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16 year old Aussie nerd. Fan of MLP, Pokemon, HTTYD and a heap of other things. Mainly write Trixie stories and Scootaloo stories, because those characters are adorable >w<


Fleetfoot has been injured just 3 days out from the biggest Wonderbolts show of the century. The Wonderbolts call on the only pony they could on such short notice - Rainbow Dash - but she promised to spend the afternoon helping Scootaloo with her new tricks!

How will Dash choose between her friend and her dream? Can she decide in time?

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Comments ( 10 )

This one was actually quite nice. Maybe flush out the transition between scenes, but overall it was a good read~

I saw nothing wrong with your story what so ever. I really liked it and you made me cry so I do hope you come back to writing. You have earned a favourite, a follow and a like.


6420045 Aww thanks so much :3 That means a lot! I'm going to try to write something this weekend, I've been putting it off for 2 weeks, I should get paid for procrastinating and I'd be rich :P

The reason I left for a while is kind of two-fold, I posted one story while angry which I now deleted which upset a lot of people I think (it was basically about human exploitation of animals), so that sort of put me off writing. Plus I've got a heap of schoolwork which should vanish at the end of this week because HOLIDAYS :D At least in Australia :P

Read this to my little cousin and she loved it! She loves Rainbow Dash and this story just...so cute!!

6699236 Oh my gosh, thanks so much :) Glad you both like it!

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