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This story is a sequel to Converted

After Chrysalis' Hive attacked Canterlot, the Changeling Queens of Equestria meet up with Celestia to discuss opening relations. Her plan? She wants to learn about the Hives, but being the Princess of Equestria, she has duties to attend to. So the honor of being the first pony to enter the Main Hive complexes of the Changeling Queens falls onto Twilight. How will the studious Unicorn and her number one assistant handle the varying infrastructure and history behind each Hive? And a rather important question, just how many Hives are out there?

Note: The Cover art displayed here is not a reference to the appearances/ personalities of each Queen. These Changeling Queens displayed within the Cover art belong to Siansaar I own none of them.
Other Note: No Prior Reading is required

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So...Twilight is pretty much going wether she likes it or not.

7105371 Either that or Pinkie.
And let's be honest, Twilight would kill to do this.

7105373 Spike...not so much.:rainbowlaugh:

I feel gypped for no reason, because i fooled myself into thinking the title similarity meant this was part of Law Abiding Pony's "Of The Hive" universe.

Upvoted out of guilt.

Queen Eupha bears an incredibly strong resemblance to a certain physics defying pink earth pony....:trixieshiftright:
Pinkie totally knows her, doesn't she?

7108140 That was slightly cruel. I approve.:trollestia:

Private Steve: The pink menace has a powerful weapon sir.

Colonel John: What kind of weapon are we talking about here Private?

Private Steve: A secret sir.

Colonel John: By the gods..... prepare the cake cannon.

Private Steve: Sir?

Colonel John: I said prepare the cannon.

Private Steve: Preparing cannon.

7115628 "Sir! Orders from higher up! We are to deploy the Mark 6 Cannons!"
"The Mark 6! They haven't been tested yet!"
"It is our best chance."
Sigh "Prepare the cannons."

I can't wait to see the chapter or chapters that the remains of my hive will be in. I also can't wait to see the different hives in the MLP world! So many different hives! Yay!

Yay! Update! How many hives are in Equestria? I want to know so that I can keep track of how many hives we have been to out of how many. I can't wait to see the next one! Also I saw this:

“Yes… I do… Please contact Shadow Drone 4 in Canterlot.

Is this a member on my dead Shadow Hive? It would be cool to know.

7134021 I'll send you a PM, to avoid spoilers.

Betting that Twilight's coat will no longer be purple after visiting Queen Ovi. :pinkiecrazy:

This is going to be interesting.

Poor Chryssie, I hope she manages to get out of her funk.

Nice. I bet the Medical hive is the most modern looking one.

Hmm, Ovi would be fine. I'd vote Chryssie, but I think she opted out of it.

the round table emblazoned with a son and moon,


Can't say this wasn't expected. It would take a stronger mare than Twilight to handle Ovi's hive. That said, I place a random, out of place vote for seeing Tettix's hive next. Or maybe the Just hive.

Noooooooo, why a hiatus? :raritydespair:

Yep, seems about just how Twilight would react.

7156362 I know it is crushing... But the hiatus is needed so that I can incorporate a story delving into the Joyous Hive and its only known Changeling 'Surprise'. It will not be a long story, and it will certainly not be as long as many of my others... 50k is a very rough estimate on words.

7156388 Oh, if there'll be another changeling story in the meantime, then I'm fine with the hiatus.

Though I guess I'll have to wait a while for more Chryssie. But I will prevail!

Warning: Do not point at eyes, ears, mouth, nose, wings, or genitalia


7217902 That last one is for Ovi.:facehoof: Believe me, If you read her chapter, which is a story unto itself for rating reasons, You will understand why. Heck this chapter alone should give you an idea of her personality.

Quick question, do I need to read the prequel to understand this story? It might be well written but what I have read in the description does not interest me, but I am interested in this story's premise.

7217990 Not in it's entirety. You can get along just fine without reading it. A few things may confuse you though, but no harm done. So read to your heart's content. :pinkiehappy:

I am just worried about missing out on any insights or foreshadowing. I like picking about plots and seeing what could be hinted at and implications of actions.

7218009 Nope, you're good... At least as far as I know... There are Hints towards future Hives but that is about it. 'Converted' and 'A Day In The Hives' take place in the same universe, but I tried to make it easy to look into the Hives ... The only thing I can think of is Celestia's connection with the Changeling Queens But that is kind of explained shortly in...

... All the art hive changelings should be wearing French caps.

Oh god, all the horse puns... No wonder other races keep to their own countries.

