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In a university in Wisconson, there is a monkey used for control experiments. That monkey looks at you and says, "They call me Zouave. The Zouave." Iowa explodes in the background.


Secrets and Mysteries · 11:37pm Jul 2nd, 2016

Mysteries and secrets are different, young Spike. A mystery is something I can savor. It is not so much kept from me as it is simply not within my knowledge, or in some way beyond my knowledge. A mystery is a beautiful thing. A secret is an artificial thing, kept from me. A secret is a lie.

Ageless, or Celestia Plays Dice With the Universe
Chapter XIII - How can they meet us face to face Until We Have Faces?

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Thanks so kindly for the addition of Legacy to your favorites. I do appreciate it!:pinkiehappy:

You’re doing well. I’m looking forward to the clop scene. :twilightblush: Don’t get discouraged, and remember that the trick is to tell the reader just enough to get them to fill in the details. :trollestia: If you don’t mind taking advice from someone who does not write stories.

And this is a prime example of the reason I have trouble writing. Feels (to me at least) as though there’s no flow between sentences. Or maybe I’m being overly critical. DAMN YOU SOCIAL INTERACTION!

But seriously, Good Job.

Thanks for the favorite on “Monster is as Monster Does” and thank goodness I don’t live in Iowa anymore.

Thanks a bunch for the fave on Defect!

2222084 working in that

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