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As you might have noticed; i am a Ditzy finatic. (what? she's flippin awesome!) I enjoy writing Fanfics, and will continue doing so until i get good enough to publish a full story. :derpytongue2:

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-Alternate events DURING Magical Mystery Cure-

A moment three years in the making, it's at last come time for Princess Celestia to choose the next Princess of Equestria. Everything has been planned out, the planets aligned, the proper paperwork submitted.

It was supposed to be so easy, so simple.

How did things end up like THIS?

Created, Written, Edited and Revised by Lunabrony and Leonhard

Chapters (1)

Princess Celestia orders the invasion of Earth. Things don't go as planned.

Chapters (1)

Discord has a problem. He has a tendency to not think through his actions all that well, poor impulse control, and no ability to figure out how others will feel about what he does. Even with a friend helping him, sooner or later he's going to do something that'll get him stoned or hit with a reforming spell or whatnot. So what's he to do? Ask the smartest pony in Equestria for a solution, of course!

He probably wasn't expecting to get "Have Celestia let you rule Equestria again" for a response.

No one else was probably expecting to enjoy it.

Now with a reading by Crafty Arts!

Chapters (1)

*Some important information at bottom! Leave some feedback too!*
The Lone Wanderer and The Courier: the names of two legendary figures whose actions forever changed the fate of the wastelands. The Wanderer stood as a shield that defended virtue from vice. And for the Courier...well, he's just a man living in the wild, wild wasteland, looking for a day's caps. Regardless, word of their legendary exploits spread throughout the wastes, but never intersected.

Now, a series of unprecedented events will unite the roads of these two legends. Being projected into the unknown, they decide to work together to adapt to the strange, new world. Could they get used to this new place? Would it be a hero's rest? But they struggle to deal with one person: each other.

More importantly, how do they deal with the colorful ponies that already inhabit the fantasy world called Equestria?

How will the Courier cope with a world without toasters or video games?

*Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership over the Fallout series. All rights go to Bethesda Softworks.*

This is also my first human-equestria story. I'm not sure if I should continue or not; this is more of a one-shot kinda thing, but I might keep adding more chapters. Let me know what'cha think! Bigger chance that I would continue! Hope you enjoy!
*If you are also interested in pre-reading or being an editor, send me a private message, I'll answer as soon as I can.*

Chapters (4)

(Collaboration project with Chaos2012 and Seven81493)

Godzilla... A creature of epic proportions... He is a terrifying reminder of mankind's past experimentation with nuclear weaponry. For decades he has been a living natural disaster, an ever present threat to the human race. He cannot be killed, he cannot be contained, and he cannot be stopped. The best that mankind has ever been able to do is merely slow him down.

Until now...

Scientists have developed a satellite-mounted cannon capable of generating a black hole. They call it the Dimension Tide, and they intend to use it on Godzilla. However, the plasma energy used in the initial testing of the Dimension Tide causes a dragonfly to mutate, and eventually spawn a massive insect called Megaguirus. Godzilla is successful in killing Megaguirus, but the humans are also able to land a successful strike with the Dimension Tide. Godzilla is banished to an endless void, never to be seen by anyone ever again.

Or so they think...

In an alternate universe, Nightmare Moon has returned from her one thousand year imprisonment to bathe Equestria in eternal night. However, her grand speech to the populace of Ponyville is interrupted by the roar of a creature far larger than anything Equestria has ever seen... and far more dangerous than it has ever faced...

Chapters (1)

Frank Horrigan is the Enclave's finest instrument of warfare and the best soldier they've ever had. Known to all as a "genetically engineered cyborg psycho total homicidal maniac", and a kind of "ultra super mutant in power armor". Having been witnessed laughing off plasma rifle fire, and punching deathclaws and armored humans in half, he is one of the deadliest entities to have walked the Wasteland.

Killed by the Chosen One, the Enclave Oil Rig sinks to the bottom of the ocean in a nuclear explosion. But this isn't the end of Frank's adventures. Out of all the odds, he ends up in Equestria of all places. One of the most despicable monsters of the Wasteland in a magical land full of friendship and sunshines. Yeah, this will end well.

At the end of each chapter, Frank will make a Karma Decision. You vote for either the Good, Neutral or Bad decision in the comments for what he does the next chapter. Vote wisely!

Thanks to my super awesome proof readers ArmedBrony, Eldorado and Shadowflash, all kickass dudes that can comprehend my writing! A rare skill indeed.

Chapters (6)

The Helicoprion, a long-lived genus of shark-like cartilaginous fish that went extinct millions of years ago. This predator certainly was a strange one, seeing how its lower jaw was basically a mix of a fruit roll-up and chainsaw. I make a living studying fossils, and this guy certainly takes the cake for the number one in the weird factor. So imagine my surprise when I inexplicably turn up in Equestria of all places. As a Helicoprion. Guess it's just one of those days.

You can thank Csquared08 for the idea for this story. And I will get that seal of approval, one way or the other. Also to my kickass editor, Linkerman! Thanks for all the help, dude!

Chapters (5)

Tartarus. A burning plane of existence made to punish the damned and evil. And ruling over this pit of hellfire is Hades, Lord of the Dead and God of the Underworld. And while torturing souls and abusing his two minions Pain and Panic are always good fun, he's grown bored. With his plans to rule Olympus and destroy Hercules down the tube, he needs a new aspiration in his un-life. And since he needs to buy some groceries, Ponyville seems like the perfect place to go shopping. And maybe make an ally or two for his newest plan to take over Olympus. If he doesn't burn them all to a crisp and steal their souls first.

Chapters (8)

Ever been controlled like a puppet and you couldn't do anything? That has been my life for a thousand years. A thousand. Damn. Years. but finally. It has ended. So now I'm a free pony. But free from pain? No...not yet. The pain in my mind is still there and the only way to make it go away is to set everything right. To make an amends with everything I have done.

I just want my redemption.

Chapters (1)

I have always been alone in this forest. I have always feasted in this forest. I call this forest home and those ponies that travel through it are my prey. I devour all those who fear me, all who come to face me. They fear me for I am Fear incarnate. But now...I have met one who does not fear...and I am unsure of what do with her...

Image by the very awesome thewraithofwolf

Chapters (2)
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