7220213 yeah... some of these were physically painful to write... :pinkiesick:

Why does this story only have 32 likes XD

armor of the Lancer’s

"of the" is redundant with possessive…and the armor is distinctive to the collective of Lancers anyway. "armor of the Lancers"

about the Queens personalities




Right her.”


have already ran up

have already run up

two hospitals worth


behaving a party

be having

there was a few

there were a few

I hope you didn't use an automated translator. I'm only a student of French, but…they give very bad results.

Anyway, some corrections without malice (some in French).

"Insérer la phrase française ici"

«Insérez la phrase française ici!»

merely a small workaround certain aspects of the language

workaround for

high class country.


poufy yellow mane


other Changeling’s with


all over Equestrian ad even the world.

all over Equestria and even the world.

I would rather attendes

attends (not that it's clear whether one should use subjunctive or not given the mixing of grammars, but even if so, attendes is second-person, not first)"

tracteur blindé


Miss Sparkle.”

…not Princess Sparkle?

could be disastrous


Conservatorie de Prairiee.”


the renneighssance,

Renaissance, so Reneighssance

"Je ne peux pas croire qu'il vous est Fleur! Puis-je vous ennuis pour un autographe?”

«Je ne peux pas croire que vous soyez Fleur! Puis-je vous déranger pour un autographe?»

Je vous remercie.


Je vous remercie!

Merci beaucoup!

Je ne peux pas croire que je suis une signature du Fleur Dis Lee!”

Uh...that means "I cannot believe that I am a signature of(masculine!) Fleur Dis Lee".
«Je ne peux pas croire que j'aie une signature de la Fleur Dis Lee!»

Je suis heureux que vous appréciez mon travail, mais j'avoir un calendrier je dois garder donc…

Je suis heureuse que vous appréciiez mon travail, mais j'ai un programme que je dois suivre, donc…

“I think that’s the understatement of the millennia.”

the millennium.”

Conservatorie de Prairiee.

Prairie still only has one e in French…

many art collages within Prance, and the one that I personally attended.”


Canterlot trop de fantaisie pour vous?

Est-ce que Canterlot est trop fantaisie pour vous?

Mlle Blanceflor

fun fact: Mademoiselle was removed from the French language recently.

vivre que vers le bas


Accorde moi un instant!

Une petite seconde!


QUEL NUAGE? (Which cloud?)



not all of who were Changeling’s

not all of whom were Changelings

“Fleur, vous ne pouvez pas continuer à cacher ce, quel genre d'une image serait que d'envoyer? Il est seulement un poney et un dragon, il est pas la totalité des Canterlot.”

“Fleur, vous ne pouvez pas continuer à cacher ce, quel genre d'une image enverrait-il? Il est seulement un poney et un dragon, il n'est pas la totalité de Canterlot.” (less confident about this)

a occupé le secret[/quoe] a gardé

If any Stallion’s bother you,


Twilight had been asking Tettix questions the entire walk through the Hive, seeing a variety of different art styles. Watching as the architecture change as they walked through the halls. Transitioning from more modern art to ancient gothic and even, confusingly, all glass sections.

a pair of sentence fragments there.
Twilight had been asking Tettix questions the entire walk through the Hive, seeing a variety of different art styles, watching as the architecture changed as they walked through the halls, transitioning from more modern art to ancient Gothic and even, confusingly, all glass sections.

who did you fall in love with?”

with whom did you fall in love?”

Conservatoire de Prairee


Aside from that, there's a plague of capitalized nouns like Camera, Gems, Stallions

last time we get the chance to go to Prance,

…immortal princess? Really doubt it?

Hoofgang Moztrot,

A deadly-serious revision of history by Celestia sidelining the brilliance of one of the best Diamond Dog composers Wolfgang Mozart. :trollestia:

Oh, also: love the Discord-surrealism. I kind of want to go visit…*fangirl:yay:*

7291731 Just so you know, Prairiee was deliberate. It is mostly a play on the word Prairie and the french pronunciation of Paris.

7291731 Yes, I did use a translator, because although I took a few years of French, I did not know enough to be fluent in the language to the degree I needed.

As for a few of the Translations, Yeah.... Probably some of those were my bad...

And yes, an Armored Tractor. While I was looking through Translations of Dragon, I found one that translated literally as Armored Tractor. I thought it was humorous so I left it in there. The reference is to French Dragons being Bull-like and often being 'Heavily Armored' and plowing through things like Tractors. I understand the translation and I loved it too much not to put in.

Also, no. Twilight is still a Unicorn. This is LOOOOOONNNNG before then. *Cough* (Plus they said she wasn't going to out live her friends) BULLSHIT *Couch*

again, French is not my strong suit.... So the translations are probably off in many locations. But I'm not an expert.... I will certainly be making revisions soon. Thank you for the help with French. :twilightsmile:

Prairiee was intentionally misspelled... Just thought you should know...

