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Equestria, the vast land ruled by ponies. But that was not always the case. Long before the rule of the two princesses, the land that would earn the name Equestria was ruled by dragons, and the leader of them all was the Alpha. This is the Tale of the Second Alpha, and how he became friends with the Mane Six. And his fight to defend his home against a very personal threat.

Also posted on my account on Fanfiction.net under the same name.

Romance tag for shipping between characters in later chapters. This isn't a ship fic.

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This is looking good! I have a question, are you planning to have other changeling hives other than chrysalis's later in your story? If so you can use my changeling hive.

6635909 Thanks, and yes I am planning on using the Changelings, but it will be Chrysalis' in A Canterlot Wedding (very important chapter). I'll see if your changeling hive could work on what I'm planning. I will go more into what I'm planning for them later.

6636068 Ok thanks. Oh the name of my changeling hive is the Shadow Hive, I have not found a name for its queen yet. If you want to help me with a name I would be happy.

6636071 I am terrible at coming up with character names. But I think a hive with the title like the Shadow Hive would be more interesting having a King with a personality similar to that of Sombra rather than a Queen.

6636097 Hum, the king idea sounds cool, but I don't like him having the personally of Sombra. I was thinking about him being a clam and quite changeling but gets very violent when mad or angry. Also the Shadow Hive is the most mysterious of the Changeling hives because they are never seen in disguises as other races. The whole hive can become living shadows to hide in the shadows of the world. They use this to hitch a ride in the shadows of other races to spy and gather food.

This was a good chapter. Also if you still want to have other changeling hives, I have a description of my hive.
The shadow hive is the most mysterious of the changeling hives in that they don't need to change into ponies to get love. They get love by absorbing ambient love in their surroundings when they hitchhike in the shadows of other races. They have the ability to dissolve into living shadows to hide and spy on the governments of the many races of the world, including other changeling hives.
Their shell and eye color is a deep emerald color with bioluminescence on the tip their horns. They live in emerald mines that they mine emeralds so that they can make three weapons that are unique to only them. The solders have a gauntlet on their right foreleg that has an emerald inside that when the changeling's magic is used on it, it ignites into a green blade. This emerald points away from the solder's body. The honor guards of the changeling hive have a staff that has an emerald pointing upwards on the inside top of it, when its ignited the blade forms a trident shape. The king's staff has two emeralds, one on top pointing to the front and one on the bottom pointing to the back of the staff. When the two emeralds are ignited they form two curved blades with the top one curved downwards and the bottom one curved upwards.
They are ruled by a king named Zulu, The Watcher. He is a patient minded ruler who is very friendly with some of the mayors of Equestria, including the mayors of Manehattan, Filydelphia, and Ponyville by keeping track of what happens in the two cities and one town and recording them and giving a written report for the mayors with out anypony else knowing about him and his hive. He controls a huge spy network around the world so that he will always know the happenings of the world.
If you want to use him and his hive you can.

6663006 First off thank you again. It really makes it easier for me to write when I know that people are liking my stories.

Now about your hive. They sound interesting, but I can't guarantee that they will appear. They could appear if I can fit them into the plot after A Canterlot Wedding and the return of the Alpha. As a way to mend relationships between Equestria and the changelings. But since this story has a larger focus on dragons I can't guarantee that it will happen.

Maybe having the hive be like a special task force of Chrysalis that raise up against her. I don't know. If you can think of a way they could work tell me. I am and always have been open to suggestions from readers.

6663104 Ok thanks for considering for including my hive for your story. As for the task force idea, I like that idea but maybe one of the shadow hive members could be watching the relationship between Equestria and the dragons as well as the relationship between Chrysalis and Steelclaw.

6663136 Ok, I will consider all the ideas you have brought to my attention. But I'll have to write the next chapter involving Chrysalis before I can say for certain that my story will include your hive or not. Besides I am already planning something very special for Chrysalis and her hive.

6663185 Ok, I will wait for your next chapter.

I wonder what people are going to say about this chapter.

6677087 One person on my fanfiction version of this, commented about the Alpha's return coming soon.

"Oh boy looks like the Alpha shall awaken soon." by Firestar-harry. And no I will not confirm when he will return. All I will say is that it will be awesome.

Hee, cool. Is Zulu going to be in later chapters? I just want to know ahead of time.

6677433 Zulu will show up a few times in Season Three after the defeat of Chrysalis. I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm still have no idea how to do "The Crystal Empire".

6677472 Ok. What were you going to do for this chapter if I didn't ask if wanted to use my changeling OCs?

6677530 I don't know, probably a very similar plot to the actual chapter, just without the plot convenience that the Shadow Hive's shadow travel comes with. Maybe Chrysalis would have used more physical means of persuasion on Steelclaw. Maybe a little bit more of a struggle when the changelings kidnapped Cadence. I don't know, I never had think about what it would've been like without the Shadow Hive.

This is looking very good. Can't wait to see what happens next.

6701153 Thank you, again. Trust me the next chapter contains the most satisfying sentence I have even written in my life in it.

Hey good job on this chapter. Also I know who the secret weapon is. I like how Zulu was scared at different points in the story, poor Zulu.

Good work! Zulu and Chrysalis must be feeling very terrified right now. Also soon the great battle between the ancient dragon brothers will commence!

Wow, this was an interesting chapter. The Crystal Empire and Sombra has returned. Also poor Zulu, again.

This was good. Keep going ok?

Wow, this was a wonderful chapter! It was funny that Zulu had a front row set of what happened in the Crystal Empire. Can't wait for more.

6816290 Thank you. I literally scared myself while I was writing Theta's vision. Who is soon becoming my favorite character that I have ever created. Followed closely by Sigma, Alpha, and Omega. Zulu is also slowly raising to compete some of other O.C.s

6816316 Really? Wow, well I can't wait for the next chapter.

That was intense! And it's true about the bite force of Megalodon, they proved it on Shark week

6864795 I know Omega taking on Delta was fun to write, almost seven months ago (damn has it been that long). The thing about the Megalodon's bite force was just some random information that I have stored up in my brain over the years.

Amazing use of the show fight and the battle in Lullaby for a Princess! I salute you sir!

The Alpha awakens... and things will never be the same again...

6864822 Thanks, I think I combined them in the best way I possibly could.

6864850 Oh, you are going to be in for a long wait my friend. Trust me he doesn't actually wake up for a long time.

Uh oh, Nightmare Moon's back for revenge!

*Orders Spartans and Astartes to form a defensive perimeter*

Brilliant use of the Season 1 two parter Intro episode!

Pride always comes before a fall...

6865214 Oh just wait for some of my cliffhangers in my later chapters.

This was a nice chapter. I saw some mistakes in the chapter, do you need a proofreader? I can be your proofreader if you want to.

6871219 No, I'll be fine. I released this just before I went to school today, so I didn't get the chance to completely proofread and edit the chapter to the best that it possibly could be. But thanks for the offer.

Sheesh, out of all the episodes, the Gala one has to be the most ridiculous!

6875814 Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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