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This is a short bio? ...No, no, nope. I'm gonna drag this out as long as possible. Hey, wait! What are you doing with that cane?! No! Don't drag me off the stage! Please! Gawshdarnit. I'M SUING!

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Thanks a bunch!

If for some re ason you wondered about all those favorites you got, I realized that I just forgot about reading them while signed in. So have eight favorites!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for favoriting my latest story, it means ever so much to me.

Hi back. :yay:
Yeah, I might change my username to SplatKirby, but I think it was taken when I failed at setting an account up for the first time. I'll see later.

SPL--I mean, LIMITS! :pinkiehappy:
It's me, Ethan! I have decided to make a new fimfiction account to follow you since I never did anything on the old one. Feel free to say hi back.

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