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It was supposed to be easy. A simple ambush. Jump a flanking force of Sombra's before they reach the battlefield. Rainbow Dash and the rest of the Wonderbolts had done it a thousand times before. She could do it in her sleep.

But then things go south for Dash, and she's taken behind enemy lines. Everypony knows her fate: to be brainwashed into serving Sombra. But what seems to be hopeless may just reveal more about Dash than she knows about herself.

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This was awesome - I loved how she fought the brainwash by thinking of her friends and Celestia in her head. Also, the Sonic Rainboom was a sweet finish to this. :raritystarry:

This is glorious.

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This is pure gold. Fave'd, and now following you.

This is wonderful. Really well written, really satisfying.

You made the sonic rainboom cool again, and showed off Dashs loyalty without ever saying loyalty once. That was an awesome read.

This should definitely get more views! I love it so much!

This was table-flipping awesome.

I think that part of what she felt was her potential to be Loyalty fighting against Sombra's control, and focused on actual friends.

I also think that the war is about to turn, because she may just have helped awaken her friends as well.

That was so frickin awesome!:rainbowdetermined2:

Soooooo... Awesome... :rainbowkiss:

Great story what else can I say.

Unstoppable Dash, unstoppable story. With ponies like this around, Sombra should never even have started this.

Much better

Now THIS is Dash meeting her full potential. This Dash would happily die before letting the baddies win. Excellent story.

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