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I love me a good Sombra fic.


Meet Tombstone. He's a lich and wants nothing more than to destroy Equestria. Then he meets certain Princess of Friendship. Can a pony that's held a grudge against his own kind for a thousand years possibly change his ways? Celestia doesn't think so.

Tags may be subject to change depending on how the story progresses. Rating may also change but for now its teen.

Also this story has dovahzul or dragon language in it. Let me just state that this is in NO way, shape, or form a Skyrim crossover. I merely borrowed it from the game. I needed a fictional language to use and it fit the bill for two reasons. One there are dragons in the MLP universe and two its tied with magic. If you would like to translate it here is the site I used https://www.thuum.org/translate-legacy.php but be warned the translation may not be 100% accurate. For example when I converted sparkle into dovahzul it read viim but when i converted it back to english it gave me shimmer. May also have trouble with plural words. But you'll get the gist of what's being said.

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Wow! Story has been up for 24 hours now, has gotten over a dozen favs (Thank you all :twilightsmile:), and yet not a single comment, interesting.

Very good keep em coming over 12 favs+ 0 comments=:facehoof:

and so it goes. can't wait to see what happens next.

......... TOO FAST!

The murder bit I get, gives Tomb a chance to show off, but then he turns around twenty minutes later and kisses Twilight, who wasn't concerned by the pony's rape and subsequent strangling at all, and gets his feeling returned with an invitation to bed and a promise of a dream date from a mare that by all rights should have been riding quite the monster of an emotional roller coaster at that point.

And I get it, she was confined in a space with him for three months before hand, enough time to get to know him well enough to develop a crush on him, as well as get used to him killing things. But that wasn't addressed, so to me, as well as just about everyone else that read this I think, that came out of friggin nowhere.

That aside, I realized that I forgot to fave this particular fic earlier, so will be doing that now.

WOW! Not quiet the reaction I was expecting but I appreciate the constructive criticism. Allow me to explain.

Yes Twilight would be shaken up by what happened but that was partly the reason why she wanted to send the night with him. To draw comfort form his company and help put her mind at ease. Maybe I did rush it a little and maybe I will fix it up later but for now it is what it is. I apologize if anyone was a little put off by the way the chapter ended and any more feedback would be appreciated. Hope your all still enjoying the story though.

6093008 Yes, I am enjoying the story actually. That said, I would appreciate it if you could come back to this chapter sometime and put in some exposition around what's going on in purple smart's head.

Ok kamachakta and everybody I made some updates to chapter 5 so give the end a reread and tell me what you think, hopefully its an improvement.

6095659 Is an improvement, leaves me wondering when the next update is going to be now that I'm not hung up on it though. That aside, I found a thing that got missed.

“Thanks. It feels so wired to not hear your heart beat. How about you?”

In this particular sentenced, wired should probably be weird.

Fixed and thank you for thinking its an improvement.

Whoo! Time skip!

Way to fast paced. Should have did a few chapters involving twilight getting closer to Tombstone. Just saying

“It’s ok. Though I always had this silly notion that the bond we shared was strong enough that we’d end up running into each other without even realizing it and that I’d somehow figure out it was really her. Ridiculous right.”

:facehoof:real subtle, there.
Twilight the reincarnation

I like this story, at times it may seem a bit rushed, but it's not too bad, but other than that it has a cool story line and I just like it. Can't wait for the story to continue, if that is still going on.


It is still going on. I've just been procrastinating lately. I need to get back to writing again.

6182986 yay for procrastination! :yay:

I'm back! The last couple of months have been so hectic for me. Sorry for the long wait and after so long I may be a little rusty but here go nothing.

Wow, the comment section is a 'graveyard'. Ha. Get it? Cause'... Y'know... Tomb...stone... Heh.

6314792 Hmmm, seems legit. Anyway, FUCK YOU CELESTIA!

I'm new to this story; I've to say that it's pretty good. Keep it up!

6520159 when is the next chapter? Please i want to know what happens next and also want to know what deal Celestia made with Sonbra of all ponies

I can't say with any certainty when the next chapter will be posted. I've fallen way behind in updating my stories, some of it from writers block or just being busy. But this summer I plan to sit down and get back to writing.

7295917 oh that is to bad but can you tell me something? I get that ur main character killed Celestia's lover a few hundred years ago but is making a deal with Sombra really the way she is going so she can kill him?

I think you left out some words in your last sentence. When I do start writing again which hopefully will be soon, I will start with Tombstone and see if I can update that first before the others but no guarantees.

7296101 thnx n it is fixed but u still did not answer my question, y is she is going so far as to make deal WITH Sombra just 2 kill ur oc?

Because he killed her lover Celestia has held a grudge against him and is unwilling to give him a chance. Celestia also fears for Twilight while in him company. Celestia is in her own little world and is willing to do anything to get him out of the picture, anything. But she must be patient and like any good game of chess plot out her moves before going in for the kill.

7297409 even if everyone is gonna both hate her and might removes her from the throne in the end because she both let Sombra get away and allied her self with him?

Besides can she really blame him for doing the things he did in the past? The ponies in the village he grew up in both treated him harshly and killed HIS true love and every town/city he visites then to treated him with just as harsh as the village he destroyed

You'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.

7297515 hmmm fine but i really hope u have some free time to both write n update a new chapter very soon

Keep this story coming plz it is very good

Amazing :pinkiehappy: loved it.

And i also loved this bit too;

They exchanged rings, kissed, and then left the altar.

:rainbowlaugh: loved how straight forward it is :rainbowwild:

This is enjoyable, and I would like to see it continued.

The pacing is wonky, but the premise is good and the writing isn't terrible.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I have no choice now. It’s time for plan B.

Its been two years already, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT’S PLAN B!?!?

hi you still here

Badum Tisss~ (three years late but, meh.)

"I'm not going to tell you anything about what I'm doing."
Proceeds to basically leak most of his work and how he defends it.
I'm surprised he survived that long..

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