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For all the bronies who think that 'Derpy's' real name is in fact Ditzy Doo.
And that Derpy is a nickname or insult.
Thats all really.
I hope you understand.

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Comment posted by TVnGames deleted Apr 28th, 2016

346241 Well, no. It isn't really canon because it was basically Hasbro knew the bronies that call her Derpy Hooves would like it if they mentioned her, so...

346241 Well it doesn't retain to one specific hair color or gender. Here is the definition of Ditz, courtesy of Wiktionary.

ditz (plural ditzes)
A scatterbrained person, especially a woman.
Derived terms-

Also, when you say Derp or that was Derpy, you mean it as they did something stupendously idiotic, which I know that Ditzy has done (Episode 14 season 2, The Last Roundup). Everyone feels different about some words. When you call someone or something bad, they could take it as a compliment that it was cool or that it was a wrong thing.

Lastly, does anypony know why Ditzy Doo doesn't have a speaking role in the MLP series?

Well, uh...

"Ditz" means "Stupid blond woman", so it's actually more insulting than "Derp", which is not an insult at all unless you want it to be.

And "Derpy" was used within canon, so...yeah. (And no, removing it in a censored version of the episode is not a valid retcon, because it was not replaced with anything)

I wanted a buncha stories with ditsy in them, kinda neutral on the whole derpy is an insult thing :twilightsheepish:

I don't think it's a nickname or insult.

I honestly just think her name isn't Derpy because that's an internet slang word, one which the ponies of Equestria probably have not heard.

That nickname explanation is part of my personal canon. It also seems that in many stories in which her actual name is Ditzy Doo (and Derpy is just a nickname) she is really quite competent. Clumsy, obsessed with muffins and cursed with horrible depth perception, but clever, if not downright intelligent. It's still one of my favorite scenes of all times and stories when Shipping-and-Handling's Ditzy Doo does physics calculations on a rooftop to hurl a vendor's cart across the marketplace.

On the other hoof, I have to agree with the Doctor in Dr. Whooves and Assistant: "Who would want to be called `Miss Doo┬┤?"
Ponies, I guess :unsuresweetie:

Folder is named Dizty Doo Stories... probably supposed to be Ditzy Doo Stories

Also... :derpytongue2: best pony!

(And 'Hi' too, not to be a total jack*ss)

Also, isn't it possible that rainbow dash only referred to Derpy as Derpy because at that minute she was irritated enough to call Ditzy by her nickname?

In my fic, peace at last, Ditzy;s mom is a sea pony. any questions?

Heya everypony.
Saw this group and how you all thought that "Derpy" should be called Ditzy like originally planned. Well here I am, another believer hahaha. I've even got a story that involves Ditzy :)

I find it hilarious that the first story I see when I come to this group, The Techno magi Reactor Incident, has her name as "Derpy" in the description.

Also, Faust has even stated that if Ditzy were ever to appear onscreen, she'd have Derpy's color scheme. That, in addition to the fact that Rainbow Dash specifically addresses Derpy as such, kinda defeats your case. Now, I'm not saying you're all wrong; I'm saying that Derpy Hooves is Derpy Hooves and Ditzy Doo is a character we haven't seen yet.

Plus, there is also the Winter Wrap-Up episode, where the name Ditzy Doo is explicitly used to talk about an off-screen mare "going west for the southern birds... again."
I think that this is really all the proof we need. What other pegasus mare would have the intelligence to retrieve those birds that got confused and went west for the winter? :twilightsmile:

Okie dokie loki :pinkiehappy:

i feel stupid now so please stop making lists:fluttershysad:

What the devil do you mean?
1)Faust has nothing to do with season 2.
2)I am not a hater, I just have a different view.
3)With the statement "do not think this is miss Doos real name" you are also discounting the name "Derpy" as that has the last name of hooves to go with it.
The only one that Doo is used with is Ditzy Doo. :derpytongue2:

my good sir i do not think this is miss Doos real name i know it is infact any haters can ask miss Faust themselves :moustache:

About a week ago.

281979 When did this group come to be?

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