus", wakes up, downs a can of beer, and finds a bug-horse monstrosity in his kitchen that insists on calling him his "Queen".

Rated Teen because of some alcohol being involved and a couple mild swears. I don't think that it would be harmful to younger readers or anything, but better safe than sorry.

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I wish this was longer. I could imagine his band gaining fans only to find out they are all changelings.

Could there possible be an sequel? If there was, I'd read it.


I hadn't really thought of writing a sequel to this story before, to be quite honest. I had intended it to just be the silly, little one shot that it currently is. I'm not sure how well I could maintain the tone of the story through a longer fiction. It'd be a new experience for me to try writing a longer, comedic story.

I can give it a try sometime in the future, but if I find I'm dissatisfied with the result I'm rather unlikely to post it.

Continue it, please. Its so amusing concept, and It can be very good story if go in right way

+ bonus

So what exactly happened? Is he still hallucinating?


The original intention of the ending was to leave it open for the readers to decide whatever they liked best. Three primary options would have been that he was still hallucinating, that the doctor was playing a prank on him, or it was all real.

Naturally, if I do continue this story (and I admit to having a chapter nearly completed), then I'd have to do away with the ambiguity and choose one. I must admit, liking the ambiguity is one reason I hadn't thought of doing a sequel/continuation when I first wrote it.



Love that picture. Did you find that or draw it?

Anyway, I may continue this story soonish. I have a new chapter more or less written, though I plan on letting it sit a little bit before I go over it again for editing and modifications. Now I need to decide on whether to just change this story to incomplete, or make it an official sequel. I'm leaning towards the latter, though. That way if somebody prefers it as the short one shot it currently is (or if I simply do a poor job with the rest of it), they can consider this its own, complete story without the baggage of the attempted follow up.

I wish I draw this, but its from IDW artist Andy Price (that guy who draw first saga from idw comics)


I really need to get my hands on some of the idw comics, I've been wanting to give them a read for quite some time.

Where are all these views and likes coming from? O_o

Twelve likes in two days? That's nearly doubling what it had before this and more than doubling the performance of the two days following the actual posting of this story way back in October. The amount of growth in views and likes is akin to what I'd expect to see had I released a new chapter, and I am quite perplexed by this. Pleased, but perplexed.


My Queen got added to one of the changeling focused groups, from the looks of things.

You might want to consider hunting down a few more you think fitting. It's hard to find stories without them, so probebly why you've seen such an influx lately.


Yes and no. Sure, it may apply now, but for the first couple days of higher views this story didn't have any tagged groups it belonged to. It did, however, seem to show up in the "also liked" lists for another story that got fairly popular (Two Legs or Four, There's Always More), so that may be where it came from at first.

:rainbowlaugh: Well, this was certainly one of the more unique and amusing ideas I've seen here yet. I liked it.

That was a fun little one-shot. I know I sure as hell wouldn't mind being Queen of the Changelings.

...Hmmmm... I wish there was a continuation to this... might make something similar to this down the road... GAH! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GOOD IDEAS!!!


There sort of is in the form of a sequel, but it's not available to be read on FIMFiction right now as the first and currently only chapter didn't pass judgement by the moderators. Eventually, I will write more chapters and the problem (not related closely enough to MLP) will be remedied. Not sure when I'll get around to that, though, since I have other stuff I'm focusing on at the moment.

6940736 Ahhhhh fair enough.

Hmmmmm... Would you mind if I made a story similar to this? I'll be sure to put this story in the description and all of that.


If you want to, by all means, go ahead. Inspiring another writer is an honor.

6940810 Thank you! It probably won't be good, but I like to try to put a little spin on things other people make! If I try to make something completely new... well just look at my stories called What Am I? and Story of Oblivion.

...Yeah, not exactly my most stellar work.


Regardless of the quality it ends up as, give me a shout when you've posted it, I'd like to see what you come up with.

Wow, Chryssie must've gotten really wasted to forget who she is.

i would love to see a continuation of this


You and several others. I'll get around to it eventually. Probably sometime after I finish writing one of my other stories.

All that's missing is Rod Serling.


I suppose I did mention something about a potential sequel eventually at some point in these comments. I'm not going to make any promises as to when it'll come out, but I suspect I'll start working on (continuing to work on, really) the sequel soon.

“Well, Hallucination is my name. I’m not sure what you’re getting at.”

well, that was random...

If you can’t beat them, rule over them with an iron fist?

“Queen is awesome. And dead. And I’m not Queen.” David responded absently while contemplating how difficult it would be to hide his new psychosis from the world. Maybe if he was lucky he could use it to write some amazing songs.

Goddamnit dude. Freddie died too young. Now I'm sad :raritydespair:

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