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Every legend has a beginning.

Every legend also has an end.

Set in The Dusk Guard Saga AU, but requires no knowledge of that setting.
Written for the Renaissance Contest (and second-place finisher, as well as a judge's personal fave).
Due to time constraints (see author's note) this story did not have Alpha/Beta Readers for editing. Please excuse any errors.

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Always a good time when you drop new content.

Welcome back! :twilightsmile: Always. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, nice story!

As you said, lots of little worldbuilding here and there.

I was a little confused by the jumping back and forth through time, but the last section wrapped everything up nicely and it all made sense.

You never do things by halves... amazing story! :twilightsmile:
Thank you for writing it and sharing it. :pinkiehappy:

Epic (if a bit tragic) ending! This is a keeper.

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