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Where I've Been · 3:29am Sep 3rd, 2014

So, I've been taking writing really seriously over the past year. I got 15,000 words out of NaNoWriMo; not bad for a busy month running science festivals. I finished the manuscript in June, sold my retro game systems the funds for self-publishing e-books, and joined a forum thread on one of my boards to write 500 words a night. I was feeling pretty good, especially considering I'm finally a parent (Lyra's style).

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Hooves Holding Hearts contest · 9:17pm Feb 6th, 2014

So, working on the next chapter. No one reading the last one got the hints about the new kid, who is the story's main kid. I'll give these out, and the first person (and maybe a few others) who get it right will earn a small OC cameo in HHH.

Now, the kid's an OC...but the mother is not.

Here are the first few hints.

1) Heartmend said that the "mother is not cognizant, incapable of care and unlikely to change."

2) I got the idea for this blog post listening to a song about her.

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Hooves Holding Hearts Edit · 9:05pm Jan 27th, 2014

So, I changed a scene in chapter four. I changed it because it didn't work, and others complained with a reasonable point.

It happens near the end of the chapter.

Spoilers ahead.

I mean, really spoilers.

If you haven;t read the chapter, it kind of ruins the punch to know this...


So, when John is confronting the father....

“You go back inside, and you thank her and the other one and ask those questions, or...” John scratched his mane and leaned in.

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What the pre-readers are saying... · 10:51pm Jan 21st, 2014

Just so you know, here's some comments on the Hooves Holding Hearts chapter that drops this week.

"She had a really miserable childhood, didn't she?"

"Holy freaking s***! Nevermind Jazz, you are not worst parent anymore!"

"This is both heartwarming and utterly heartbreaking at the same time. You magnificent bastard."

"Other than that, this chapter does a magnificent job of punching one right dead center of your feelings. "

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Story Progress! · 2:07am Jan 21st, 2014

Chapter four of Hooves Holding Hearts is off to the pre-readers! I'm going to try to get a C&D chapter done next, I think. I'm having to split time between pony writing and writing things I actually intend to e-publish for money, but I intend to finish the crop of stories I have, maybe saving a week in summer to write "Doctor Whooves and the Mare in the Moon."

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Life Imitating Art, and the Family Nativity Scene · 10:23pm Dec 24th, 2013

There's a reason I've been slow to get out the next chapter of, say, Lyra's life being thrown into chaos with her foster kid.

My life's currently being thrown into chaos with my foster kid.

It is a wonderful, endearing, heartbreaking experience, and I'm working hard to keep writing. I should finish NMIPV in the next day or so, then I'm grab another story and start pushing it to completion.

Merry Christmas where applicable!

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Where I've been, and What's Coming Up · 5:24pm Nov 30th, 2013

So, I spent November working on NaNoWriMo stuff to actually self-publish sometime in the next year. Since I've almost gotten into the habit of writing daily by visualizing the stern face of Isaac Asimov, I'm interested in finishing off the narratives that are leaving people hanging.

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Majesty Will Wish You Into the Cornfield... · 5:45am Nov 7th, 2013

So, I owe most of my love of G1 to Lady Moondancer's wonderful tumblr and RPG.net posts. This one is for her.

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It's been awhile... · 11:52pm Nov 5th, 2013

So, I've been away because I'm trying to actually write for money. There's a gaming magazine that is interested in one of my articles, and I've doing NaNoWriMo to try to make some things I can self-publish (some anonymously, considering my job).

But I haven't forgotten you all.

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Welcome, New Readers! Here's what's next! · 4:50am Sep 18th, 2013

I'm glad to see the nearly THOUSAND new viewers from Equestria Daily. Hello, readers! I thought those new and old might want an update. Chapter 3 of Hooves Holding Hearts is at 2.5K words, so it's about 25%-33% done. We'll see:

a) Baby!
b) Bonny's parents!
c) Baby shower!
d) Bon Bon's job!
e) The Terrible True Tale Behind the Table Incident!

Also, Lyra makes soup.

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