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16 year old Aussie nerd. Fan of MLP, Pokemon, HTTYD and a heap of other things. Mainly write Trixie stories and Scootaloo stories, because those characters are adorable >w<


When Scootaloo finds out she won't ever be able to fly, she runs off before Rainbow Dash can find out. Can Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves convince her to change her mind?

*checks over entire story for mistakes*
*doesn't check description*

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Comments ( 15 )

But Scootaloo is a filly...

Um, pretty sure Scoots is a girl

6757631 She is.

I think our dear author here forgot that.

I think I'll read it anyway; see what happens.

I'm reading the description and getting incredibly confused by the fact that Scootaloo is continually referred to as 'he'.

Scootaloo is a girl. You might want to fix that. It seems pretty important.

Came to comment about the description. Seems everybody noticed that big flaw XD

Yes I know, the description :facehoof: Fixing it now :facehoof: The sad thing is this story got more comments than anything else I've written. :twistnerd:


I liked the story. It is well paced, good characterizations, good dialogue for the most part. The author omits a few words, though.

6758213 Thanks :3 Lucky you got here after the description fiasco, that was a bit of a disaster.

I'd pass a comment about the description but it took me about 10 episodes to realise that Rainbow Dash wasn't the token dude in the mane 6.

6758234 Yeah, I've always struggled with gender, it just doesn't register in my brain for some reason xD I've managed to correct it in time before but - well - not this time X'D

Comment posted by Flutterbat276 deleted Dec 23rd, 2015

I heard fudge packers are pain in the ass!

Scootaloo is only a filly if you want Scootaloo to be a filly tonight. HOO

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