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I love me a good Sombra fic.



How did this happen. King Sombra has returned and taken over the Crystal Empire, the elements bearers are divided, and Equestria is at war. To understand the end we must start at the beginning, and it all started when Rainbow Dash preformed her first sonic rainboom.

Cover Art by Ccphony on DeviantArt.
Made the popular stories 9/3/16, 9/4/16, 9/5/16. Awesome! Three days straight.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 109 )

I love this!
I can't wait for more!!

This seems interesting! Please continue! :twilightsmile:

Who made that coverart?

What's this? More RainbowxSombra fimfics? I'd like to see more to this. ^^

I'm not sure who did it. Just found it on the web.

I see some gramatical errors and the pacing feels a bit fast but still, you have my like and my fav.

Keep updating and keep improving.

Also, may i suggest you add this story to this group for extra readers?


If you want you can PM me and tell me what the errors are.

Found it. It'd be nice if you credited the artist.

Thank you for finding it. I will give credit.

Oooohh a sombra fic... I like it already.

I love this so much already:heart:

Interesting, I have never seen a SombraXRainbow shipping before, You have my attention.:twilightsmile:

Wow! 20 up votes in 24 hours. None of my other stories got that much in that amount of time. Thank you everyone.

The pacing is a bit fast and you could do well with a proofreader, but I also have never seen a DashXSombra fic. I'll be interested in seeing where this is going. Also thank you for letting us know it's complete. I'm tired of reading so much old stuff that's never been finished!

Yeah, the most trouble I have with my stories is pacing. It sometimes comes off a little fast.


Yeah, the most trouble I have with my stories is pacing. It sometimes comes off a little fast.

It's nothing a little more scene detail and description of what the characters are thinking and/or feeling at the time won't fix. It comes with time, practice and reading stories that are good in those areas. My Sombra stories weren't as detailed when I started writing on FIMFic last year, but now everyone comments they can picture the scenes from my descriptions, so I've made progress in that area as well and heh, it was the last think I thought I needed work on :pinkiehappy:

That day when a sombraXdash fix comes up even though you don't like your just like I love this story:pinkiehappy:
But srsly I've been waiting for someone to make a story of this shipping even tho I don't like it much ok maybe a little

Wow! 28 up votes on one chapter. A new personal best.

I like how you put Discord talking with Sombra and Rainbow Dash

Im looking forward to chapter 4! be sure to send me a message when it comes out :D

I swear if Sombra does something and stabs RD in the back, I'm going to be so... PEEVED


I'm going to be so... PEEVED

Sorry I didn't respond sooner but I just got the joke.
Oh my such language.:rainbowlaugh:

I love this story so much are u going to make a squel to it

Yes there will be a sequel.

Your close on the Cutie Re-Mark. There will be some elements from the Sombraverse as it's been called that I will be using in the sequel, but not much.

I like how your story is turning out! Keep it up, its allready your best rated story!

That's it!
It's official
Your my new Senpai

But both sides are fucked, invading stalliongrad is death, while invading the Crystal Empire during winter is just gonna fail.

Hail comrade. For the motherland!

7547608 Sorry to say comrade but only the Nazi used hail, (as far as I know) you must go to gulags now and work hard labor.

No hail is correct. You're thinking of heil.

That's it in done I need the sequel right now
if that's okay with you of course :pinkiesmile:

I'm working on it, but I would like to get a few chapters done before I post anything.

Celestia and Luna were taken aback by that. “But she is the Element of Loyalty. It’s not in her nature to betray,” said Luna.

Don't you think that RD was being Loyal to Sombra? You can still be the element of loyalty if you are loyal to something.

She is loyal to Sombra. I'm not quiet getting what you're saying.

7552722 RD is the Element of Loyalty and she was loyal to Sombra. The Ponies couldn't think that she wasn't loyal to them instead to another side.

7553687 That is what I was trying to say Originally...

Guess I just misunderstood you then.

7554216 He was talking to Celestia, in the context of the fic. I do it too.

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