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Edmar Fecler

As you might have noticed; i am a Ditzy finatic. (what? she's flippin awesome!) I enjoy writing Fanfics, and will continue doing so until i get good enough to publish a full story. :derpytongue2:


After a long day of work, Ditzy (Derpy) Doo wakes in the night to find that she is in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Worst of all, the zombies arent even ponies! Instead, they are some strange type of two-legged creatures with hands. fortunately for her, she is found by four of these creatures that dont seem infected. But can they help her escape this nightmare? For that matter, can any of them escape the hell-hole of a city they find themselves in?

update: the sequel is out! check it out, if you'd like: Left 4 Derpy 2

(proofread by Flutterguy_6996. Title image photoshopped by myself)
(Dramatic reading by Applesaws. links to the readings can be found in the respective chapter's author's notes.)

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well *grabs anti-tank gauss rifle* SHIT'S GOT REAL.

I see
I see this has it

I rate 4/5 due to the fact that you said the hunter was mindless,yet he was somewhat smart later.
Its still gooddo! :pinkiehappy:

You've captured the survivors rather well. Great job!

Well, at the start of the first game, Bill did say that 'They're Changing'. You could say that it 'grew' as it were, a mind.

In accordance to standard procedure on unusual stories and concepts,this has been tracked.
report until the sacrifice for evac.
oh and tell francis the karma charger is out to get him.

Sounds to be interesting.... Wonder how it will play out.

219936 i wouldnt want to spoil the surprise! :trollestia:

Heh... he got bit by Ditzy. :derpytongue2:


219816 true, but technically they already have brains. its just that they're infected.

I lol'd so hard when i saw that pic!
221313 I really love your fic already, and no i'm not saying this
because i'm your proofreader, which i'm obviously not, because i don't proofread...

222416 I take it that you two are good friends huh?

Didn't say he grew a brain. Said he grew a mind
I've got a brain, but I lost my mind years ago. (I might have found someone else's, though) I think that's why I'm able to write fan fiction. :derpytongue2:

Anywho, Does this mean if 'The Passing' campaign comes up that Ellis will yell: "HORSE!" when he sees Derpy?

222491 nope. Story wont go tha far.

And i know how you feel about that craziness. I'm quite insaine myself. :pinkiehappy:
After all, i was turned into a brony by the infamous Cupcakes! :pinkiecrazy:


Sadly, I'm the typical cliche Brony-convert story. It annoyed me so I occasionally made fun of it or grumbled when some kid went nuts when our store did not have their favorite character toy in stock, then I looked it up, watched a few episodes so I could say I was being fair-minded. then loved it to death. :rainbowlaugh:

222568 easier (and less painful) than my conversion, thats for sure. :derpytongue2:

i don´t recall asking for any confirmations, all my comment had were a subtle suggestion and a very subtle demand.:pinkiecrazy:

*Loads M60 Machine Gun*
I'm ready, LET'S DO THIS!!!!

As for me, the fan-art got to me, particularly this one.

To Author: Adrenaline shots don't exist in the first Left 4 Dead. Only in Left 4 Dead 2.

230947 in L4D 2 the origional game's lvls are given to you for free with all of the perks of the second game. So yes, in the version i play there are adrenaline shots, chainsaws, grenade launchers, ect.

Besides, it makes more sense for two games to have the same stuff. This including the "new" special infected as well.
Jus food for thought.

Never really watched much of that show, but I've seen enough that I laughed at it.

Ponies really are taking over the world, aren't they? They're more popular than when Pokemon was new!

To me not having watched much of Big Bang Theory, or it being more popular than Pokemon when it was new?
To the first, yes. To the second, yes, though I don't think there's been any fights over MLP toys outside of a few kids screaming in the toy isles.

237756 you know, i always have (and probably always will) hate the toys. :twilightangry2:
i just find them rather... poor representations of the actual characters. :ajbemused:

Well said. I might get a plushy some day, but probably only if it's made by the people on Deviant art. Some of them got real talent when it comes to plushie-making.

Yeh. Perhaps the only toys I'll bother with looking for are the ones faithful to the FiM series.

LET THE LULZ FLOW FORTH! :pinkiecrazy:

but seriously, there alot more jokes here and there will be in the story as a whole. :pinkiehappy:

Ah the infected team is starting work together now.... But unless they get another boomer there won't be much they can do.

Hunter has a plan. I get the feeling things are really going to heat up from here. I can´t wait!:pinkiehappy:

*Growls, then deflates and sighs*
the chapter ended! :fluttercry:

Ah to mercy hospital.... is a hunter going to go for a 25 damage pounce off of one of the taller buildings?

Hmmm..... I predict Derpy saying
"Grabbing muffins!" or "Muffins here!".

260906 Can't derpy just eat grass......?

You know, what you said ib the last chapter got me thinking, and i believe its going to be a heck of a fight when the SI's team up against the survives, Great job by the way. Oh and Francis is a dick.


In the middle of a city? :facehoof:
Sure, some cities have parks, but the Left 4 Dead team never ran through one in the No Mercy campaign.

260967 ...really? Grass? :facehoof:

Dude... Ditzy is a muffin mare all the way. :derpytongue2:

261180 Ah my comment got two facepalms.... but yeah... she is a horse.... pony.... whatever.... she can still nibble at some grass.... though maybe more of shrubbery... can't quite remember if there was any in the no mercy campaign though....

261207 there was a sewer, but i'm prety sure she wont like that. :pinkiesick:

Ah but seriously, theres not any "grass" to be found.

261418 If only she had ran into the left 4 dead 2 crew... then she could have had some dry grass and shrubs....

Heh heh... this is making me want to play L4D again (the original, not number two. Even if you get to play the original maps with new stuff)

I am TRACKING this thing RIGHT NOW! :D

hmm intereseting maybe i might just keep reading :derpyderp2: :pinkiehappy:

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