Mademoiselle was removed? :pinkiegasp: When did that happen?

Surgeler means frozen, I was just going for Frozen, not petrified.

Surprise is of Queen Eupha's hive, I'm fairly sure.
Heck, at first I thought Surprise might be Queen Eupha in disguise.

I'm also a furry... I know what happens when lust rules...

And how many species are involved... :fluttershbad::pinkiesick::applejackconfused::raritydespair::twilightoops:

:rainbowwild: Dash?! What the...? :rainbowwild: You're such a perv.

Well that was an interesting beginning of the information of this hive. Can't wait to learn more about this hive!

now we just need to mix the rave party room with the chaotic room from the Artist Hive, and maybe have a few lings from the Lust Hive and a few separate rooms for you know what.:pinkiehappy:

Yum This chapter tasted brilliantly. :pinkiehappy: To answer your question, yes it was everything that I expected and more.

I have noticed that you have fixed up some bits since last time I looked over it. It is a lot easier to follow now. :twilightsmile:

In particular I enjoyed the serious nature of Eupha. It is always nice to see the complex nature of the mind shown off. By showing her serious side and why that has come about through backstory, with Trousers, it just makes her character seem more alive and real than ever. Other than that the small discussions with others that Eggshell has on the way are nice touches to show that Eggshell has a life outside of just the intentions you have for her in this story (Escorting Twilight through the Hive). I love this sort of character building and discussing. Surprise Surprise. :raritywink:

Everything on the Mischief Hive was spot on from the character design to the information presented. Nice to see some global love especially from the Minotaur Republic which story wise seems quite close to the Joyous Hive. Although now I really want to know what map you are working off. I always envisioned the Minotaur Republic as another continent across the sea from Equestria. :rainbowderp:

I Joyously state that I am excited to see what Eupha has to say in relation to her backstory, how her hive has been beneficial to Equestria, how she likes to rule over her subjects, possibly her inspiration and / or fears, her relationships with other queens in and out of Equestria and what she plans to do in the future. Of course seeing little specks of her joyous nature will be fun as well, which I have already seen in the way she uses Eggy as a nickname for Eggshell rather than being formal with the full name. That already demonstrates a more friendly, down to earth ruling style with her Changeling's. :ajsmug:

TLDR: Sign me up for part 2! :rainbowdetermined2:
...whenever you are ready.

Interesting, especially the ling from the minotaur lands. I wonder if lings from gryphon lands have beaks.



though the fact that it is in the Badlands makes it slightly less pleasurable for the Dragon. Though the Changelings had been living there for however long, so it may not be that bad…

inexplicable present.

Spike wasn’t too happy to be pulled along on this adventure

not really asking nor caring if he wants to come, huh?

free reign, we have the ability to build anything

free rein

not phased by much


inside some giant creatures mouth,



clawfuls (cf. handfuls)

It is WAAAAY to rocky out there.”


meetings at ten, two, and four,

with a Doctor Pepper



setting up the canons


the Kumquat


A waver saying you are doing this of your own free will and any damages to your body, mind, or property will not be attributed to the Hive


“Well that and helps weaken the force of gravity on your body.”
“Say what?” Twilight asked.
“Well… When we get shot out of there…” She pulled over a whiteboard. “When the cannon fires, we will be fired out at a speed of nearly one-hundred feet per second squared. Doing so we will be experiencing eight times the gravity our bodies normally would, now of course, such a rapid acceleration would most likely result in your death, however the suit is enchanted to be able to negate a good portion of those effects on your body. So you should be fine, if anything you may be slightly stiff afterwards.” Eupha moved away from the board to let Twilight see the diagram she had drawn. “Now, what will happen is you will be fired first, followed quickly by me. When we slow down, we should be stopped by the Safety pad.”

weaken the impact of acceleration on your body.
we will be accelerated at nearly one-hundred feet per second squared. Doing so we will be experiencing eight times the force our bodies normally would

the Canon room

cannon room

Well. Fun, but the visits being so tightly-scheduled is getting annoying.

That was fun. And a bouncy floor spell is the best.

“So… Did you help spread anything?”
Twilight blinked. “Wait… What?”


There's a problem with the timeline she gave, though. She first said that she's 735 or something years old, then she said that she became Queen six centuries ago, when she was around 230 years old. That gives us her age as 830+.

Yay! More shadow changelings! How many shadow changelings are in each hive?

7461869 True, but a very important word there was 'Almost' though I admit... I should fix that up a bit.

Is that a Monsters Inc. reference I see or am I delusional?

7468999 I love it, wonder if anyone else noticed.

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