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I. HAVE. RETURNED! · 2:22pm Jan 24th, 2015

I'm back I swear! I can't promise anything like how it use to be, where I would pump out chapters every other night or so, but I'm trying my best!

Chapter 28 is now at about 4300 words which is not even close to finished, but I have finally figured out where to go next, and big things are happening!

I swear to you that you will not have to wait much longer for this chapter. It'll be out before the month ends if it kills me!

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How dare you use that as your profile picture...

hey hunter....game :pinkiehappy:

MUFFINS????? :derpyderp2:

Can I please have a muffin?? Pretty, pretty please with Time to Go on top??

Well, I don't have Skype, I've already started reading that, and.....

Wait, what is your brilliant discussion about??

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